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Hope for people in pakistan by young liberal professionals

Introduction of HDO
It is fact that present age of globalization and scientific advancement has compelled human beings from all over world to get together and interact with others. This is why every person seems to be vocal in raising slogan of sustainable development and it can not be brought about without real community participation. Hope Development organization is continuity of that idea to bring change within community with their participation in every step for change.
HDO was founded by social scientists and civil society activists in 2007 and registered in 2008 under Societies Act of 1860 and working with communities in Sindh. We have only head office in larkana which work as coordination office for volunteer groups.

Just society with Democratic, social and cultural values and human rights for all in the environment of justice, equality, peace and prosperity.

Working for upliftment of communities by reducing gender disparity , promoting human rights, peace, inter faith dialogue for social harmony , justice and equal opportunity for development with basic needs and societal justice through interactive discourse of civil society.
Social and economic development of community focusing on human equality, equity and unbiased approach for development of all segments of society.

1. Empowerment of marginalized groups with equal opportunity of social, cultural and human rights of development.
2. To improve social attitudes towards minorities, women and children.
3. Socio-economic empowerment of deprived rural communities.
4. Capacity development of organizations, government line departments, communities, youth groups and social activists.
5. Create and support healthy environment for sustainable development, Action Research, Advocacy and improve conditions of deprived classes without any biasness on the basis of faith, culture, language, geography, status and gender.
We believe
Hope development organization believes in development of all groups, and communities being deprived on the basis of faith, culture, area, gender, and linguistic affiliation, social and political status. We believe in friendly and healthy environment.
Methodology to achieve objectives
Stakeholders needs to be reflected through information sharing, training and skill development activities and enabling them for their easy access to it. According to Stakeholders analysis (needs and interests) Hope Development organization focuses on rural communities and disadvantaged groups with least interest to information trainings and skills. For this purpose HDO plans to address strategic and practical interventions with interactive discussions and dialogue and linking it with all programs and project to be successful.
Hope Development Organization Believe in equality, equity and without biases on any grounds and work for people to be connected with world and promote justice for all.

Organizational Structure

Hope Development organization Election

1. Permanent Members of Organization will elect annual body of organization including president.
2. Grant body of Members and volunteers will elect chief Executive Officer for the tenure of 3 years from organization annual elected body excluding president.
3. Chief Executive Officer & his team will be responsible for all Administrative, Financial and all other activities carried out under HDO
4. President will call his elected body meeting quarterly and on the request of CEO in case of emergency.

Contact #
Hope Development Organization
Mithani House near Vegetable (Old) Market Larkana Sindh Pakistan
# 92-3003417056

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