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Corporate Volunteerism for Incurable Cynics

This blog originally appeared in The Huffington Post.

There’s one in every crowd and at least one at every workplace; the cynic. She might be highly motivated and intensely career minded, but your garden variety cynic tends to be skeptical of…


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A Skills-Based Revolutionary: Taproot’s Aaron Hurst

A taproot is the core root of a plant that gathers nutrients from lateral roots and delivers them to the plant so it can flourish.  Which makes it the perfect name for an organization that sees itself as a taproot for the nonprofit sector, drawing nutrients from the business community and delivering them to nonprofits so they can thrive.  

Aaron Hurst launched…


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How To Get Your Employees To Stop Job Hunting

Studies show that engaged employees generate an average of between a quarter to a third more …

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Why Everyone Hates Your Company


Corporate distrust is why CSR matters While the Occupy Wall Street movement has cooled a bit, one thing hasn’t changed: public distrust of corporations is at an all-time high.  According to a poll taken last year by GfK Custom Research, a majority of Americans (64 percent) say it’s harder to trust corporations now than a few…


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Brainstorming Fundraising Ideas? Don't Overlook Corporate Philanthropy

corporate philanthropy

For every non-profit, there’s no way around it.

Your cause is relevant and worthy. You’ve identified the need and crafted a breakthrough solution that will ensure tangible impact. 

Your mission statement is both beautiful and inspiring.

You’ve assembled an impassioned, dedicated staff…


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