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GlobalGiving Joins with Families of 9/11 to Combat Terrorism by Supporting Opportunities in Afghanistan and Pakistan

GlobalGiving, the innovative online marketplace for philanthropy, launched the "Safer, More Compassionate World Fund"dedicated to fighting the conditions that breed terrorism around the world.

"In the days following 9/11, Americans responded with an outpouring of goodwill toward families who had lost loved ones and we stood together with widespread solidarity against terrorism," said Gene Steuerle, one of the Fund's founders, who lost his wife on September 11th, 2001, when her plane crashed into the Pentagon. "It was this outpouring that motivated our family, along with other 9/11 families, to use the money we received from the 9/11 Compensation Fund to send a message to the world: that peaceful collaboration is one of our best defenses to terrorism over the long term."

Driven by the philosophy of "visionary philanthropy," which believes the best response to tragedy is an outpouring of love and generosity from individuals, Gene, along with friends and families of other 9/11 victims has worked to tear down networks of terror by building networks of good through education, tolerance and social justice in regions vulnerable to terrorism around the world.

Source: CSRwire

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