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2017 Nonprofit Survey: What can't you get done in your workday?

Survey: Where do you need the most help at work? What more would you like to get done in your workday?
The survey is about techniques in 7 important areas that can help your nonprofit run better.
2017: This is our survey’s fourth year. See last year’s survey results.
We need your input about which ones are important to you!
3 Minutes Tops: We are asking you to check a few boxes in a survey about techniques that can both help your nonprofit run better and make managing your job more efficient.
The survey asks which techniques discussed in these 7 core areas can be the most helpful to you: 
  • Marketing and communications
  • Online donations and fundraising
  • Grant development
  • Project management
  • Technology: website development and management
  • Newsletters and mailing lists
  • Google AdWords grants for nonprofits
It is anonymous. We will not collect your personal information-nor share it with anyone-nor will we contact you individually.
We will be releasing a compilation of everyone's great input in next month's newsletter.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.
We look forward to your insights!
Tim Magee

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