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Be aware where you buy your Valentine's Day Roses

Cut price Valentine's Day roses are cultivated by women in Third World countries paid less than 10p an hour, a charity says today.

A report by War on Want reveals poor single mums work for 15 hours a day for £20 a month to ensure British lovers can buy flowers for under £5.
The report highlights the dire wages, health problems and conditions of tens of thousands of workers in Kenya and Colombia. Flower cutter Stella, from Colombia, said: "Bosses give us an amount of work impossible for one person to do." War on Want named Marks & Spencer and Tesco as the biggest bulk importers. An M&S spokesman said: "All of our flower suppliers are members of the Ethical Trading Initiative." Tesco said: "There is no evidence to implicate us."

Where are you buying your Roses? What are you plans for Valentine?

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Comment by Kenneth Westling on February 14, 2008 at 9:16am
I read something similar, they were saying that the roses were being found with all kinds of pesticides.

"The Natural Resources Defense Council notes that roses have been found with more than 50 times the pesticide residues allowed in food. Florists who handle these flowers frequently develop dermatitis on their hands. But those who suffer the worst are the farm workers themselves. Studies in Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica found that nervous system damage, genetic damage, miscarriages, premature births, and congenital deformities are all linked to chemical exposure in the flower industry. Plus, runoff from these pesticides pollutes the waterways due to lax environmental laws in South America."


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