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Trinidad & Tobago is too vested in oil and gas to fully focus on renewable energy. Barbados is miles ahead with solar power in the Caribbean, and thankfully so!  The island of Grenada, however, is the new up and comer for renewable energy, and is currently making progress towards renewable energy efficiency

Grenada is truly a recent success story in development. Hurricane Ivan devastated the island in 2004, leaving a trail of physical and financial destruction that could…


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The Financial Power of Impact Investing

Written for the Financial Policy Council

For many years the divide between instruments of philanthropy and investing has been clear cut. Investing strategies typically did not involve social organizations focused on non-governmental organization (NGO) concerns. However, the advent of millennial investing power, the rise of social enterprises, and the need for…


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Employee Engagement: A Crucial Metric for Company Performance

To date, senior management has paid attention to employee engagement as a means to reduce company costs, and rightly so. The bottom line will always be the most telling benchmark of company performance, and it is no secret that employee turnover packs a punch. The majority of Leadership considers recruitment costs and new employee onboarding costs when working with Human Resources on human capital management issues. However, there are numerous absence costs resulting in process and…


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US Infrastructure: A Case For Public Private Partnerships

A nation is nothing without infrastructure. It is the literal blueprint which allows education, healthcare, commerce and trade to expand and progress within rural and urban areas alike. A country is identified and remembered by its most outstanding infrastructure, from longstanding historic monuments to major highways. Thus, it goes without saying that it must be primary business of federal, state and municipal governments to maintain replenish and expand physical infrastructure to ensure…


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Financial Policy Best Practice Framework

On March 18th 2015 the US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen stated the need for “reasonable confidence” in order to effectuate a more conservative monetary policy focusing on interest rate raise.  Chair Yellen has indicated four macroeconomic factors that need to be further monitored.

  • The labor market with further unemployment rate decline;
  • A continued rise in currently slumped wages;
  • Core inflation stabilization (independent of energy…

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The Monetary System: In Fiat We Trust

In December 2014 the US Federal Reserve called for a higher core-capital requirement pertaining to the big banks, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. included. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is geared to raise the capital requirement mainly in response to the appreciated US dollar. This action has brought about a substantial amount of opposition from the banks, who are in current talks with the Fed to mitigate requirement increase repercussions for short term funding.…


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Central Banks: A Question of Governance

Fiscal year 2015 is upon us, and is fast becoming the year of historic monetary policy changes in light of an appreciating US currency and, in turn, a blanket decrease in European and Asian economic growth.  Since late 2014 and in full swing 2015, the Danish central bank, the Swiss National Bank, and  the Bank of Russia cut key interest rates, with probable Turkish Central Bank short term rate cuts to follow. The Bank of China has recently reduced its requirement ratio as well to…


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The Art of Lobbying: Influence and Advocacy

The art of lobbying has long been part of the United States’ eco-political process. Most grassroots organizations that focus outside of ‘big’ business view lobbying as a coveted vice, while established interests groups consider lobbying as an absolute necessity. The schism has to do with both the knowledge of how lobbying fits into the political…


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