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The Hottest Fashion at Work? Engagement.

stylish and engaged woman You want your company culture to be one of giving back - and it would be nice if you could get back as much as you give back.  That is to say, engagement in your employee giving and volunteer programs is just a starting point: you’d also like to see your employees engaged on the clock. You keep hearing that corporate volunteering and giving creates engagement at work, but you remain skeptical. 

Well, skeptic be gone.  …


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WKU delighted by the 6th World AIDS Conference

The 6th World AIDS conference held in Durban on the 18-21 June saw WhizzKids United CEO and founder, Marcus McGilvray, being given a platform to present the informative WKU poster at the International Convention Centre.


The much anticipated global AIDS gathering conference was attended by a host of NGO’s, researchers, experts, dignitaries and South Africa’s deputy president, Kgalema Motlanthe. WhizzKids United were privileged to be a pioneering partner in the fight against HIV and…


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Football for Hope Centre Construction underway

The early stages of construction of the Football for Hope Centre at the WhizzKids United Healthy Academy are underway, an infrastructure legacy left behind by the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  


FIFA’s brainchild, the Football for Hope Centre initiative, awarded to 20 African countries, including 5 to South Africa is now seeing the early stages of construction developments from one its partnering organizations, WKU Health Academy.

The WhizzKids United Healthy Academy was specially…


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Ecotech Institute Webinar Series Debuts on Tuesday, July 16 With “Bringing the Ecotech Lifestyle to Life”

Thought Provoking, 30-Minute Webinar Will Focus on Actionable Ways to Live Sustainably

On Tuesday, July 16, Ecotech Institute will launch a webinar series that explores many facets of green living, including careers, lifestyle choices and a deep dive into solar careers. The first webinar, “Bringing the Ecotech Lifestyle to Life,” will discuss the overall concept of sustainable living and encourage participants to define their own personal sustainability-focused mission,…


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Executive Leadership: Winning Hearts and Minds

Executive Leadership: Winning Hearts and Minds

Leadership is dynamic: as the world changes, the speed of decision making increases and, the need to give quick answers leaves us little time to reflect and take stock.

To survive with integrity, Mahatma Gandhi said: '"we must be the change we wish to seek".

Archbishop Desmond Tutu echoes the philosophy,…


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Comic Book Project a definite winner!

“Oh God, I’m HIV positive and am so alone in this, but I trust my sister will be there for me...” said Lindo.

“What? HIV!? Get the hell away from me!” replied his sister.

These are just a few of many emotional depictions in the newly published colourful comic strip booklet by Whizzkids United, in a joint effort with Cardiff University’s School of English, Communication and Philosophy.

The comic strip initiative officiated by Cardiff University is aimed at enabling HIV…


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WKU leading psychological HIV&AIDS findings

A study conducted at WhizzKids United Health Academy could be a breakthrough in the continuous fight in the reduction of HIV&AIDS.

An investigative pilot study on HIV behavioural risk amongst circumcised male adolescents conducted at the premises of WKU, Pietermaritzburg, is underway, paving a way for further developments in the study of the virus.

The programme is spearheaded by the Health Academy’s research psychologist, Rusha Govender, whose primary goal and objective is…


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Happy Birthday to Buy1Give1 - Business Giving Re-defined

The great organisation Buy1Give1 is celebrating its 6th birthday this week.  In a very short time it has made more than 27 million micro-giving impacts.

Check out B1G1's great story.  At the bottom of the link check out the TEDx talk by B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn.  You will love it!

At Changing What's Normal and in the Talent Enhancers Tribe giving is at our core and we…


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Thesis about CSR - Comparison between China and the EU. Help!

Dear everyone,

French student majoring in International Business and Corporate Strategy, I am currently working on a thesis about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and this is the reason why I am writing to you.

