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Chris Jarvis's Blog – February 2012 Archive (4)

This Valentine's Day, Think Like Microsoft

This Valentine’s Day, take Microsoft’s lead: Cater to Individuality, Tap Into Passion, and Be Extravagant. Follow the philosophy of a company that intends to change the world – and you just might change your world too.

As long as people keep falling in love, Valentine’s Day will be a source of…


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A Comparison of 12 Workplace Giving Tools

There are new options for workplace giving tools almost every month. The United Way may have 

normalized the idea of ‘giving at the office’ but these new tools take the concept way beyond traditional giving campaigns.

With so many options available these days to manage workplace giving, we've created a list for our readers - and we've added our own perspective. The…


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How to Pitch Sustainability (Part 2 of "Sustainability and Your Employees")

So, you want to get active but you're not sure your company will go for it?  In part 2 of this interview, Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt of The Natural Step tells us what you can do.

Employee Engagement in Sustainability - An interviw with Karl-Henrik…


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Sustainability and Your Employees: Part 1

Want to help your business forge a path toward sustainable practices?  Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt has an excellent framework to help you. Listen below to part 1 of a 2-part interview series with Dr. Robèrt and Realized Worth’s very own Chris Jarvis.…


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