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5 Great Social Media Tools -

I'm always looking for the newest tools and widgets that make my life easier. I only have one arm so I depend on multi-tasking and speed. I put together a list of tools I've found to help.

Yoono - Useful Multi-task Tool - Yoono is an Internet plug-in that creates a sidebar on your browser (but you can decide if you want it visible or not). You can pick from 10 social networks that you update or follow the most. After putting in your settings, Yoono shows all updates on the social networks you chose to view and any RSS feeds you follow. Yoono is great because you don't need all those tabs open and you can update several profiles at the same time.

ShareThis - ShareThis is a nifty widget. You can add it to your web browser toolbar, a blog, and it also appears as an option when you right-click. ShareThis allows you to send anything you find on the web (e.g. cool picture, good blog post, interesting article, etc.) almost anywhere (e.g. email, Twitter, Digg, etc.). It's similar to the ReTweet button.

StumbleUpon - The web is enormous, so how can you cut your searches down to only what you want? With StumbleUpon, you give sites a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Based on your ratings, StumbleUpon suggests sites you might like or are similar to sites you rated. Another sweet feature is to Stumble. StumbleUpon sends you to a randomly selected site, which is typically pretty fun.

TweetLevel - This is a new tool from Edelman, that measures your importance on Twitter. TweetLevel grades your Twitter profile out of 100 points, based on influence, popularity, engagement, and trust.

* Influence - Are you interesting (to other people)
* Popularity - How many follow you
* Engagement - Are you socially active
* Trust - Does anyone believe what you say

The higher your score, the more important you are.

Social Mention - Want a free real-time analysis of you or your company's web presence? Good, because that's what Social Mention does. You can easily track and measure what people are saying on more than 100 social media platforms. Social Mention aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

These are just a few rosebuds I like. You may or may not have known about them but they help me. What are your favorite tools?

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Comment by Gabe Chesman on November 23, 2009 at 4:00pm
I feel the same way, Marcus. It's getting to the point where the tools we know, use, and like are just being duplicated.


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