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The Zermatt Summit: two days to share expertise and insights on creating more effective partnerships between business and civil society

In two months, the Zermatt Summit Foundation will welcome 200 participants from about 20 countries for its fourth edition. During two days, senior business executives, leaders from civil society and public personalities will engage in discussions on the theme: “Business and NGOs: Building partnerships of winners”.

The program of the meeting will focus on issues and challenges where greater collaboration and synergy between civil society organizations and business would…


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How Can Sustainability Initiatives Get Meaningful Funding?

These days, most business leaders have had enough media training to think they know what the outside world wants to hear. And right now, sustainability is one box they are sure to tick. Ask a CEO if sustainability is a strategic issue for their firm, and you'll only ever hear one answer: yes.

Why is it, then, that budgets for sustainability initiatives are frequently so small that they appear to have been shoved in as an afterthought? Urgency to get the keyword sustainability out in…


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Sustainability budgets set to rise in 2013

Register now for the complimentary Verdantix webinar, Global Sustainability Leaders Survey: Budgets & Priorities 2013, on November 15th, to understand the findings from our annual survey of 250 global heads of sustainability. Presented by Verdantix CEO, David Metcalfe, we will also share survey data on governance for sustainability spending, the authority of heads of sustainability to make decisions on different initiatives and key purchase drivers.

This unique global…


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The challenges of achieving greater transparency, by Janet Voûte, Nestlé's Global Head of Public Affairs

At Nestlé we believe that actions speak louder than words.  We have to deliver what we promise.  We have to be transparent if we are to persuade our stakeholders, our partners, and our critics, that we are building our business in a long-term, sustainable way. 

Significant step

This month we’ve achieved a significant step towards greater transparency, receiving an A+ rating from the Global Reporting…


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Tupperware Brands Celebrates Opening of First-Ever Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) October 27, 2011 - A ceremony hosted by Tupperware Brands Southern Africa (NYSE: TUP) and Tupperware Brands Chairman & CEO Rick Goings, was held this summer just outside of Johannesburg celebrating the opening of the first-ever Boys & Girls Club of South Africa (BGCSA). 

Utilizing the Boys & Girls Clubs of America after school program as a model, the newly established Club was largely funded by Tupperware Brands Southern…


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Hillary, Stoves Won’t Save the World

"Hillary Clinton unveils initiative on clean cooking stoves," was among last year’s highlights at the Millennium Development Goals Summit. On this World Pneumonia Day, what has become of The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves? Has yet another “silver bullet” failed to make a difference for those in the…


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Reaching Girls at the Grassroots--A Sound Investment is featuring two posts today as part of the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign. 

Part 1 discusses how grassroots organizations, as powerful actors that find and reach marginalized girls, are key to unlocking girls’ potential.

Because they are embedded in the communities they…


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World Bank and IMF, Don’t Just Develop Capacity – Unleash It

The World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings start this week. My colleague, Tom Grubisich and I have put together a panel during the Civil Society Policy Forum entitled, "Winds of Change: Will it bring a new development paradigm?" It will take place on Friday, April 15th at 2pm EST (6pm GMT). The session overview, webcast links, and bios of participants (an exciting group if I do say so!) are featured below.

A livestream… Continue

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Harmonizing Transnational Corporate Governance--Communication Among CSR Soft Law Framework Systems

One of the most interesting developments in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the elaboration of chains of authority among the very distinct frameworks that are being developed by both public and private international organizations.  Private actors tend to produce networks of systems that are informally connected and which seek through communication and overlap to move toward convergence.  Theirs tends to be a functional approach to CSR, arranged within orders that are informal and…


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Small is Beautiful…Grants, That Is (Part 1)

Larger-scale support of local initiatives, grassroots leadership and small, often “informal”movements is a key reform needed in the international development aid sector. I shared this view in a post entitled, “…


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Waiting for Pennies from Heaven: Fundraising Resources for Community-Based Organizations in the Developing World

Big money is on the table. $2.5 billion here. $40 billion there.

This week it’s SoCap. Last week it was the… Continue

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Tree Hugging James Cameron at Global Green Pre-Oscar Party

"Green T" engages James Cameron in a conversation about National Tree Hugging Day
while hosting for Global Green's 7th Annual Pre-Oscar Party:

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SICU has agreed on .partnership with C2C ASIA

SICU SSG has agreed on partnership with C2C ASIA.

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Environmentally Themed Radio Soap Opera Spreads the Word on Good Water Practices in Honduras

PCI-Media Impact is participating in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge, an online fundraising drive, to save one of their most successful social change communications campaigns, which was recently canceled as a result of the June 28 military coup in Honduras.

Agua de Ángel is a multi-faceted communications campaign developed by PCI-Media Impact and their Honduran partner, Red de Desarrollo Sostenible (Sustainable Development Network, in… Continue

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The UniversalGiving Corporate Advisory

We’ve been working increasingly with Fortune 500 companies on their international CSR programs. One of the toughest areas companies face is how they make decisions regarding their NGO Partners. Establishing and maintaining these partnerships should be made with care, and for the longterm. Read on about Fortune 500 companies can protect themselves and their brand as they expand their international giving and volunteer programs worldwide.


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Sign here ………

Introduced just over 30 years ago in 1977, the ugly truth about our plastic bag addiction is that society's consumption rate is now estimated at well over 500,000,000,000 (that's 500 billion) plastic bags annually, or almost 1 million per minute.

The Greenhouse Neutral Foundation and its many friends and allies all around the world on Saturday… Continue

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Separate Rooms in Cartagena, Colombia

It was my honor to present at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Conference 2008, at Cartagena, Colombia, in December. I was privileged to spend the days prior volunteering with a crisis mediation center, an after school program, and a local skills center, which helped women learn how to cook, create and sell crafts, buy their first home, and which also operated as a tutoring center for kids and a retirement home for the… Continue

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Finally, help arrives to separate “green” myth from fact with the help of Seventh Generation and the Fine Living Network. On April 22 - earth day 2009 - join environmental activist, advocate and Seventh Generation President Jeffrey Hollender as he separates myth from reality when it comes to the conventional wisdom of green living. “Big Green Lies” airs at 9PM ET/PT, on Fine Living Network.

While many people have adopted small, easy habits to make their lives a little more… Continue

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Did Corporate Social Responsibility Cause the Financial Crisis?

Peter Foster, a columnist for a Canadian newspaper, the National Post, caught my attention with a article reviewing the recent World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. The WEF is a Swiss NPO looking to inculcate Corporate Responsibility into business practices around the world. Their motto is ‘entrepreneurship in… Continue

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Following the refusal by the UN Global Compact (UNGC) to accept and act on a formal complaint of “systematic or egregious abuse” of the Global Compact’s overall aims and principles by PetroChina, a UNGC participant, the NGOs that submitted the complaint plan to escalate the matter to the UNGC’s Board of Directors.

The complaint, submitted by Investors Against Genocide (IAG) and Centre for Research on…


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