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Dollars for Doers Helps Companies Double Down on Employee Volunteers

No matter how much a company praises the corporate volunteering efforts of its employees, it can seem like so much hot air without making a commitment of its own. A photo-op or feature in a company newsletter is one thing, but with the growing importance and visibility of…


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Not Just Child’s Play: Mattel Pursues Community Impact, Not Corporate Philanthropy

Here’s the stereotype: a big corporation needs some PR and a tax writeoff.  They cut a big check to a non-profit and walk away, patting themselves on the back.

Closer to CSR reality these days is the experience of Mattel. A participating company in…


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The Advisory Board Company Fills Prescription for Corporate Social Responsibility

Making the world a better place is what The Advisory Board Companyis all about. It seems like everyone in this country has a complaint about the health care and education systems. The Advisory Board, however, makes its business looking for solutions in healthcare and higher education. The…


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Leading Corporate Philanthropy Impact from the Bottom Up

The best ideas in corporate social responsibilitydon’t always come from the boardroom or the CSR manager.  Sometimes they come from ordinary folks just trying to do their best.

Case in point, a…


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Why Everyone Loves Your Company: Employee Volunteer Programs

Isn’t that a nice headline to see?  In a time when corporations are seen as the big evil, it’s refreshing to hear about employees who love their jobs, not just because of the work they do, but because they feel well-treated, recognized and respected by their employers.  A surprisingly large part of this love affair can be due to how much an employer truly embraces…


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