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12 Months of Social Impact is Easier Than You Think

AdobeStock_103199107.jpeg You’re the manager of a corporate volunteer and giving program brainstorming ideas as you map out activities for the year. Or you’re…


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One Way Americans Can Unite After the Election



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Choosing Social Causes That Make Sense For Your Company



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Build It or Buy It? Tools for the Success of Your Volunteer Program

AdobeStock_122005630.jpeg There’s no doubt that corporate volunteer and giving programs are…


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2017 Nonprofit Survey: What can't you get done in your workday?

Survey: Where do you need the most help at work? What more would you like to get done in your workday?
The survey is about techniques in 7 important areas that can help your nonprofit run better.
2017: This is our survey’s fourth year. See last…

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Do You Even Know What Employee Engagement Is?

AdobeStock_52072109.jpeg High employee engagement is a goal shared by most company leaders, as it’s widely viewed as an indicator of a healthy corporate…


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Effective Social Impact Has Never Been More Important



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Leaders Let the People of Flint Down. So Pro Bono Volunteers Stepped Up.

Flint_Water.jpg With Pro Bono Week 2016 upon us this week (October 23 - 29), it’s time to celebrate the value of this unique form of…


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Let's Stop Trying to Make Our Employees Happy

Pensive_Man.jpeg Memo from the land of obvious: We live in a culture that hawks happiness like a drug.…


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Get Ready for Generation Z

AdobeStock_93585761.jpeg Millennials. They’re our youngest generation of employees and a colossal consumer base that dwarfs the size of their…


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Celebrate Pro Bono Week by Leveraging the Power of Pro Bono



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5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Through Volunteering

AdobeStock_112138645.jpeg If you’re searching for ways to ratchet up employee engagement, start with this truth: people aren't looking for a job, they're…


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When Employees Want to Volunteer But It’s Tough to Leave the Office

Optimizely employees prepare kits for International Medical Corps Sometimes, employees have the best of intentions but just don’t have the time or flexibility to volunteer. How can you engage…


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Which Industry Has an Unfair CSR Advantage?

hand_stack-1.jpg When it comes to employee volunteering and giving programs, perhaps no industry sector is better suited to make an impact than…


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You Haven’t Thought of This Employee Volunteering Benefit

AdobeStock_109755451.jpeg I write a lot about the business and community benefits of employee volunteering and giving, and with each passing year I see…


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Two Giant Steps Towards Recruiting Top Talent

AdobeStock_94277383.jpeg Great companies are made from great employees. Every company leader wants productive and loyal employees who feel a personal…


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Achieving Sustainabiliy in eCommerce

The introduction of e-commerce has not only brought about changes in the way we shop, but perhaps even more dramatically in how the supply chain is organized.

One of potential advantages most commonly mentioned was the fact that shops no longer needed to store large quantities of products,…


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Employee Engagement: A Crucial Metric for Company Performance

To date, senior management has paid attention to employee engagement as a means to reduce company costs, and rightly so. The bottom line will always be the most telling benchmark of company performance, and it is no secret that employee turnover packs a punch. The majority of Leadership considers recruitment costs and new employee onboarding costs when working with Human Resources on human capital management issues. However, there are numerous absence costs resulting in process and…


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Please take this survey for my Master's thesis

Hello Development Crossing Community,

I truly need your support please. I am currently conducting a survey for my Master's thesis to look into the differences in customer expectations in Germany and the USA in regards to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

You would truly be helping me out by sparing 10-12 minutes of your time to take this survey.…


Added by Carolin von Tippelskirch on August 3, 2016 at 10:30am — No Comments

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