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This blog is dedicated to everyone who is involved in developing responsible tourism and the ecotourism around the world in order to limit the negativ economic, ecological, and social consequences provoced by the mass tourism.

Our Tour Operator, Ecoconut Tours Inc. is ( ), based in Cebu, right in the centre of the Philippines, and devoted to developing ecotourism and responsible tourism in close cooperation with the local communities and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines.
You are very probably keen to develop social tourism.

Our Ecoconut agency and our organized trips start from Mactan Island in Cebu, more precisely from Lapu Lapu City. It is on the island of Mactan that the international airport of Cebu is conveniently located. The Ecoconut tours enable you to discover the island of Olango and its multiple facets, through various adventures and activities

The island of Olango and its 6 small satellite islands constitute an exceptional site, with 920 hectares of natural park having an importance of international recognition since 1992 (Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary) and 2 marine sanctuaries preserved and protected since the beginning of 2000 (Hilutungan Sanctuary Marine and Talima Sanctuary Marine).

Our tour circuits make it possible for our visitors to discover a preserved tropical island by setting out for the exploration of the “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary”. Here it is possible to observe migratory birds at a site of exceptional beauty (in the presence of a guide), participating in activities such as swimming and snorkeling in the protected Marine zones. There is also a direct contact with the local culture thanks to the permanent contact which we have established with the local community (tasting of regional foods, possibility of staying one night in a local family, etc).

These activities are proposals implemented within the framework of the Ecoconut Tours in which improvisation always has its place. The circuits are always flexible depending on your choices and decisions of the moment, in the middle of an authentic Filipino culture.
We propose 4 types of Tours, for all budgets, depending of your tastes and availability:
1 - Eco-Tour of Olango Island: Adventures & Discovery from one small island to another; All included (Total time: Approximately 9 hours);
2 – Express Eco-Tour of Olango Island (Total time: Approximately 5 hours);
3 – From one small island to another; Snorkeling (Total time: Approximately 4 to 6 hours);
4 – Two-day Eco-Tour of Olango Island: Full adventure and discovery from one small island to another (2 days and 1 night).

Various kinds of activities.

The Ecoconut Tours enable you to discover the island of Olango and its multiple facets, through exploration and many activities, such as:

• From one Island to another: You will board an Ecoconut boat for a water tour of the various small islands which comprise the island of Olango, such as Pangan-year, Coahagan, Sulpa, Camungi, Hilutungan, Nalusuan… This maritime exploration also constitutes a unique opportunity to discover the marine sanctuaries, protected marine zone (Marine Protected Area), where the marine fauna and flora are completely preserved.

• Snorkeling and Fish feeding in the Marine Sanctuaries of Olango Island: There is also a protected marine sanctuary on the small island of Hilutungan (the Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary), which is among the most known in the Philippines. Since 2000 and world recognition of the importance of preservation and protection of these submarine tropical paradises around the island of Olango, other marine zones have become protected like the marine sanctuary of Talima. During various excursions, you will be able to go swimming, while you feed tropical fish or do snorkeling (mask and tuba) in these marine sanctuaries observing closely the incredible richness of their fauna and flora.

• Discovery of OIWS and migratory birds observation: The island of Olango is a fragile and unique ecosystem. In recognition of its exceptional character, 920 ha were declared “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary” (OIWS) by an agreement signed by the President Corazon Aquino on May 14, 1992. This area is geologically mainly made up of limestone sands scattered with shells and some soil supporting mangrove trees. On November 8, 1994, the OIWS was designated the first “Ramsar” site in the Philippines, which is to say the first wetland of international importance, particularly as a protected zone for migratory birds. Indeed, due to its geographical position, the island of Olango is right along the migratory path connecting the northern hemisphere (China) to the southern hemisphere (Australia). One can count 97 species of birds on OIWS including some species on the verge of extinction such as the Chinese egret (Egretta eulophotes). The Ecoconut tours
will thus enable you to penetrate this exceptional territory accompanied by a scientific guide.

• The « Coconut Village » of Olango Island: Coconut Village means the site of artisanal production of coconut alcohol, called “Tuba”. Its name is a traditional drink in the Philippines. The site, managed by a group of local workmen, ensures an essential source of revenue. Nevertheless it is today threatened by international competition leading to the closing of the local commercial activities. Ecoconut Tours Inc. decided to help safeguard this local tradition. Thus a visit to “Coconut Village” will give you the chance to discover the local method of coconut harvest, seeing the production process of the coconut alcohol, talking to the local workers, but especially tasting the coconut alcohol or quite simply the fresh coconut juice, called Buko juice.

• A tropical shell shop: A cottage is managed by a local organization of women who produce artisanal objects like collars, bracelets, earrings, but also lanterns or glasses, all made from tropical shells. These artisanal objects are then exported and sold internationally. This organization gives the local artisans an additional income to provide for the needs of their family. You will observe the work of these artisans, talk with them, and have a chance of making your own tropical shell accessories

• The discovery of local fishing techniques: Fishing constitutes the primary and fundamental source of revenue for the population living on Olango Island. It is an activity impossible to miss on this island and, in a more general way, in the Philippines. We highly recommend that you take the opportunity to discover the techniques of local fishing through demonstrations and discussions with local fishermen.

• A night with a Filipino family in a traditional house made of bamboo: Depending on your choice of housing on Olango Island, whether you decide to spend the night wherever you are, you will have the possibility of dining and having a night with a Filipino family, in one of their traditional and comfortable cottage, made of bamboo. This experience will allow you to become friends with the family you are with. This will be a memorable time of a special evening sharing Filipino culture in an authentic way.

1. Our values.

- To have the private sector, on the one hand, play an active role of economic and social development, and, on the other hand, to preserve the environment, by promoting responsible ecotourism.
- To use social and responsible tourism as a source of local development.
- To work in close cooperation with the local communities and the Department of the Natural resources of Philippines.
- To allow tourists to be actors in a local development process.

2. Our objectives.

- To sensitize our visitors to the environment and to the local culture.
- To create an awareness in the local community of the stakes of their living environment.
- To allow our visitors to have an unforgettable experiment through the discovery of a tropical island preserved by the “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary” and the Protected Marine zones, and to establish an authentic exchange with the local community.

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Comment by Dan Johnson on July 1, 2009 at 7:39am
Sounds like an amazing adventure, and a responsible one at that! Hope to try out it if/when I make it down to the Philippines. All the best. D
Comment by Ecoconut Tours Inc./ Matthias on July 2, 2009 at 12:54am
Thank you Dan!


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