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20 sparkenations to help you ensure that 2012 is your best year yet

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  1. 20 sparkenations to help you ensurethat 2012 is your best year ever
  2. sparkenation:a spark that ignites passionthat leads to actionthat changes whatʼs normal
  3. Herein are my August - December 2011 short sparkenations that I began providing weekly on 15th August 2011.You will find further weekly sparkenations at           and 58 more in detail in my Changing What’s Normal book
  4. What I say is not as important as What you hear yourself say to yourself.
  5. Does your leadership spark or sparkenate?
  6. Lots of leaders spark other people i.e. they inspire, enthuse etc., etc., andthe spark goes out very soon after.A few leaders provide sparkenations through who they are and whatthey do and people are so touched by what they hear themselves say to themselves, that their spirits are ignited and they take action that changeswhat’s normal.
  7. Never forget this:Leadership is about what you do, yet much more;it is about what others do for themselveswhen influenced by your leadership.
  8. 2. Are the changes you make bothevolutionary and revolutionary?
  9. Change is evolution and revolution and usually at the same time.The trouble is we often see change as either/orrather than both/and.
  10. What will you change this week thats both? Think small change/s. Think incremental.            Most revolutions were/are a tipping point preceded by a whole lot of small changes that in themselves were revolutionary for those who made them.

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