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Who Really Cares About The Future? Anyone Interested In Stopping The Pharmaceutical Pollution Of Earth And All Life Here?

Who really cares about the future? Where is the corporate responsibility for pandemic preparedness? Are their other viable alternatives to risky vaccines and drugs offered by pharmaceutical corporations? It's not enough that rivers and tap waters are full of drugs in ever city using waste water treatment for municipal water such that people resort to bottled water and water treatment devices to get a clean drink of water without drugs and chemicals, the government officials want to make sure that we are poisoned with vaccines, despite the high risks and mounting reports of side-effects killing or making people ill. Someone has an answer to avoid risky vaccines and drugs ruining our environment and our lives, and thought it has been employed by NASA on the International Space Station for some time, the public is only just beginning to learn about it and the new health breakthroughs ending fears of pandemic. Strangely, few seem to care to take action and get involved, and exercise corporate responsibility. Many corporations even continue to support the insanity, and, ironically, it could be because of the water they're drinking.

What really gets me is that so many of the "sustainability" crowd who pretend to care about the dire circumstances noted above remain mute and unresponsive, or they come up with some of the most ludricous ideas imaginable as solutions. But I'm encouraged by some who really get behind innovations and viable solutions like BIONAID™, and I take some time to share the good news here and there in hopes of finding out who really cares and wants to take action.

BIONAID™ is the original, most advanced formulation on the market. The man that developed a key ingredient in BIONAID™ and the covalent silver reactor technology used by NASA began his voyage, leading to discovery of covalent silver, at age twelve while observing people receiving communion from a chalice that had been subjected to sneezing and coughing. Later, he asked the priest about possible contamination to the rest of the congregation. The priest said that he need not worry, as pure silver removes the contaminates.

The discovery of covalent silver begins in 1954. At the tender age of twelve, while attending church services, the inventor (whose name is confidential) observed people receiving holy communion. People infected with colds and other ailments were seen sneezing or coughing over the communion chalice. Later, he asked the Priest about possible contamination to the remainder of the congregation. The priest said that he need not worry because pure silver kills viruses and harmful bacteria. The inventor actually believed this hilarious story. Thus began his life long fascination with silver as a health supplement. As the years passed, he pondered about how to destroy disease-causing parasites by taking advantage of the safe and natural properties historically documented about silver. He applied for a patent for a silver filter device to be implanted inside the human body. That patent was denied in 1985 because of an existing patent on a boiler blow-back tube by Thomas Jefferson. Nevertheless, he continued to consider methods which would expose human blood-carried parasites to pure silver. He began to focus upon circulating pure silver within the bloodstream, studying ionization, electrolysis, colloidal silver forms, and electroplating. He became fascinated with the combined conductivity of charged silver and charged water. In 1986, whilst working with Louisiana University on another invention, he mentioned his covalent silver idea to colleagues and friends. A professor at the University brought a bible verse to his attention, in Exodus 32:19, Moses took the golden calf, burned it and ground it to fine powder, scattered it on the water, and made the Israelites drink it. Thus he thought that if he could suspend pure silver in pure water permanently then silver could operate more effectively internally, circulating throughout the body, destroying harmful micro-organisms.

He designed a reactor that suspended pure silver in pure water and faxed the drawing to a trusted machinist in Colorado Springs who machined several vital components. After assembly, the reactor was taken to a friend in Pueblo, Colorado who had well water that he knew was chemical-free. He experimented with various water flow rates and electrical settings, and then went to several laboratories and universities attempting to generate interest for testing, but was repeatedly told that permanent suspension of a metal in water was impossible and against the laws of physics.

In 1989, he traveled to an area in Venezuela swarming with mosquitoes (Genus Anopheles), with the intention of proving his theories by purposely infecting himself with a protozoan of the genus Plasmodium in red blood cells, which is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito. Without his wife's knowledge or consent, he allowed several malarial mosquitoes to bite him and transmit the infectious parasite. After the 21st day of incubation he awoke a very sick man with extreme chills and fever. He then admitted to his wife that he had purposely infected himself, and asked her to give him the weakest batch of covalent silver . As anticipated his recovery began internally within fifteen minutes, and astoundingly within several hours he regained the strength to get out of bed and swim in the pool. Later that evening he acquired the strength to venture out with his wife for dinner and a movie, as the symptoms continued to retreat and disappear. Continuing the treatment until completion has enabled him to remain symptom free since that day in 1989.

