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San Francisco: Community Impact Needed, Fast

SF The Bay Area is getting a rough rap lately.  As tech entrepreneurs assume an ever larger role in the social heartbeat of the most expensive city in the country, much has been written about the widening gap between the rich and everyone else.  Recklessly insensitive comments by some of these tech leaders have been highly unhelpful, casting a cold, arrogant image on San Francisco’s tech elite and creating distrust and resentment between the haves and have…


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The 6 Things You Need to Know About Company Volunteers


amway Anyone involved in managing a corporate volunteer program always faces the same questions: what sort of cause curriculum makes sense for my company, what will generate the most impact and how can I get our employees excited to participate?

Turns out these are distinctly separate considerations that are sometimes at odds…


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The 7 Ways You're Not Engaging Your Employees

employee engagement With all the disgruntled and restless employees out there - a recent study put the percentage of employees who are not fully engaged at 75% - employee engagement is as high a concern as ever.  Company leaders do somersaults to…


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5 Ways to Get Leadership Engaged in Employee Volunteer and Giving Programs

volunteerleaders In a perfect world, employee volunteer and giving programs are inspired by the very top of the corporate food chain.  A CEO imprints his social values into the earliest DNA of the company and sets a tone for giving back that electrifies employees.  People want to work at this company partly or entirely because of its values-based mission.  Even if the…


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