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If so, you will have an opportunity very soon to cast votes for genocide-free investing. Investors Against Genocide reports the following:

Legal counsel for Fidelity Investments has confirmed that shareholders of many Fidelity mutual funds will vote at their March 19 meeting on a shareholder proposal which asks the mutual fund giant to ensure that its investments are genocide-free. Thanks to a recent decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) denying Fidelity's "no-action" request, Fidelity failed in its attempt to block consideration by its shareholders. The SEC decision clears the way for hundreds of thousands of individual investors to decide if they want Fidelity to invest their savings in companies that help fund genocide.

According to Fidelity counsel, proxy materials for its funds which will meet on March 19 and include the genocide-free question will be mailed over the next couple of weeks. Proxy materials for funds that will not vote on this question at their March 19 meetings have already been mailed. Fidelity shareholder meetings scheduled for April 16 and May 14 will also be affected by the genocide-free investing shareholder proposal.

Read the full press release here.

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