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New Doctrine for Sustainable Development

It was reported 297 billion barrels of oil in Venezuelan reserves, which (assuming this statistic is valid) would place Venezuela above Saudi Arabia as the country with the largest national oil reserves.

the plan for reaching a global standard for treatment of the environment should be based on the model presented by  for global development. It establishes a multifaceted range of criteria—combining governance, poverty reduction, access…


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Solutions already exist - progressing toward SDG 3.1

Women’s chances of surviving childbirth improved significantly during the MDG era.

Bill and Melinda Gates, in their recent ‘Goalkeepers: The Stories behind the data’ report highlighted “the fact that the number of mothers who die has been…

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Local community driven initiatives-2 - Building Warehouse, Cold Storage etc by united effort of local people: can change the food production scenario

In every year there are huge production of crops and vegetables in many countries. Developed countries utilize all of their production, but it is difficult for the developing and underdeveloped countries. Poor economy, lack of proper planning, corruptions, waste of money, political unrest etc. are the main obstacles for those countries. In Bangladesh, every year, farmers…


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You Need These Elements to Build an Irresistible Company Culture

Weiner 2.jpg By: Katharine Bierce…


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Our 25 Most Useful & Informative Newsletters of the Year: Your Favorites

Nonprofit News:

Our 25 Most Useful and Informative Newsletters of the Year
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Investing in the Employee Experience Pays Off

unnamed-4.jpg Over the past decade, companies have increased their focus on and investments in employee engagement. But engagement levels across the world have…


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How to Start A Corporate Giving Program by Laura Plato

happy employee.jpg Leaders at companies of all shapes and sizes understand that creating a culture of giving back is essential to their own bottom lines. According…


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Dropbox Connects its Culture to Bottom Line Impact

Dropbox Employees Volunteering


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Collaboration, Not Competition, Is the Best Hope to Save 20 Million Lives

Global-Emergency-Response-Coalition-Somalia-800x533-1.jpg With so many social issues competing for the philanthropy attention of companies and individuals, how can nonprofits successfully break through the…


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Is Charity Dead? By Laura Plato

+impact-2017-2.jpg The way that we think of charity is dead wrong.…


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Volunteer Participation Doesn't Just Happen

volunteer participation.jpg With HR and CSR leaders increasingly aware that strong corporate volunteer and giving programs are an essential part of a positive employee…


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Employees Love Working from Home. But Are They Engaged?

employee work from home.jpg We live in an era of increased telecommuting, and employees love it that way.…


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How a Culture of Giving Back Inspires Something Better than Engagement

happyemployee-1.jpg A culture of giving back is not only one of the most inspiring ways to engage employees, it also offers something even better than engagement:…


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Employee Engagement vs. Employee Experience

AdobeStock_140397601.jpeg I spend a lot of time thinking about employee engagement, especially as it relates to employee volunteering and giving. Why?…


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Meaningful Work and The Meaning Of Life

The ebook pictured contains this month's posts and links to more. They celebrate my best learnings for purpose driven leaders from 10 years of blogging.

Your download link is directly under the blogs heading here.

You will…


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Employees Too Busy to Volunteer? Shift the Narrative.



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The Financial Power of Impact Investing

Written for the Financial Policy Council

For many years the divide between instruments of philanthropy and investing has been clear cut. Investing strategies typically did not involve social organizations focused on non-governmental organization (NGO) concerns. However, the advent of millennial investing power, the rise of social enterprises, and the need for…


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Employee Engagement is Declining Worldwide

AdobeStock_131709578.jpeg One of the…


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