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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

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Operation Santa Declared Too Risky - US Post Office: Volunteerism Versus Risk Management

The US Postal Service recently declared Santa Clause to be unsafe for children. Forced to make a choice between risk management and the belief in everything good Old Saint Nick stands for, they decisively opted for the former. Volunteering, whether through non-profits or Employer Sponsored… Continue

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Tips On How To Present Corporate Volunteering From Steve Jobs

Are you responsible for Corporate Volunteering where you work? Maybe you're the executive over your company's new Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio? If so, you're gonna have to know how to sell it to the room.

Steve Jobs is a great pitchman. BNET offers this quick and… Continue

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Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Fail to Prove Business Case

Corporate Social Responsibility reports almost never include data that supports the business case for CSR strategies. Unless business can tie the benefits of CSR to the bottom line it will be jettisoned during tough financial times. Or worse, CSR will act as an enabler much like political correctness… Continue

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IBM’s Corporate Volunteers Bring Tourists to Africa

The IBM Corporate Service Corps volunteers promises to be one of the most effective models of Employee Volunteer Programs I have yet seen. I’ve written about the program before, as an outstanding example of connecting core business growth strategies with philanthropic… Continue

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Why Volunteers Don’t Come Back

Nonprofits tend to see volunteers as necessary, but not strategic. Attitudes towards volunteerism are simplistic and out of date. The result? A loss of 1.9 billion hours of labor year to year. Corporate Volunteer programs can remedy all that.

"I'm Bored... What's on TV?"…


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