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2015 Non Profit Trends | 30 Sec. Survey | We need your Ideas

Dear Development Crossing Colleagues,
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We need your opinion about the challenges facing you in your non profit work so that we can continue to improve our services that we provide to you.
I have a 30 second survey that would help tremendously if you could fill it out. We will post the results in a special newsletter.
It doesn't matter if you are from a large non profit or a small one—I want to know where you need support.
Just below is a preview of the survey: you can see that it really is only 30 seconds needed to check a few boxes.
It is anonymous. We will not collect your personal information—nor share it with anyone—nor will we contact you individually.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.
Thank you in advance!
Tim Magee

EXAMPLES FROM THE SURVEY: It really is only 30 seconds.
Where do you need the most help?
  • undeveloped plan for online fundraising
  • learning effective online fundraising techniques
  • improving donor development and engagement
  • identify foundations
  • identifying compelling stories to share with donors
  • writing effective donor email newsletters
  • writing webpage content
  • maintaining a regular blog
  • orchestrating social media
  • project evaluations
  • final reports
  • annual reports
What are your biggest personal challenges with accomplishing all of your tasks?
  • finding time to get everything done
  • prioritizing and delegating
  • lack of training for starting some of the tasks listed above
Free zone:
  • Write in anything else that we missed that is important to you.


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