The inventor met with Richard Leatherwood, a researcher who was attempting to market a device to disclose HIV from a drop blood. He began to theorize that covalent silver might eliminate HIV. Mr. Leatherwood, contacted Dr. Diagne, a professor of HIV research at UCLA and sent him samples of covalent silver. Seven months later Dr. Diagne reported the results; covalent silver had successfully destroyed 30 million diseased cultures, most of which were HIV. In 1994 Mr. Leatherwood took samples of covalent silver to Dr. Panza with Genesis-West Provida, Mexico for testing in vitro and in vivo for cancer patients. During a 21-day testing period, Dr. Panza and his group made a five and a half hour video filmed through an electron microscope, showing the destruction of parasites and yeast fungus in the blood. Dr. Diagne at UCLA had tested covalent silver in the clinical laboratory on cultures, while Dr. Panza worked with humans and on diseased cultures in a clinical laboratory. In 1998, Dr. Carr in Belize began testing on humans, his primary aim being to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases using covalent silver on infected patients. He tested covalent silver successfully on patients suffering from Hepatitis, Malaria, Cholera, Typhus, and many other diseases known in third world countries. In 1999 Dr. Ingnedaay of California began testing patients with Cancer, Hepatitis C and B, HIV, and has reported great improvement and remission.

In an article titled - "Promising Cure to URTI Pandemics Including H5N1 and SARS", they state, "Recently Rentz (2003) published a convincing retrospective, peer-reviewed treatise on a highly advanced, effective and safe virotoxic oligodynamic silver (Ag+) hydrosol, making the case that it is the agent of choice to combat SARS. The works of Goetz (1940), Berger et al (1976), Simonetti et al (1992), Russel et al (1994), and Crocker and Grier (1998) collectively established that electrolytically produced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol provides the ideal speciation of bioactive Ag+ completely harmless to mammals in contrast to other colloidal silver or silver salt speciations that are predominantly inactive and potentially toxic to mammals. They also established that oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol possesses fabulous virotoxic properties. Comprehensive studies conducted by NASA (circa 1970) on a crude oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol preparation offer a compelling argument that today’s highly advanced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosols may be the solution to lessening the impact of viral plagues."

In 2005, while looking for the best silver product to carry on mountain guide trips Burk-Elder: Hale, Third (Elder), a mountain guide, fortuitously met with a representative for Bion, a leading dietary supplement concentrate made with the covalent silver reactor. Bion has been developed, studied and tested over a 15 year period in major universities, laboratories and on human subjects worldwide.

Soon afterwards, a company started bottling Bion for Elder under his own branding - BIONAID™ - for Range Guide Expeditions and Burk Hale, Incorporated. Elder wanted something to have in the wild to make wild-water safe to drink. Elder began experimenting to improve Bion. Later, he began coordinating tests using Dan Nelson's geometric laser to see the effects on BIONAID™. The results were most amazing after being subjected to the laser.

In November of 2007, Elder sent a super-concentrated water substrate to be put through the covalent silver reactor. Again, the results were most amazing in that the reaction was seen to be unusually stable. Upon being tested by Dan Nelson, the Bionaid was seen to be 100 times more potent and the entire solution, not just the Bion particle, became sub-nanoparticle in size. After negotiations between Burk Hale, Incorporated and their new associates Bion+ BIONAID™ AgH2O became the most advanced UPCOSH™ dietary supplement on the market. Elder has donated Oxysilver™ to Uganda this year and the clinical trials are proving to be a great success in ending fears of pandemic.

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Comment by Elder on October 28, 2008 at 12:34am
Mercury, a dangerous toxin, was added to dental amalgams in the 1940s.

The dental profession went along with it and threatened any dentist who spoke out against the practice even though the use of mercury in amalgams had been banned previously for decades.

In the 1940s, the dental profession endorsed another toxin: fluoride. This time the adding of it to the water supply.

Different toxin, same story

Public relations pros were brought in to sell the public on the idea that a raw industrial waste (fluoride) could and should be added to drinking water supplies.

Anyone who questioned its use was attacked.

This went on for decades

It still goes on.

66% of US water supplies are still fluoridated. In contrast, only 2% of European water supplies are.

A conspiracy? You bet it is.

Well-funded, well-organized, and ruthlessly executed by experienced operatives.

The people at the top knew they were lying and knew their actions were causing the public harm, but went ahead and did it anyway, using media manipulation, corrupted scientists and raw political power to silence opponents.

The people battle back

There is hope...

