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Infographic: How China is changing the environment, in a good way!

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B Corps, Corporate Philanthropy and Being the Change

B Corps?  Don’t you mean C Corps?…


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A new venture for girls: Can we change the world through business?

I went out with a new friend back in April, for sushi. Just sushi. And it ended up costing me thousands of dollars.

As Melissa Ovard described how they had formed a company to provide products to make girls’ adolescent transitions easier, I was hooked. Her enthusiasm spilled all over our unagi and seawead salad, and I knew I had to be a part of Girl Lux.…


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Taking Skills-Based Volunteering Around the World

Symantec Service Corps I’m always interested to see how companies are doubling down on their employee volunteering programs, and in the process reinventing the possibilities for what these programs can become.

Symantec is one of the companies out there that is applying a ton of passion and creativity to their program, and the results are fascinating. Their…


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Ecotech Institute Releases Free, Comprehensive Wind and Solar Green Energy eBooks

Ecotech Institute, the first and only college in the U.S. solely focused on renewable energy and sustainability, today announced the release of two free, comprehensive eBook guides to…


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Philanthropy Quotes to Keep You Inspired


According to the most recent Giving USA Foundation report, charitable contributions in the U.S. grew 4.4 percent in 2013 yet still haven’t rebounded to peak levels achieved before the economic recession.

But one of the most disappointing aspects of the report involves corporate philanthropy.  Last year, corporate giving fell by nearly 2%, to $17.9 billion.

The drop in…


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Art of Persuasion and Safety leadership

I recently hosted a one day senior management workshop for a group of 20 managers.  The main purpose to change their attitudes and behaviours in regards to safety, management and leadership.

I decided to approach the workshop using techniques that would inspire them to look at how they interact at…


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Are your planets aligned and orbiting the sun of 21st century business?

Every business wants profitability, sustainability and stakeholder engagement (particularly employee and customer/client). For some these are reasons for being. None are reasons. They're all results of how we see and treat people and how good we are at the functions of business.

For me, regardless of product/s and/or service/s on offer, the journey to the results we all want begins with valued, values,…


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Learn from Coca Cola and their approach to Responsible Procurement

It is great to see that Coca Cola are pioneering the approach to Responsible Procurement in an actionable way. 

What do I mean by actionable?What does it mean to Coca Cola? What can you learn from Coca Cola and their approach?

I have been reviewing their approach – this is…


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Non Profit Survey Results: How To Community Needs Assessment

In the last blog post we looked at how facilitating a needs assessment with your community can lead to a better understanding of needs, their underlying causes, and can lead to long-term project sustainability. You can read that discussion here.

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Ecotech Institute Appoints Auston Van Slyke to Director of its Wind Energy Technology Program

Ecotech Institute, the only college entirely focused on renewable energy and sustainability training, today announced that it has named Auston Van Slyke as the school’s new director of the Wind Energy Technology program. In this…


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Your Company is Socially Engaged, But Do Your Employees Even Know?

distracted employee 786x305 Another year, another grim report on employee engagement.  Gallup’s 2013 “State of the Global Workplace Report” reveals that only 13% of employees are engaged at work.  

That abysmal number is…


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New Paper Posted: "From Guiding Principles to Interpretive Organizations: Developing a Framework for Applying the UNGPs to Disputes that Institutionalizes the Advocacy Role of Civil Society"

I have been  considering the important issues that face international actors--states, civil society and enterprises, as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (2011) evolves.   See HERE,…

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NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum ! - APPLICATIONS OPEN

Owing to the pervasive nature of Information Communication Technology (ICT), its application is being seen across all sectors to provide valuable solutions to problems of social development. Technology has opened new channels of communication and facilitated faster knowledge and information sharing, thus helping in formation of creative solutions to local as well as global problems.It is this potential of technology for good that NASSCOM Social Innovation…


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Ecotech Institute Helps Fulfill Rising Demand for Facilities Management Professionals

According to Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, the number of positions in the facilities management field has increased by 64 percent in the first two quarters of this year, compared to the same time last year. Ecotech…


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There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Your Employees


describe the image If you’re involved in any activity related to managing employee volunteer programs, you need to know Chris Jarvis.  As the co-founder of Realized Worth, Chris and…


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I Can See for Miles and Miles

Ah, September. It’s that rare time of the year when Shanghai’s weather is not only decent, but quite pristine. Muggy summer heat waves give way to cooler afternoons. The mosquito-ridden August sunsets transform into breezy, crisp evenings. Summer’s cicada serenade becomes the song of chirping birds and bicycle bells, as more and more people take to the streets on two wheels. It really is when the best of Shanghai is on display.


Staring out of my bedroom window the other day…


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What is your Employee/Employer Value Promise?

PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey is a valuable read. For their survey PwC conducted 1,344 interviews with CEOs in 68 countries between September and December 2013. I took particular interest in the transforming talent strategy aspects of the survey. Check out the survey for yourself.…


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Smart Chopsticks and a Side of Carbon Trading

As summer gives way to fall children return to school from their holiday breaks, people gear up for the final financial quarters of the year, and New Yorkers begin welcoming the world’s leaders to their city. September will be forever etched into my memory as the tumultuous period of the United Nations General Assembly. As a former UN staffer, I remember fondly listening to hard-hitting speeches on ways to solve the problems of the world. I also remember, perhaps not so fondly, the attention…


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Transforming the Meaning of 9/11


day of remembrance police officers 9/11 has scarred all of us forever.  The question is: how do we make sense of what happened, and how can we move forward?

Each year, as September 11th approaches, the nation relives the unspeakable events and tragic loss of that day.  But because of the organizers of the 9/11…


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