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ICTs, Climate Change and Development Case Study Repository

Nineteen new case studies on use of ICTs in relation to climate change in developing countries are available at:

They cover:

- ICTs, Climate Change and Disaster Management

- New ICT Routes to Climate Change Adaptation

- ICTs and Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change

- ICTs and Climate Change Mitigation

- ICTs and Climate Change…


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ICTs and Disaster Management in Developing Countries: New Paper Online

“Disaster Management, Developing Country Communities & Climate Change: The Role of ICTs” by Nonita Yap argues ICTs have a central role in management of climate-related disasters.  But strategic changes are needed.  Information systems should be development- rather than disaster- or climate-focused.  More interoperable and routinely-used rather than specialised applications are required.  ICTs should be used more to enable accountability of disaster response efforts:…


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ICT-Enabled Development of Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation

This new report argues that mobiles have been helpful in building informational capacities for climate change adaptation.  However, emergent, self-organised, transformational adaptation may need to build more on telecentre-based models, and should focus more on holistic rather than climate-specific applications:

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Understanding Success and Failure of Anti-Corruption Initiatives

Most anti-corruption initiatives fail.  A new U4 Brief - - sets out to understand why that is, and what might be done about it.  Anti-corruption initiatives fail because of over-large "design-reality gaps"; that is, too great a mismatch between the expectations built into their design as compared to… Continue

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Report on ICTs and Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries

ICTs and Climate Change Mitigation in Emerging Economies by Helen Roeth and Leena Wokeck identifies the need and opportunity in emerging economies for ICT-enabled climate change mitigation in areas such as energy generation, urban transportation and building, manufacturing, and international trade. It analyses the challenges to this form of low-carbon development, and recommends necessary actions by government and business:… Continue

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New/Emergent ICTs and Climate Change

New & Emergent ICTs and Climate Change in Developing Countries by Stan Karanasios analyses the climate change application of new and emergent ICTs – wireless broadband, wireless sensor networks, GIS, Web-based tools – in developing countries.  It identifies major uses in disaster management and climate monitoring, and lacunae around climate adaptation.  It provides recommendations for more effective use of new… Continue

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How Climate Organisations Should Strategise ICTs

"Informational Governance of Cliimate Change Organisations" analyses how organisations active in climate change should incorporate ICTs into their strategic thinking.  It builds a model of "informational governance" with questions to help these organisations identify challenges and opportunities, and enable an effective strategic response:…


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Climate Change as a Strategic Priority for ICT4D Organisations

A new report uses survey and other data to analyse how ICT-for-development activist organisations are strategically handling climate change as an issue.  It identifies their key focus on adaptation, the challenges that exist within and outside organisations, and it makes recommendations for effective strategic response:


Richard Heeks

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ICTs, Climate Change and Development Concept Paper

A recent online paper builds four new conceptual models - i) Climate change vulnerability in developing countries; ii) Climate change adaptation and adaptive capacity of communities and wider 'livelihood systems'; iii) Climate change resilience; iv) The contribution of ICTs to 'e-resilience' and 'e-adaptation'. The models can be used as the foundation…


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Scoping Study/Literature on ICTs, Climate Change and Development

We have recently completed a scoping study that charts strands and trends in the literature on ICTs, climate change and development, and develops an overview model of the key ICT application areas - mitigation, strategy, monitoring and adaptation:…


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