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Marketing Community Investment like Tina Fey

Corporate Social Responsibility walks hand in hand with the New Social Media
Almost everyone I know has seen the now famous Sarah Palin impersonation by Tina Fey. SNL racked up 10.2 million viewers for their season opening a few weeks back. By the middle of the week, the NBC website had streamed the video of the Palin/Fey sketch 13 million times. As of this week, the New York Times is reporting an astounding 56 million views of some 200 viral videos of the sketches as estimated by Visible Measures, a web analytics firm.

People don’t watch TV anymore. They watch the web.

I know I do. Every Monday I wait to watch Mad Men on the CTV website. I do this, mostly, because I don’t own a TV. At first it was an economic choice. Now, I just don’t think I need one. But honestly, there’s just not much out there that can’t be found on the internet these days. And when I don’t want to bother, I just rent a video (and if I lived in the US, I would probably do that online as well).

Increasingly, we are interacting with the world through a singular medium: the web. Newspapers are redundant and inky. Magazines are still cool, but I can zero in on what I want more quickly via the net. I don’t have to buy maps. I haven’t used the Yellow Pages in a decade (how is it not illegal to use that much paper for something no one wants?). The last bastion of stand alone media is TV. But I’ve discovered a disturbing secret - I don’t need a TV to watch TV.

This little secret brings me to an important point for anyone hoping to utilize Corporate Social Responsibility. Whether it’s as a strategy for customer relations, or employee recruitment and engagement, it is all about the web. If your CSR strategy does not include a Social Marketing piece, then you probably don’t understand your customer segment for CSR.

The following slideshow is an excellent overview of the concept and the importance of utilizing this medium as a tool for your business.

Welcome to the Social World

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Razorfish's Publishers Summit presentation on Social Influence Marketing and Social Media. More info at

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