Today, CSR is labeled as a "universal concept". My research question is then whether this concept is truly "universal" and therefore if it "is exported" around the world easily (since it has a Western origin). The topic is very broad, so I decided to…


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Spotting community ownership: A reminder

These days I spend more of my time talking country ownership than community ownership, but they are one in the same, just at different units of analysis.

So reposting a part of "Spotting Community Ownership" to remind myself as much as anyone.


The processes of decision-making within…


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Spotlight: Taproot's Fantastic Fellows

At Taproot, we have the good fortune of working with many talented, smart, and creative individuals who join our Taproot Foundation Pro Bono Fellowship program. This program not only brings critical support to our work, but also helps grow the talent that will continue to service the nonprofit sector for years to come. For six to nine months, Taproot…


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Need Pro Bono? Start with "Why"

Tomorrow I have the privilege of serving as the keynote speaker at the Youth, I.N.C. 2013 Venture Forward Conference in New York City.  In preparing my remarks, I’ve been thinking about how pro bono is ultimately not about getting a “wish list” deliverable, but rather, solving an underlying organizational need.

I remember well the first time I went to Taproot Foundation for help when I was serving as the Executive Director of Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) in Chicago.  My first…


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Preserving the "I don't know" within big data

My main concern with an increasing reliance on big data is that the space for possibility and the need for control or certainty too often operate in an inverse relationship. In international aid and philanthropy, our work is often focused on unanswered questions. But are some unanswerable questions?…


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Summary Highlights from the 2013 Global Pro Bono Summit

It has been less than eight weeks since the 2013 Global Pro Bono Summit and it has been great to see so much momentum continuing around the discussions and action items.  Check out our summary of highlights and snapshots from this year’s Summit (and see if you can pick out some of the CSR leaders from the sketches!).…


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How to Help Moore, Oklahoma Rebuild After the Tornado

In the wake of the historic Oklahoma tornado - one of the worst in the past 20 years - disaster relief crews continued their efforts this morning, assisting residents of the ravaged communities in the suburbs outside Oklahoma City, the heart of “tornado alley.” The vast and catastrophic tornado that touched down…


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Why Hire People with Nonprofit Experience?

There are plenty of reasons employees jump from nonprofits to work in the private sector. While the benefit of improving a community through a nonprofit’s work is unparalleled in the corporate space, long hours and pay differences can prompt nonprofit employees to start exploring private sector job opportunities. So why is this important to your recruitment strategy? The answer, in short, is corporate responsibility.…


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Must vulnerability lead to dependency?

Helping professions, by design, were meant to be some kind of temporary relief to people who are in positions of vulnerability. In my field of social work, we employ an empowerment approach in the intervention process, such that we intend for individuals receiving welfare support to be better off than before they were enrolled.  This is the very reason I fell in love with the profession and daily why I look for ways of to improve the lives of individuals and families.…


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Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index Shows the U.S. Had Nearly 750,000 Clean Job Openings in First Quarter of 2013

National findings include growth in the solar industry, along with an increase in alternative fueling stations and LEED certifications

Ecotech Institute today released new data from its Clean Jobs Index, which aggregates all the available clean jobs in the U.S. The Index found that there were 749,197 clean jobs posted across the United States between January 1, 2013, and March 31,…


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Catchafire & Taproot Share Best Practices for Pro Bono

On the heels of the Taproot Foundation Global Pro Bono Summit, Rachael Chong, CEO and Founder, Catchafire and Aaron Hurst, President and Founder, Taproot Foundation realized that between them, their organizations have completed thousands of nonprofit pro bono engagements. What have they learned over the past 10+ years? Watch this informal chat, where Rachael and Aaron cover topics like the best ways to approach nonprofits about the value of pro bono and how pro bono enables organizations to…


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7 things you need to speak truth to power

Financial mismanagement. Lay-offs of local and international staff. Inappropriate conduct by leadership. Finally, a visit planned from headquarters to see what’s going on. What do you do?

A superior continues to make passes at you. You find out you’re paid less than someone doing your exact same job. Someone takes undue credit for work you did.

The rules don’t…


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