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While it’s true that in the 21st century, the digital realm is reigning in the business world and online presence is of the essence, some more traditional means of marketing are still alive and kicking and no small to medium-sized business should ignore these lucrative but affordable ways to get their name out. One of these methods is banners.

A banner is a long strip of material that displays the name, logo, slogan or anything else that represents an entity. It can be used by various companies and organizations because of their modularity and versatility. Moreover, individuals can also use them for all sorts of events, such as birthdays or other milestones.

There are numerous types of banners, all with different sizes, styles and purposes so you can rest assured that you will be able to choose the one that fits your needs. All you need to do is learn about the different banner types and their usage. So, here they are.

Paper banners

Paper banners are a popular and frugal option for indoor events such as trade shows and exhibitions. The colors look quite vibrant and the banners come in many sizes. However, due to their low resistance to external factors, they should not be used outside. If you need small banners for an indoor event, though, they will do the job just fine.

Vinyl banners

As opposed to paper banners, vinyl ones are very hardy and resistant. There are thinner vinyl banners meant for indoors, but heavier vinyl is a good fit for outdoor purposes. They work well displayed on buildings and they come in any size you might need, so they are very versatile. Besides, you can also choose between shiny and matte finishes, but you have to keep in mind several factors when making this decision. While it’s true that matte banners will get dirty sooner than glossy ones, a glossy finish might diminish the readability of your sign as it will reflect the sunlight. So, keep weather conditions in mind.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are a popular banner type that you can see most often around construction sites and other enclosed outdoor places and events. While they can be also used indoors, one of the main advantages of mesh banners is that they are a great choice for outdoors. As the name itself says, they are made of mesh, which allows air to pass through it, making the banner relatively still in spite of the wind. Even so, it has great print quality and depending on the type you opt for, it can be more or less see-through. For example, if strong wind is your concern, you might want to go for open-weave mesh banners, while if you want more privacy, go for a sturdier option, all of which are provided by Fence Banner Mesh.

Pull-up banners

Pull-up banners are affordable and practical, and they are perfect for indoor use. They can be reused for multiple occasions as they are retractable and can be stored in their case when you don’t need them. You can often see these kinds of banners at sales stands, trade exhibitions, or even at office entrances or meetings. Their size can vary depending on your needs, but they usually can’t be wider than five feet, so keep that in mind when deciding on your banners.

Pop-up banners

While they are not as compact as pull-up banners, pop-up banners are great indoor choices as well. They are much larger – in width, that is – and they often serve as the whole background of a trade show booth. They only take a couple of minutes to set up but they can make a big impact.

Bow banners

Mostly used for events such as markets and sporting events, bow banners allow for better visibility at all times thanks to their position. For these banners, you will have to first assemble the pole the banner is attached to, however, it’s easy to do so. What you should keep in mind is that bow banners are not recommended for outdoor use during bad weather conditions.

Fabric banners

Fabric banners are actually made of polyester fabric, and they are an up-and-coming banner type. The reason is that they have good color durability – they provide high-quality images you can display both indoors and outdoors, so if unmatched, vibrant colors are your priority, consider this banner type.

Hanging banners

Similarly to bow banners, these are good if you want to ensure visibility even in crowded places. If you opt for fabric as your material, you can really wow your audience, but you have the freedom of choice in this department. Setting up these banners will require some assistance, but it’s worth the hassle considering the payoff.

Keep in mind that deciding on the type of banner is nowhere near the end of your work. You will also need a striking design to catch the attention of your audience. The banner type is merely the means through which your marketing efforts will reach their full potential.

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