In 2005, eleven environmental protection agency EPA employee unions, representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals of the Civil Service, called for a halt on drinking water fluoridation programs across the USA and asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people.

The unions acted on an apparent cover-up of evidence from Harvard School of Dental Medicine linking fluoridation with an elevated risk of osteosarcoma in boys, a rare but fatal bone cancer.

In addition, over 1,730 health industry professionals, including doctors, dentists, scientists and researchers from a variety of disciplines are calling for an end to water fluoridation in an online petition to Congress.
Comment by Elder on October 28, 2008 at 12:58am

1. “Washington June 30, 1975. A series of confidential memeorandums revealed the Amercian Medcial Association (AMA) has been heavily involved in political and other non-medcial activities for years.”
Dan Thomasson and Carl West, “Secret Memos Show AMA Deeply involved in Politics,”
Alberquerque Tribune.

2. The AMA’s Board of trustees meeting, held November 2-3, 1963, established the Committee on Quackery, to look into targeted alternative treatments, modalities, services, products, manufacturers, and practitioners. The committee on Quackery was headed by its secretary, H. Doyl Taylor, who was also head of the Department of Investigation.

3. Following the formation of the Committee on Quackery, Doyl Taylor organized a tightly knit group of governmental and non-governmental organizations which worked behind the scenes to destroy alternative medicine.

4. This group, formed in 1964, was known as the Coordinating Conference on Health Information (CCHI).

5. The CCHI paralleled what the AMA’s Committee on Quackery was doing.

6. The main difference between these two arms of the AMA’s propaganda war was that the Committee on Quackery was usually open about its anti-competitive activities.

7. The CCHI operated entirely behind the scenes, working behind closed doors, with the minutes of its meetings hidden from public view even though Government agencies were involved

8. According to the minutes of their May 1975 meeting, the following took place:

The AMA said it was interested in having something done about the following:
• Chiropractic
• Acupuncture
• Homeopathy
• Naturopathy
• Vitamin (nutritional) Therapy

9. Each of the priority targets had two things in common. They did not use pharmaceuticals in healing, and they were in direct competition to both medicine and pharmaceuticals.

10. This type of anti-competition activity is I violation of the anti-trust laws of the United States.

11. Not only are the perpetrators in violation of these laws, but there are strong indications that they are engaging in criminal conspiracy to deny the practitioners of the alternatives their civil rights to practice their profession.

12. It has been theorized by some Attorney’s that this may all come under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

13. There is strong evidence to support a RICO case due to the fact that the evidence clearly shows a long-standing (and apparently on-going) conspiracy to violate Federal Laws.

14. The AMA’s illegal anti-competitive activities started to be exposed to the public and the media in 1972 with the release of the book “In the Pub;ic trust”, by William Trever.

15. This book exposed documents from inside the Department of Investigation’s files which clearly exposed the AMA’s criminal activity directed against its chief competitors in the alternative health-care field – Chiropractic.

16. key documents were listed and published at the end of each chapter.

17. These were used to fight, in more than a dozen states, AMA-sponsored bills which the AMA was pushing to adversely affect chiropractic.

18. Today’s campaign to maintain a relative monopoly on the health care industry is complex in its efforts to exclude alternative health-care healing arts.

19. Mandatory once-size-fits-all vaccinations is but one piece of a larger ha learned how to usurp the various checks and balances that are deigned to bring forth accountability, transparency, and freedom of choice to decide what one wishes to pout in one’s body, and the alternative options that may be available.

20. In 1983 when the Pharmaceutical Advertising Council (PAC) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) signed an agreement to enter into a joint campaign which they called a Public Service Anti-Quackery Campaign – and “interlocking directorate” was formed that maintains and extols the “prescription drug/vaccine industry” status quo.

21. PAC and the FDA officially signed this agreement in March, 1984.

22. The entire campaign continues to be financed jointly by the FDA and drug companies.

23. Using the cover of a “health care coalition,” the parties involved have been directing their anti-competitive campaign directly at those entities that are in economic competition with the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

24. Economic competitors who have been targeted by this campaign are referred to only as “quacks” or “health frauds” or “incompetent” or “incapacitated” or “mentally unstable” or “engaged in conflict of interest and/or illegal activities for self gain.”

25. These labels position the competitors) in the eyes of the Government, the media, and the public) as something less than desirable.

26. The most bizarre aspect of this alliance inter-dependent alliance between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, and organized Western medicine by extension, is that the very industry the FDA should be looking into, the drug industry is instead the FDA’s partner in a campaign designed to direct the FDA at the drug industry’s economic competitors.

