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You will…


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The crucial culture creator us behaviour

This is the final in a series of seven suggestions for working on yourself and on your business in order to more fully appreciate and get the best out of yourself and other people. Links to the six previous posts are below.

The Simple, Under-appreciated Power of Appreciation…


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My best tonic for beginning each day in a productive way

In a age where it's easy to let technology dominate our lives I find there's no better tonic for productivity than beginning each day with a blank sheet of paper.

I've been beginning every day of my life for many years by opening my journal before my computer and writing down my answers to the following two…


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Exclusive content and opportunity for unique human to human connection

Choosing what to read, view, and listen to today can feel overwhelming. LinkedIn is now reportedly the largest publishing house on the planet. Then there’s Twitter, YouTube, millions of blogs, and a myriad of other options. I am sure that you, like me, have become very selective.

With the above in mind I’ve decided to reduce the number of my broad offerings here and elsewhere…


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"Human beings are not resources"

I recreated the slide below from Raj Sisodia's TEDx talk.

I believe this is a great way to see the world?

A key for me is what Raj says at the 19 minute mark of his talk - "Human beings are not a resource."

Everything we know about change has changed except one thing - how…


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What to do today to overcome change fatigue

I’ve been taking a really hard look at the uncertainty and overwhelm we face.

Right now, the cost, time and stress of people and performance related issues is higher than I have ever seen it since I began working as a mentor for business owners and leaders 25 years ago.

Some business leaders are worrying about the threat of recession, others…


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"Doing what you love in the service of people who love what you do"

After you read this post I highly recommend you invest 30 minutes to watch a video by the Hamel brothers about Bringing Your Heart To Work. The link is at the bottom of the page.

There's a lie out there that persists. It says "do what you love and the money will follow."

Steve was…


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27 ways to become a better leader|mentor today

Half the year is gone. The following have been the reoccurring themes in my candid and convivial conversations with clients both in person and in camera:

1. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job - Jim Rohn.

2. Invest at least 20% of your time, energy and money working on your business (with thanks to Michael…


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Rehumanising leadership and management

I reflected for hours the first time I read corporate anthropologist Michael Henderson's definition of culture.

He says Culture is;

“What it means to be human here.”  (‘Here’ being wherever you are referring to when talking about a culture.) 

Michael's definition for me is far more…


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Simplifying leadership/management to enable profound human connection and performance

Scroll down a little here and you can listen to my 10th April 2015 interview with The Ideas Architect Geoff McDonald.

We discuss:

Why Simplification is the Next Big Thing

Why management is dead and it should never have been alive

The importance of storytelling for Leadership and Performance

Why Management is the…


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Seeing in the dark: a key to growing your business

As a boy I became afraid of the dark. My fear arose because our toilet was a few steps from the main house and a few times while in there the lights went out leaving me in the dark and literally unable to find my way back home. My Grandfather on learning of my plight gave me this advice, “Just stay still, wait awhile, and you’ll soon be able to see in the dark. I trusted him, did what he said, and overcame my fear.…


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The Magnificent Moves We're making

This post inspired by the people of Paris and Sydney.

Millions of the world's citizens are making moves. They're all moves from what is to what can be.

Are you on the move?

Moving from a focus on results to a focus on reasons

Moving from dollars to sense

Moving from investment to legacy

Moving from more for the rich and less for the poor to less for the rich and more for the…


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Continuous, Conscious, Candid Conversations are the key to your success in 2015

For many years now I have used Skype as a vehicle to have continuous, conscious, and candid conversations with my clients. It means I can work with people regardless of where we happen to be in the world.

Recently I have begun using Zoom as a vehicle for 1:1s and group conversations. It's the best technology I have come…


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Remarkable is the new normal

Remarkable is the new normal was a key thread of my presentation/conversation for the Global Impact Summit. You can view the recording here. You can enjoy the other 29 sessions too. All you have to do is give. Over 500,000 impacts were made during the summit in just 15 days. How will you make your impact?…


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Ensuring the great management myths and morons aren’t messing with your mind

I have been in a few workplaces this year where I have witnessed 20th century and even earlier management practices.

In one where I was asked to do a review of their remarkability, which involves finding out the unbiased answers to these 96 questions, the CEO asked me for a one sentence summary of my findings. I replied “A lot of the great management…


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Are your planets aligned and orbiting the sun of 21st century business?

Every business wants profitability, sustainability and stakeholder engagement (particularly employee and customer/client). For some these are reasons for being. None are reasons. They're all results of how we see and treat people and how good we are at the functions of business.

For me, regardless of product/s and/or service/s on offer, the journey to the results we all want begins with valued, values,…


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What is your Employee/Employer Value Promise?

PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey is a valuable read. For their survey PwC conducted 1,344 interviews with CEOs in 68 countries between September and December 2013. I took particular interest in the transforming talent strategy aspects of the survey. Check out the survey for yourself.…


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7 key leadership learnings to help you to THRIVE on the challenges of change

The slideshare below is my September 2014 Changing What's Normal strategies and tactics newsletter. It's the second in an experiment of providing more value to my loyal readers.

Last month I provided a white paper…


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Radical transformation of diplomacy, politics, and religious expression is what the world needs right now

I wrote recently that management needs radical transformation. I don't back away from this in any way. In the light of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 disaster however my call seems almost trivial.

What we really need is radical transformation of diplomacy, politics, and how people express their religion.

I declare I am not a member of any political party, nor do I…


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What standards are you accepting?

This weeks sparkenation.

Lieutenant General David Morrison, Chief of the Australian Army doesn’t mince words in this video. And rightly so.

His message is a key for us all in every aspect of our lives.

"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept."

Lieutenant General David… Continue

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