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The practice of giving back - Business

The following article by Jiayan Huang from The Ticker is an excellent example of the current trends in Corporate Social Responsibility. It highlights the importance of volunteerism through the employer as a benefit that displaces 'salary as king'.

Corporations are placing a greater emphasis on corporate responsibility

The recent eco-friendly trend has permeated into corporations and reinforced the idea of corporate social responsibility. PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the "Big Four" accounting firms, has placed significant emhasis on giving back to the community. The Ticker recently spoke with Shannon Schuyler, the managing director of corporate responsibility at PwC, she discussed PwC's focus on corporate social responsibility.
Schuyler oversaw the firm's "Great Place to Work" effort as a national human resources director before taking on her current role as managing director. This effort to revamp the company's contributions to society started 18 months ago, when PwC felt that the business was not emphasizing the full scope of their corporate responsibility.

"We believe our CR program will build on PwC's already rich history of creating value with integrity and in the spirit of responsible leadership. As a leader in our industry, we need to give back," explained Schuyler.

The firm has already shifted away from the idea that "salary is king" in finding a balance between work and life. PwC decided to expand its corporate responsibility program, which has become a strong strategic imperative for the firm.

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