27. Instead of policing the drug industry, the FDA is going after targets the drug industry says need to be investigated and prosecuted.

28. The result of such an anti-competitive alliance is, of course, the destruction of the economic competitors, and the health and health care options of the citizens of the State, at the hands of the pharmaceutical empires.

29. Thus, billions of dollars of profits are re-directed into the pockets of the drug companies that are dictating this campaign.

30. These same pharmaceutical companies are dictating the campaign for mandatory vaccinations, in increasing frequency, quantities, earlier in life, for diseases we do not need protection from, for diseases no one knows how cause death and disability, and for infants and children in such insane amounts, that Dr. Paul Offit, a leading spokesperson for the vaccine industry, has stated “children can handle upwards of 10,000” vaccines safely.

31. I can now say conclusively, without hesitation or reservation, Dr. Offit, although well-intentioned, in this one statement alone, has relegated the entire vaccine industry into the realm of quackery itself. The only difference is, there is no one with the organization desire, or backing to challenge these learned fellows, who have been running roughshod on us all, in the name of science, based on a fatally flawed medical model which I can now show is in err.

32. It is because of this error in the “Germ Theory” of mammalian disease, and the insatiable capitalism that drives the pharmaceutical industry, that we, as a society, have permitted the most heinous, most devastating, most profound harm to carried out by man, on man, in the history or recorded history.

33. Science is only a probabilistic, man-made, mathematical tool that aid one to determine, better than chance, that a particular event is likely to be related to another in some manner.

34. The scientific method, by design and by outcome, can be used to deceive as much as it can be used to extract truisms.

35. The corruption of medical truth, in the name of science, by those who would wield the imperfect scientific methods and tools for self-gain and profit, has caused the epidemic of chronic illness, disease, death, brain damage, and neurodevelopment disorders we now call “autism” and can now show this to your own eyes for you to decide for yourself, based on common sense, not on dollars and cents used to sell you a belief and fear system that garners inordinate profit for those that want you to buy their products.

36. The answer to the autism enigma is a “chicken and the egg” conundrum.

37. Medical sciences are thinking “egg” (prevention). I now have the tools to demonstrate “chicken” (causation), in vaccine injury, and in basic human physiology.

38. Compounding matters further, the physiological process itself, which is microscopic, essentially “dissolves into thin air” when we attempt to view it with the naked eye, under a microscope, or with immunological and metabolic serology.

39. I have solved this problem as well. In effect, I have invented the means to “bring to light” what is directly before our eyes, yet invisible to our sight.

40. What I now have in neurophysiology and immunology is several examples proof causation of vaccine induced bodily harm, in infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and adults.

41. There are those that have used statistics, marketing, claims that puport to be “scientific”, and experts, some for hire, some simply mis-guided, to convince you that vaccine associated adverse health events, including death, is a coincidental with vaccination, and would have happened anyway, even without a vaccine.

42. A coincidence is coincidental if it happens once or twice.

43. If we all agree to help each other, then we can agree to help the vaccine industry.

44. In some ways, vaccines save lives and morbidity.

45. Marketed as they are now, vaccines have become a commercialization frenzy wherein corporate profits and bottom line has subverted what we know to be wrong on intuition alone.

46. If we cannot give penicillin or peanut butter to everybody safely, for knowledge that some will not be able to tolerate, then it simply behooves me how we got to the point we are at today assuming "live biologically active immunogenetic injections, in high frequency and volume for all, is entirely safe for all.

47. With this logic, we could just as soon convince ourselves that we all can hold our breath underwater for 60 seconds.

48. By genetic disposition, training, and other variables, many will not be harmed; however, a substantial minority will drown.

49. Can we truly call such an adverse “drowning” even is a coincidence?

50. Can we truly say that people who dies with hours, days, weeks, and months of vaccination are al coincidence?

51. I have discovered "some of the other variables" so the some of the "few" can be identified, and not drown by our invalid assumption of "one size fits all."

52. We need to develop the means to measure what fits who, what will not fit at all, and how sometimes what we fit on one person is actually fitting two or three for the price of one.

53. I now know what to do and what to develop in medical sciences and in technology.

54. The pharmaceutical industry will not fund this work as, according to the industry, “vaccines [and properly prescribed prescription drugs] are 100% safe and effective.”

55. Curiously, China represents 20% of the World’s population, consumes ONLY 1.5% of the prescription drug industry, yet Chinese men have a life expectancy of 68 years, and Chinese women have a life expectancy of 71 years at birth (1996 data).

