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SAP Showcases Business Benefits Of Integrated Reporting

On Monday March 25, global software provider SAP released its first Integrated Report. The firm has released a separate Sustainability Report since 2007 but took this a step further in 2013 by integrating the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report into one online document. Verdantix attended an online session hosted by Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Christoph Hutten, Chief Accounting Officer, to launch the…


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Will Deep-Sea Mining Resolve Resource Scarcity Challenges?

Deep-sea mining is not a new concept, but it’s gaining international attention thanks to both its potential rewards, and uncertain risks. The United Nations (UN) has described the scale of mineral deposits in the world’s oceans as ‘staggering’ and with mineral commodities gaining value, the seabed makes for a tempting opportunity. On January 11, 2013, the US federal agency the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimated that there are nearly 20 million tonnes of gold in…


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Rescue Attempts For The EU Emissions Trading System Are Falling Short

Since 2009 the price of carbon emission allowances in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has been so low that the market mechanism is largely ineffective: in 2006, an allowance cost €30 ($40) per metric tonne of CO2 (tCO2), compared to around €5 ($7)/tCO2 today. In an attempt to increase prices, on February 19th 2013, the EU Environment Committee voted by 38 votes to 25 to withhold the release of 900m tonnes of carbon allowances, which were due for release in 2013-2015.



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Without Positive Macro Drivers, Sustainability Has To Live Off Scraps

When will the ‘sustainability market’ take off? It’s a question we get asked all the time at Verdantix. To answer it, we speak to global budget holders and build country-level models to forecast corporate investment trends. Our surveys and models point to a sobering conclusion: corporate sustainability spending in most countries, both developed and emerging, will grow in the mid-single digit range for the next three years. So what is happening to sustainability budgets? Right now, there is…


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IFC's Landmark $1 Billion Green Bond Marks Important Milestone For The Market

On February 14 2013, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank and the largest development institution focused on the private sector, issued a $1 billion 3 year green bond. The triple-A-rated green bond has an interest rate set at 3 year US treasuries, which averaged 0.40% from January 1 to February 22 2013, plus 0.015%. IFC will use the bond to finance renewable energy, energy efficiency and projects which reduce GHG emissions in other ways, such as sustainable…


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Sustainability Career Paths: How To Become A Leader

Corporate sustainability leadership positions are becoming more frequent, but as the profession is still in its youth, career paths within the field are unclear to most practitioners. This report, written by Verdantix in partnership with GACSO (Global Association of Corporate…


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Climate Change Reappears As A Top Three Global Risk In The World Economic Forum’s Annual Risk Review

The World Economic Forum (WEF) – an independent international organisation - confirmed that rising greenhouse gas emissions remain as one of the three biggest threats to global stability in 2013. The recently published annual WEF Global Risks Report 2013 raised the profile of the three biggest global dangers for the year: severe income disparity, indebted state of governments and rising greenhouse gas emissions. The annual review is…


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Blackout Steals Super Bowl Limelight: Entergy And SMG Come To The Defense

The Super Bowl is among the largest sporting spectacles in the world as well as the largest television event in the United States (111 million viewers in 2012). On 3 February 2013, Super Bowl XLVII claimed its place in history, not because of the Baltimore Ravens narrow 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers or Beyoncé’s half time show, but because of a power surge at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana that caused a blackout stopping the game for 34 minutes during the…


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Sustainability Goes Positive- But What's New

A new wave of sustainability strategies has emerged: the net positives. 2012 saw the launch of BT’s Net Good, IKEA’s People & Planet Positive, Kingfisher’s Net Positive,…


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Decision Makers Prefer Global Brands for Sustainability Services

A global survey of 250 heads of sustainability conducted by independent analyst firm Verdantix finds that, in 2012, the highest brand preference for sustainability consulting was achieved by Ernst & Young, for sustainability assurance by KPMG, for sustainability software by Microsoft and in the not-for-profit category by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).…


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How Can Sustainability Initiatives Get Meaningful Funding?

These days, most business leaders have had enough media training to think they know what the outside world wants to hear. And right now, sustainability is one box they are sure to tick. Ask a CEO if sustainability is a strategic issue for their firm, and you'll only ever hear one answer: yes.

Why is it, then, that budgets for sustainability initiatives are frequently so small that they appear to have been shoved in as an afterthought? Urgency to get the keyword sustainability out in…


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NYC Infrastructure Owners Can’t Ignore Flood Risk After Tropical Storm Irene In 2011 And Superstorm Sandy In 2012

Following the impact of superstorm Sandy, more than 7 per cent of the US population were estimated to be without electrical power on Tuesday October 30th. In New York City alone 3 million people were left without power primarily in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. At one point it is reported that more than 1 million ConEdison customers lost power – and note that a customer may be an entire apartment block housing hundreds of people. The negative economic impact is estimated to be in the range…


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Sustainability budgets set to rise in 2013

Register now for the complimentary Verdantix webinar, Global Sustainability Leaders Survey: Budgets & Priorities 2013, on November 15th, to understand the findings from our annual survey of 250 global heads of sustainability. Presented by Verdantix CEO, David Metcalfe, we will also share survey data on governance for sustainability spending, the authority of heads of sustainability to make decisions on different initiatives and key purchase drivers.

This unique global…


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