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5 Ways to Create and Maintain a Positive Work Atmosphere

One of the greatest misconceptions in the business world lies in the idea that some industries and tasks simply can’t be fun, no matter what you do. In reality, if this turns out to be true, the fault probably lies with the manager and not the industry itself. Office organization is a duty of the manager and there is always something you can do to make things better and more lighthearted. Here are five simple ideas.

Create a trend of open communication

The first thing you need to ensure is that everyone around the office is free to speak their mind. What this means is that they know all the proper channels of communication that are available, as well as that they’re not afraid to use them. Nevertheless, open communication doesn’t mean that everyone can say whatever crosses their mind. Free speech implies that every person is free to speak their mind, not that they’re free from the consequences of their words and actions. Moreover, being able to communicate freely with their coworkers doesn’t mean that they can feel free to distract others with small-talk.

There should still be some rules, yet, the main principles you should abide by is that everyone should get their turn to speak during meetings and that everyone has a chance to talk to the person in charge about the problem that is in their domain. Furthermore, nothing breaks the ambiance of fear quite like the noise of a friendly banter between coworkers.

Provide variety

Another thing you can do to help maintain a positive work atmosphere is to create a variety of options when it comes to working practices and workstations. For instance, if the work your employees are performing isn’t place-bound (they work at a desktop computer or need some additional tool or gadget), you can allow them to take their work to the roof or the balcony.

Lazy bags in the hallway are another great option while adding a standing desk or two to the mix might also be a sound plan. Apart from this, you can also make flexible work hours, which might further incentivize your employees to feel like they have a full control over their work method. Furthermore, by doing this, you’re directly communicating that you have full confidence in your staff, as well as that you believe they’ll make the right choice.

Gifts and bonuses are not one and the same

One of the greatest mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs make is believing that gifts and bonuses fall in the same category. After all, both of these trends are a financial incentive for the employee to try harder but they don’t create the same effect. A bonus is a reward for a job well-done, while a gift is more of a sign of appreciation. While they do have a similar form, the message they send is vastly different. This is one of the main reasons why Hong Kong entrepreneurs seem to be turning more and more towards gift cards by the hour. Needless to say, in this major business hub gift card Hong Kong is becoming a standard tool for boosting office morale and battle-readiness.

Show some trust

Trust is a term that often gets oversimplified and underused by the vast majority of entrepreneurs out there. You see, trusting your employees isn’t just believing their word or not suspecting them of in-house theft, it’s also about trusting in their abilities and judgment on the projects of vital importance. The reason why entrepreneurs want to manage everything is due to that old proverb that if you want something to be done properly, you need to do it yourself. Unfortunately, at one point you’ll no longer be able to micro-manage everything. It is, therefore, better to start with this autonomy increasing and work delegation while you can still, at least partially, oversee the entire process.

Combine work with fun

Before you even start dismissing this idea, you need to understand that there are some tasks that simply aren’t fun and never will be, no matter how hard you try. Still, there are several ways to fit some fun in your work schedule, even if you find it impossible to include it into the tasks themselves. The first idea lies in outfitting your break room with items such as pinball machine, ping pong table and even insert a pool.

Apart from this, you can also split your work day into intervals. One of the simplest ways to do so is to turn towards the Pomodoro technique. In this way, you can install a massive clock on the focal wall of the room and set it for periods consisting of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. In this way, you can fit some brief fun activity into these 5 minutes, every time you hear the sound of a buzzer.


Paradoxically, the more effort you invest in improving your work atmosphere, the easier your job becomes. Most importantly, this creates a business structure that does more than just benefits productivity. It also helps you attract and retain talent in your employ, which helps you out immensely in the long-run.

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