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Ecotech Institute’s Free Online Course, “Introduction to Sustainability”, Changes the Way Students Approach Sustainability

Student feedback from Ecotech Institute’s free online “Introduction to Sustainability” course proved the opportunity was valued by students across the globe and changed the way they approached sustainability initiatives.

Kyle Crider, Ecotech…


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The wellknown secret of procurement and sustainability professionals

How can procurement and sustainability professionals work together to measure and identify the risks and opportunities in the supply chain?


I would say it is a well known, but not often spoken about, secret that sustainability professionals and procurement professionals have very different agendas when it comes to Responsible Procurement and the adaption hereof.



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Magic Hour for Causes


magichour Happy 40th, National Volunteer Week.       

Endorsed and supported by President Obama, Congress and other national and state leaders, National Volunteer Week kicked off on April 6th this year and winds down on April 12th, with…


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Norway May Abolish its Ethics Council and Reshape its Sovereign Investing

The Empire strikes back--the Norwegian government may abolish the most innovative part of its Sovereign Wealth Fund governance machinery--the Ethics Council. This may produce significant changes the relationship of the NSWF to business and human rights regimes.  It may also reduce the character of disclosure and transparency as the NSWF tilts from public review of company CSR conduct to private  influence behind the scenes.…


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Harvard Human Rights Journal Symposium 2014: The Future of Business and Human Rights April 17, 2014

(Pix (c) Larry Catá Backer 2014)
 Can businesses…

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Real Business Philanthropy Starts with Real Stories


storytelling here sign Storytelling is a hot marketing buzzword these days, and for good reason; in the business world, it’s the newest form of smart corporate communications.  Telling your story is imperative for many aspects of business, and a…


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The greatest challenge we must all overcome

The greatest challenge facing humanity is outdated thinking and therefore flawed actions.

What do you believe?

Many leaders still see people as cogs in a giant machine for example. I named this BS.

Adding to the toxicity about people are outdated ideas about strategy,…


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Know Your Objective and You Will Perform Better

I had an interesting on-line encounter a few months ago when I submitted a support question to a help forum for a particular social network. I do not even remember what the exact question was that I asked, other than it had to do with using a feature on the site that I was having trouble with. What I do remember, is that a moderator on the site wrote several paragraphs in his reply chastising me and basically calling me a fool for posting a question on a public forum with a non-conforming…


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Mind the Gap: a Tragic Waste of Talent


MindTheGap Recently, I was chatting with a close friend who holds a senior position at a Fortune 50 company.  This is someone who is utterly driven, obsessed with work and defined in large part by his professional life, rarely slowing down to catch his breath.  But a back injury had forced him to slow down.  In fact, the injury was…


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Mobile Technology: Shaping the Public Sector’s Future

Smartphones and tablets have definitely changed the way we live.…


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What is the difference between Responsible and Sustainable Procurement?

Is there any difference between responsible procurement and sustainable procurement? To me there is. 

Even though the terminology “sustainable procurement” is also used in the private sector, I typically see them use the terminology “responsible procurement” or “responsible sourcing”.

When I ask my customers why – they typically argue that to them, the meaning of “responsibility” is much broader than “sustainability”. Broader, in the sense of having a wider…


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Ideas to how you can build supplier partnerships in Responsible Procurement

We live in an ever-changing world, where increased competition, higher consumer expectations and shifting attitudes towards the environment means that today, the expected lifetime of a product is becoming ever shorter.

This places heavy demands on the ability of your organization and suppliers to develop new products that are sustainable from the outset.

How can you build stronger partnerships with your suppliers and include them in the very beginning of an innovation…


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Ecotech Institute to Host Webinar on the Growing Demand for Power Utility Technicians

On Friday, April 4, Ecotech Institute will hold a free 30-minute webinar on the power utility industry that takes a look at the changes and opportunities available in this evolving industry. Because of this sphere’s aging work…


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Ecotech Institute Students Filled 15 Recycle Bins From Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route

Ecotech Institute’s St. Patrick’s Day float collected nearly 15 recycle bins full of water bottles, cups, paper, cans, bottles and cardboard, making it a huge hit. It all began with an idea from student Chris Stevens and resulted in a student-made recycling bin to collect all recyclables…


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Kinds of Giving In Kind

describe the image In kind giving is the low hanging fruit of corporate philanthropy (check out my past blog on this point), an excellent way for business leaders to give back by leveraging their company’s strengths and assets.  It can be an easy lift for companies, with the reward of a nice tax deduction accompanying the significant impact in one’s community or across the…


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Fulfilling Lives - worldwide online summit

I am thrilled and honoured to be one of the people interviewed for this summit which will be hosted by Alicia Curtis 6 - 10 May 2014.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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5 Habits of Companies that Rock at Giving Back


Heart shaped Arts Heart shaped lights Heart shaped architecture Lights on a building Skyline As corporate volunteering and giving programs become increasingly prominent at companies across the country, best practices are shaped by the leaders of the pack.  So which companies are paving the way at community engagement right now, and what’s their secret?

A recent report unveiled a list of the 50 most…


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Seven lessons I learned from my first G4 Sustainability Report (Hint: No. 5 is why you should not think any more about making the jump)

Last week I wrote my first sustainability report based on the GRI G4 guidelines. This was for a Saudi business conglomerate and with this report which applied G4 at core level, they became the first Saudi company to issue a GRI checked G4 report. Despite the hugely steep learning curve and the effort it took to tear myself away from the G3 thinking, the report was a colossal source of pride and gratification for me and for everyone who worked on it. Yes, there were times I just wanted to…


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The Power of Giving In-Kind


in kind giving Every kind of giving is valuable when it comes to corporate philanthropy, but one kind to keep in mind is in-kind.  Contributions of goods and services, as opposed to cash grants, can provide an ideal opportunity for both the contributing company…


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We are all in the change business. Are you thriving?

A CEO client of mine with over 4000 employees in his business is always reminding people through his words and actions “We are in the change business.”

Whatever your product/s/service/s, you, like me, and everybody else, are in the change business. Are you thriving? 

Here are 3 key ways to thrive on the challenges of change…


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