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Inpsirational Employee Engagement Quotes

According to the Corporate Leadership Council, employees with lower engagement levels are four times more likely to leave their jobs than those who are highly engaged.  But the importance of employee engagement isn't just increased…


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Giving It All Away: A Company Volunteers, With a Side of Business

All too often, corporate citizenship is an afterthought.  Sure, Fortune 500 companies frequently offer…


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The Path to Eco-Responsibility is Easier with Free Beer

A single work week might not seem like the kind of timeframe required to make a huge impact.  But that’s all it took for Integrate PRto run an electronics recycling drive that responsibly recycled 2,617 pounds of electronic waste. So how did a tiny Houston-based PR firm manage to…


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Is Your Company Barking up the Right Fundraising Tree?

Crowdfunding is a term generally reserved for raising money to support the next new startup, but it can also be used to define a new kind of employee giving program. This growing trend combines gamification and social media to boost…


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Kids’ Stuff: Hasbro Engages Its Youngest Customers for Good

What were you doing when you were 9 years old? If you were anything like me, cartoons, bike riding and pickup games of baseball were the order of the day. But for Will Lourcey of Fort Worth, Texas, community impact is a top…


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‘Tis the Season to Budget for Corporate Social Responsibility Success

Sidewalks strewn with autumn leaves.  Pumpkins dotting doorsteps.  Christmas decor making an early debut.  It’s that wonderful time of year again.  

Q4 budgeting season.

For Corporate America, 2012 has already faded in the rearview mirror.  The focus now is all about figuring out how budgets will be allocated to increase market share and…


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Crowding to a Cause

Crowdfunding is generally defined as an internet-based collective effort between people who pool money to help fund an activity or an entrepreneurial endeavor. Also called crowdsourcing, crowdfunding is used to underwrite a variety of activities, including new products, artistic efforts, political campaigns or scientific research, just to name a few.  In return, if a product…


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Get Your Employees Engaged in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

hurricane sandy jersey shore “Unthinkable.”   



The worst superstorm in 100 years has left the Northeast, Cuba and Haiti reeling from historic damage.  Deaths, floods, power outages and wreckage comprise the plight of communities across the East Coast.  

Now is no time to sit on the sidelines; millions of people need your help.  Companies can - and should - step up and demonstrate their leadership by engaging their employees in disaster relief…


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