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Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, celebrated his 84th birthday this week, still adamant that he will remain in power after next month's elections, saying, "There will never be regime change here ... Never." How a man can spend the equivalent of about $250,000 on a birthday party while the rest of his country deals with unemployment rates of over 80%, an inflation rate of over 100,000%, and acute shortages of gasoline, hard currency, food and most basic goods is beyond me.

Protestors launched giant helium balloons with banners reading: "Elections free and fair or just hot air?" and "Bob, you've had your cake. Now beat it.". Is there any hope of getting free and fair elections next month?

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Comment by Thomas Bertrand on February 26, 2008 at 8:18am
Great point Webster, at this point (having had him in power for almost 30 years) it almost makes more sense to wait it out than risk potential violence. Although something needs to be done to minimize the strife that so many have to deal with.


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