56. Since the establishment of the Communist regime, the average life span of the Chinese people has increased from 35 to 71 years today. This has NOT been associated with an increase in consumption of pharmaceutical products for which, 51% of the American population, including the children, are taking on a regular basis.

57. The current vaccine uptake of 48 doses of 14 vaccines before age 6, and many more vaccine products "in the pipe-line" is a commercial enterprise that seems to have lost all sense of rhyme and reason.

58. This atypical manipulation of the neurological and immunological system with more and more vaccines in early life, sadly, actually has been setting some children up for chronic disease and disability.

59. I now have proof of the damages we have been causing, a re-write of our incomplete and imperfect Pasteurian “Germ Theory” medical model, and solutions for the health care industry that brings back a healthy balance, and potential camaraderie, between the Natural and Pharmaceutical based Healing Arts.

60. We need an army to fight an army. All army’ need a battle front to focus their efforts. CNAPS Medical Devices Inc, CPAN – Care Please Autims Network Inc, and the IMAN – I MASS Awareness Network, and IMAM – I MASS Awareness Membership, has been designed, corporately, and by extension of medical physiology discovery, to become the resolving lens, the battle cry, and battle initiator, to take on this Goliathan entity we call “Big Pharma”.

61. The income of the Big 5 pharmaceutical houses exceed 700 billion dollars a year, selling ALL their products – globally.

62. The cost of autism, in the Unites States alone, in direct and indirect health care costs, is estimated at 400 billion dollars a year.

63. The problem of autism, as caused by the pharmaceutical industry, is a Global phenomenon, is not limited to autism, and is a life-long ailment based on contemporary neurosciences knowledge.

64. As you can see, the pharmaceutical industry has everything to lose if proof causation of vaccine induced autism, and brain damage, ever comes to the civil courts, in any country, successfully.

65. CNAPS has the proof that is needed.

66. Although we are only bringing forth truth, with no malice or ill-will, we are facing off against a giant with unlimited resources, unlimited power, unlimited reach, and a willingness to “do whatever” to minimize, trivialize, and excuse itself from accepting accountability and fiscal responsibility for the harm it has caused (re: Merck Frosst’s Vioxx scandal is a case in point.

67. When Merck Frosst’s anti-inflammatory medicine (Vioxx) was pulled from the market by the FDA in 2004 after it was shown that this medicine was causing heart attacks, death, and strokes, for many people, Merck Frosst quickly moved to shield itself from fiscal and moral responsibility of what it had done; this despite the fact that physicians were complaining that this drug was causing heart attacks and strokes from as early as 2004.

68. Merck Frosst, after making 17 billion in 3rd quarter earnings, set aside 750 million dollars to defend itself against future litigation for wrongful death caused by Vioxx – in some cases they were winning these individual law suits simply because they had more money and resources than the parties suing them.

69. In the end, Merck Frosst tendered a paltry 5 billion dollars for all who successfully brought forth claims to draw on these funds, and these funds alone, to receive recompense for “their troubles.”

70. At the time, it was estimated that over 50 billion in damages was an appropriate figure – but there is more money to be made (saved) by negotiating a corporation out of a pickle than for that same corporation accepting fiscal responsibility for doing what morally right and just.

71. In the end, Merck Frosst still profited from the drug it sold that caused so much harm and death.

72. As you can see, there is no incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that its products are safe when they can profit even when they have caused harm.

73. This is the battle front CNAPS is walking into, alone at this junction, and on your collective behalf.

74. If we fail in this task, then so do you and so to does the future for your children and your children’s children.

75. When we succeed (and we will), we succeed for all – including, as irony would have it, the pharmaceutical industry who is not going to want to look and/or acknowledge the truths we are about to show.

76. Come see for yourself.

77. Come learn for yourself.

78. Come support AMASS Network that is amassing for us all.

79. The I in IMASS Awareness Network is you. Become Aware. Become the Network. Become AMASS body and voice for change that benefits mankind, past, present, and future.

80. CNAPS Medical Devices Inc =
Chiropractic, Naturopathic, And Physician’s Society MD International.

IMASS “taking from the rich, give back to me, the sick, the dying, and the poor!
JOIN IMASS “taking back from the rich” membership at:
Join CNAPS to learn of the medical truths that will change the way we all practice medicine, where we went wrong, on a MASS scale, and what we must now do.
Comment by George Ansa Duke on December 10, 2008 at 11:43am
I care so much about the future and just to say for now, i am your student.


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