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Peering through the looking glass

They say that as you get older time goes more quickly. That may be true, but really, this is getting ridiculous now! As I reach the end of my time in South Africa it seems like just yesterday that I arrived open-minded and pasty-faced in April, full of anticipation for my time with WhizzKids United. Over the last…


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Conference: "Business and Human Rights: Moving Forward, Looking Back"

On September 23-24, 2013, the University of West Virgina College of Law hosts a marvelous conference, "Business and Human Rights: Moving Forward, Looking Back."…

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Advocacy and Knowledge Management: Empowering & Building Capacity of the target people

Everyone knows that Knowledge is the main key of success. For an effective organization, it is very much needed to build up knowledge management unit into the organization.  It helps increasing knowledge of its members and employees. By sharing knowledge with one another and with other organizations all employees…


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Rusha's Research Route

Not so long ago, I’m not going to give away my age that easily, I was born in Sleepy Hollow city also known as the City of Choice or more officially Pietermaritzburg.

I lived in Pietermaritzburg for most of my life but I’d never ventured into Edendale. I arrived at the main hospital building to meet my head supervisor. The hospital was filled with patients who looked like they had lost their patience. So many people needed care. Many people sat in queues with blankets wrapped around…


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ISQEM Strategic Safety Management Part 2 now available

ISQEM have now published part 2 of the Strategic Safety Management articles onto the ISQEM website and blog for free download. The documents will help anyone who is looking at setting up their own hse strategy within an organization regardless of its size.

I hope you find them useful and I look forward to hearing from…


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CSR in the Middle East

Findings from a recent CSR survey conducted by Bayt.com of employees across the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Originally spotted on Arabian Gazette.…


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Applications OPEN for NASSCOM Soial Innovation HONOURS 2014

Inviting Applications from Social Enterprises, Non-profits, Corporates, Government agencies, Students, and Individuals

NASSCOM Foundation has launched the NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2014 (NSIH 2014) and is inviting applications from different stakeholders that are using Information Communication and Technology (ICT) for greater Social Good. The Honours aims to recognize innovations in the form of…


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New Paper Posted: "Democratizing International Business and Human Rights"

The University of West Virginia College of Law will be hosting its inaugural business and human rights conference, Business and Human Rights: Moving Forward, Looking Back, to be held September 23 – 24, 2013 at the West Virginia University College of Law, Morgantown, WV. The conference chair, Jena Martin has put together a marvelous…

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The Rise of Purpose Driven Social Brands (infographic)

Infographic highlighting the purpose-driven future of business.  Originally found on the We First blog.…


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Soccer + Social Enterprise = The Soccket

Uncharted Play, a for-profit social enterprise "dedicated to improving lives through play," is lighting up the world with its flagship product --- the SOCCKET --- an energy harnessing soccer ball.

The idea for the Soccket, "…


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WhizzKids United, a symbol of Mandela's dream

Nelson Mandela once said that the credible demonstration of the commitment of African leaders is to place the rights of children at the forefront. These words still echo in my head as though they had been whispered upon my ear by the struggle icon himself and are as fresh as yesterday’s daisy.

“Yesterday” my faith in humanity was renewed. “Yesterday” I began to believe in the expansion of the vision that began 3 years ago, the building of the WhizzKids United Health Academy. Why…


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Essentials for Success as Corporate Citizenship Leaders

A recent LGB Associates report (PDF link) Advancing CSR Without a Corporate Responsibility Officer asks: Do we really need a Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO)?

The report summarizes the thoughts of the Thought Leader Forum, "a group of senior corporate social responsibility professionals organized by the LBG Research Institute" on the topic.

It also highlights what they consider the essentials for…


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You can't grow vegetables online

It’s the first day of Spring here in the Southern hemisphere. In readiness my wife and I replanted over vegetable garden this week. It got me thinking that most of the great things in life don’t happen online.

How many marketing messages did you get this week and last week and the week before that promising you the inside secrets of building your business online? Heaps right? …


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The Future of Flight in 2020

Infographic from Airbus on the future of flight, specifically around what expectations people have around the world for it.…


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The Evolution of CSR and the Web

Interesting infographic from Yourcause, LLC on the evolution of CSR and the web.…


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Consumer (Sustainability/Green) Purchase Behavior

Taken from the 2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Trackerthis CSR/Sustainability infographic highlights the consumer expectations versus purchase behavior gap.…


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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (McGraw-Hill Infographic)

A McGraw-Hill infographic on the integration of the firm's social, environmental, and business strategies (take from the 2010 annual report).…


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McDonald's Global Sustainability Scorecard (infographic)

CSR and Sustainability the McDonald's way --- came across this Global Sustainability Scorecard recently from the fast food giant.  Make sure to read our interview with Bob Langert, VP of Corporate Responsibility at McDonald's as well.…


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Strategic Safety Management - Part: One

Strategic management is often misunderstood when it comes to safety.   We have to accept that an organization operates in a dynamic marketplace with legislation, competitors, consumers, technology, and local social…


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Moving day: An aid analogy

What does it feel like to be a citizen on the receiving end of international aid? Here’s an analogy to try to help do-gooders understand:

Let’s say you’re moving across town. You have to be out of your old apartment by 5pm that day. You’ve got the boxes already packed and the moving van rented. All you need is some muscle to help you move the heavy stuff. You ask your friend to come over early. The plan is to…


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