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2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit Insights: Video Interview with Greg Price, VolunteerMatch

The 3BL Media video team was on location at the 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit to capture footage and insights from the annual event. This series of videos captures comments from thought leaders and practitioners about effective community involvement programs.

Greg Price, the Chief Services Officer here at VolunteerMatch, oversees almost all of the areas that impact our corporate clients: Product, Sales, Client Relations, Marketing and Communications… so understandably, he has an inspiring big picture view of what we do and the impact we make.

In this video from the 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit, Greg explains the value of VolunteerMatch and the VolunteerMatch Client Summit as a convener of thought leaders and practictioners in the fields of CSR and employee engagement. After almost a dozen years helping companies create meaningful and impactful employee and consumer engagement programs, there’s no one better positioned than VolunteerMatch to do this.

Greg goes on to describe the services VolunteerMatch provides to companies who are looking to engage their employees and/or consumers in doing good. “As opposed to just saying ‘Do good,’” Greg says, “We help companies say, ‘Here’s how you can do good.’”

Watch Greg’s video here.

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