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Ethical War between Marketing Heavyweights

Advertising Age has a new article this week discussing the latest battle between Procter & Gamble Co. and Unilever, two heavyweights in the CPG industry. Unlike most "battles" between corporations, this one appears to be a little different from what we are used to. Why? Well, its basically "a race to show who's best at saving the world." The article discusses the growing importance, and money, that the two companies are placing in the area of "ethical marketing," with some real projects that have real impact.

From P&G's $20 million Pur program that aims to purify 2 billion liters of water in Africa and save 10,000 lives by 2012 to Unilever's Campaign for Real Beauty, the big guys are involved and looking to increasingly make a difference, and a profit. But there's nothing wrong with making money and doing good, is there?

The article is definitely worth a here.

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