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It's no secret that technology is reshaping how industries operate, from essential business processes down to workplace design. The main reason technology has become so important in any business environment is that it can aid companies immensely. In other words, half of the things people are able to do today wouldn't even be possible without technology's aid. 

That being said, technological innovations are also shaping numerous trends, including the ones that revolve around office spaces. Modern offices have a tendency to transform with help from technology, and both employers and employees are embracing these new trends. It's even safe to say that the majority of modern offices don't even resemble those from a decade ago. With that in mind, here are a few office technology trends that are the main focus in 2019.

Paperless offices

Today, going paperless is one of the most popular office trends that involve technology. Many companies embrace this trend not only because it's a more reliable method but also because it's more eco-friendly. Abandoning paper throughout the office space may sound simple enough. However, in order to fully embrace a paperless office, companies require help from technology.

The process includes scanning and digitalizing documents and files, as well as organizing, sorting and storing them digitally. Many companies opt for a cloud-based solution where documents don't have to be stored locally on office computers and can be shared seamlessly across multiple devices. There's also the issue of security where companies must implement specific policies so that people cannot access, modify or delete files without authorization. 

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Another technological trend that's gaining quite a momentum, especially among younger generations of employees, is the so-called bring your own device to work trend or BYOD. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives and many people simply cannot proceed with their day without them. Many employers allow this trend as it can make their employees more relaxed and productive. 

However, as beneficial as this trend can be, it can also be a major security risk for the company's network. Too many unknown devices having access to the company's network is a data breach waiting to happen. Therefore, in order to provide employees with convenience while maintaining proper security, you should consider efficient web filter solutions. That way, you can limit access to unknown devices and still have the BYOD trend present in the office.

Internet of Things

IoT devices have become widely popular in not just commercial but also in business use as well. There's probably not many modern offices today that don't leverage some kind of IoT device. These devices allow for multiple processes within the office to be connected and rely on each other's information and data sharing. This ultimately helps offices become smarter and also help employees become more efficient, as well as productive. 

Features such as voice-activated controls allow employees and managers to gain information regarding any relevant operation required for their current tasks. This allows better and more strategic decision making and helps everyone do their job much better. More connectivity and better Internet speed have made IoT possible, in the first place, and smart offices are becoming a more common occurrence as time goes by.

Cloud computing

As mentioned before, many companies that want to go paperless are leveraging cloud-based solutions. However, cloud computing is more than a paperless solution. As a matter of fact, it's a technological innovation and a trend that can reshape the entire business and not just the office space. 

Services such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allow businesses to leverage any resource needed to improve their work efficiency. In addition, cloud-based solutions allow any digital document, file or other types of information to be stored in remote data centers, i.e. the cloud, where they'll be encrypted and backed up so that they can be available to companies at any time and at any location or device.

Technology continues to evolve and shape how businesses operate. When it comes to modern offices, technology plays a vital role in both their design and the overall environment. New trends continue to arise and it remains to be seen what offices will look like in the near future.

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