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Know Your Audience: How To Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (part 6 of 6)

NPOs have to change their view of volunteers, donors and other stakeholders if there is any hope of achieving their mission. The tendency to distinguish between beneficiary and benefactor undermines success and limits impact every time.

The Tale of Two Audiences… Continue

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Where Is The Data?

Is there data to support the effectiveness of Employee Volunteer Programs?

There is a big difference between data that supports a hypothesis and data that measures perceptions about the likelihood of a hypothesis. When…

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Some Cautionary Thinking about CSR and Employee Volunteer Programs

Almost everything I read about Employee Volunteer Programs is positive. Almost too positive? As EVPs exist within CSR, they are a relatively new… Continue

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Demote Your Staff To Create Limitless Potential: <br/>How To Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (5 of 6)

Massive change is sweeping through the business world. Corporate Social Responsibility is precipitating thousands of new Employer-Sponsored Volunteer Programs. But can non-profit organizations handle the huge increase of volunteers coming their way? Maybe not. If non-profits do not reinvent their current… Continue

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Stop Treating Everyone Equally! <br/> How To Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (4 of 6)

Exceptional volunteer experiences account for the uniqueness of each person, and their reasons for volunteering in the first place. Whether you are managing your company's Employee Volunteer Program as part of the overall CSR mission, or you… Continue

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Bush's challenge to volunteer is right, just not right enough

Without question, volunteering is growing in momentum - even if in fits and starts. Just a few hours ago, President Bush remarked on the topic of volunteers and volunteerism as part of a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. He was exhorting Americans to… Continue

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Build Your Jobs Around Your Volunteers: <br/> How To Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (3 of 6)

Meeting People at their Highest Level of Contribution

On a beautiful, mid-western morning in Spring, I was enjoying breakfast with my friend, Jay Hein. At the time, Jay was the Executive Director of Civil Society Programs at the Hudson Institute, a ‘think tank’ and public policy research organization in the U.S. I had a lot of respect for his position and experience, thus valued any opportunity to glean… Continue

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Happy Employees; Happy Guests

Researching various company’s Employee Volunteer Programs (EVPs), I’ve noticed a distinct rise in the use of EVPs as an element of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Dozens of news feeds pop up on my screen each day on the topic. Every once in awhile, the content of an article really stands out. Today was just such a day, so I thought I’d on

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Give The Volunteer What He/She Wants!: <br/>How to Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (2 of 6)

Most people don’t actually want to volunteer. Most of us are over-worked, over-stressed, and have obligations far beyond intended human capacity. When we say, “I’ve been thinking of doing some volunteer work,” we usually mean something more along the lines of, “I’ve been thinking about this sense of dissatisfaction that overwhelms my life and I thought volunteering might offer a remedy.”

Of course, as we’ve talked about in earlier discussions,… Continue

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Automatic Volunteer Management: <br/> How to Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (1 of 6)


Having the capability of starting and operating hands-free.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, which began in Great Britain in the 18th century, almost 80% of Agrarian (agricultural) societies were focused on self subsistence, which roughly means “just enough to get by.” There was no ‘middle class’ and very little new revenue - with the exception of the gold bullion coming across the Atlantic from ancient… Continue

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How To Offer a Great Volunteer Experience!

If you have some experience with volunteer management, you’re likely to recognize the following steps which are how you, as an organization, offer the best possible volunteer experience:

PLAN. Work with your board and staff to identify volunteer roles and support systems.

RECRUIT. Promote your mission and clearly articulate the volunteer needs.

ORGANIZE and TRAIN. Provide comprehensive orientation and training as appropriate.

SUPERVISE and EVALUATE. Ensure tasks are… Continue

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