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Knowing the secrets of growth in business is the starting point of success. Just as we humans mature, businesses develop from their small beginnings to greater heights as well. Successful companies embrace the digital world we live in. Their persistence to synchronize with technological innovations gives them an edge over their competition. 

The tech-savvy business owner doesn’t need to move mountains or break down walls with their bare hands to set their business apart. They just use different business tools on the market for growth. Without further ado, here are five online business tools that can help you in your endeavors.

Payments and eCommerce

Gumroad is a shopping cart software for digital products. This checkout program is easy to install on any website. Its feels and looks emphasize high-converting checkout process, and the software can automate the delivery of digital goods and support the pay-what-you-want pricing process. It is free to set up and charges 5 percent of each transaction. 

On the other hand, Shopify is one of the best online store service providers, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate a shopping experience directly on top of their own website. Shopify is also excellent at inventory management and order and payment processing. It costs $29 a month, plus transaction fees.

Website crawlers 

Is your company website experiencing any SEO issues? Most business websites have more pages than in the past, especially when you consider blog posts, eCommerce product pages or category and sub-category pages. Because of this, there is a high probability of unpredicted problems in lesser-known or less obvious pages, which can impact the overall ranking.

Using a website crawler can help you find and analyze hidden problems holding your website back from it’s ranking potential. This advanced crawling technology will review every page of your company website and give a simple report about identified problems.


Basecamp is a kind of an online “organizer” since it basically helps you put your projects and staff that executes them in order. This app builds an opportunity for your workforce to work closely, completing both individual and group tasks without unnecessary obstructions. It is indeed a crucial tool as research suggests that being organized at the workplace increases productivity

Efficient communication improves performance. When you inform your staff about what they are expected to do and give all the resources required, they will most likely deliver better results. Basecamp creates strong communication ties between employees by facilitating instant communication.


Rapportive is an excellent email tool that shows contact details and social connections in your inbox. It is a free Gmail plugin that replaces your sidebar with relevant information about who you're emailing with. You'll see their location, picture, social media links, and even your past email correspondence with them.  

A handy tool that you can even use to guess email addresses for strangers using common email structure – for instance, If you get a name and a picture, you know you’ve got a match.


One of the most important things a company needs in order to grow is the ability to convert as many people as it can. Optinmonster is a conversion optimization tool used to expand email lists for continuous customer engagement. 

Why would you need it? When clients have a reason to visit your company website, you have to grab that opportunity and retain them. This app’s automated messages make visitors feel at home, leading them to subscribe to your list.

Growing startups aspire to be the next big thing. Unlike some decades back, chances of attaining that objective are higher now due to technological advancements. These five online business tools will give you solutions to problems that may be hindering you from reaching success in your industry.

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