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New Humanitarian Media Foundation (HMF) Mailing List / New MySpace HMF Group

New HMF Mailing List

Prior to launch on May 1, 2008 we have set up a mailing list for those interested in the Humanitarian Media Foundation (HMF) and its first initiatives, including the 2008 HMF International Film/Media Festival & Conference, a high-profile event which will include red-carpet film premieres, an international film festival, media conference, and art/photographic exhibition, which will take place December 10-14, 2008 at the Tribeca Film Center.

To be placed on the mailing list, please visit the official HMF website:

An e-mail form is provided to subscribe, or else please also feel free to send an e-mail to

As an additional note, for those interested in being sponsors, or who might know of individuals or companies interested in acting as sponsors for the 2008 HMF International Film/Media Festival & Conference, please contact us at Sponsorship levels and benefits will be sent to you. Included are the potential to sponsor screenings, events, parties, and more. We would warmly welcome your involvement.


New MySpace Group

We have also created a new group, the Official HMF MySpace Group, which can be found here:

We would welcome you, and any activist tendencies for those interested in supporting humanitarian issues in the media--journalism, film (documentary and narrative), art, fine art photography and photojournalism, music--and those who are directly involved with or are interested in issues of humanitarian importance.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you need further information or have any questions.


"To share often and much . . . . To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mission of the HMF, upon its launch on May 1, 2008, seeks to tap into the power of the media—film, both documentary and narrative; art and music; print, web, television, and photojournalism—and extend their influence more broadly, so that humanitarian issues are not just covered in brief articles, commercials, profiles, or soundbytes, but can be explored and given context, so that their importance is more widely known. With greater knowledge, more people in positions of authority and influence can then also be drawn in to be part of the dialogue, so that such issues are not just lamented, but perhaps some constructive and creative answers can be illuminated among those with the greatest capacity to make a difference.

To this end, the HMF will be enlisting the support and partnership of news agencies, journalists, filmmakers, writers, artists, international NGO's and aid agencies, figures in international policy, and international philanthropy--among others--to bring attention to areas of humanitarian importance and to act as a conduit among them, so that collaborations and exchanges of ideas might more easily take place.

We will also be hosting the 2008 HMF International Film/Media Festival & Conference in New York City December 10-14, 2008 at the Tribeca Film Center to better bring these parties together. This both an international, high-profile competitive film festival and a media conference, celebrating its inaugural year.

We would warmly welcome your participation, including in this forum, to exchange ideas, forge alliances, and to act as visionaries where possible to see how the media can better explore issues of humanitarian importance.

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Comment by Jonny H on February 24, 2008 at 6:47am
HMF International Film/Media Festival & Conference in New York City December 10-14, 2008, that sounds very interesting. How many people are you expecting?
Comment by Bishop Christopher lee Ndungu on April 4, 2008 at 4:20pm
I am expecting over 1,000 people to attend I being one of them.


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