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SICU is like a living organism. In the end of every nerve fiber, there are individuals, who are connected with the nerve center, the processor.

Both individuals and organizations have inspiration, ideas, knowledge, experiences, resources and passion. Thousands of people who are independent, but interconnect, can collaborate as a “living organism”, and with short bursts of energy produce potentially higher outputs of value as they… Continue

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Using water strategically

McKinsey always provide good insights and I found this interview with CEO of Rio Tinto Tom Albanese concerning using water strategically of value.

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Did Social Media Prove Its Worth In Haiti?

The recent tragedy in Haiti affected people all around the world. Communication was imperative but not readily available. Friends and families couldn't verify who was safe, relief groups were unable to organize properly, and Haiti was unable to help themselves recover. Governments and disaster relief groups rushed to help any way they could. However, the damage was done.

Help was needed and social media answered the call.

"A 48-hour-old fundraising campaign to help Haiti… Continue

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Corporate Volunteering: Top 7 Requests and the Bad, Better and Best Responses (4 of 7)

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Companies want to engage their communities through employee volunteering programs. For most, this means calling a non-profit and scheduling an activity. But how should non-profits respond? Is there a “best” answer for everyone? (Part 4 of 7)…


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Life/work balance is nonsense - life/work harmony is possible

I hear a lot of talk about life/work balance and I think most of it is nonsense.

The word balance for me implies equal. I prefer the word harmony, therefore life/work harmony.

My personal and business life are not equal or in balance and are never likely to be.

They are in harmony with one another, that is, they work together like a symphony, two sides of the same coin

Here are my 11 laws of life/work harmony. I trust they will help you live a more… Continue

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Boston College survey finds businesses staying the course on community involvement

A Boston College survey of more than 300 North American companies in a variety of industries reveals that despite the economic crisis, businesses have forged ahead with community involvement efforts as part of a continued commitment to corporate citizenship.

Released today, “Staying the Course -- The 2009 Community Involvement Index” is a biennial survey conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that asks about companies’ community involvement programs,… Continue

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2010 Annual Fair Trade Partner's Conference

For several years now, Advocate of Philippine Fair Trade, Inc. (APFTI) and its partners are actively pursuing the cause for sustainable development and alleviating poverty in the country side by strengthening and enforcing previous commitment to build domestic market for fair trade. Today, the Fair Trade Shop – Philippines is already a reality.

Herewith is the email message of Vicente Roaring, APFTI President and Executive Director, inviting partners to join the 2010 Annual Fair… Continue

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Stupidity or Sustainability

Lately I’ve been teaching leaders about sustainability (see The Top 10 Things Every Leader Should Know About Sustainability). A good working definition of the term is “to act so that what you do today does not diminish others’ chances for achieving equal goals in their future.” Another way to say it is, “Don’t be a greedy jerk.” You see it’s… Continue

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10 Top Things Every Business Leader Should Know About Strategic Sustainability

1. Sustainable Abundance is good for business. Every product and every service needs to be re-invented to create a sustainable future. This is the greatest economic opportunity in history. (Consider automobiles, light bulbs, airplanes, energy…. everything.)

2. High Sustainability Standards and Maximizing Human Benefits can generate “leapfrog” designs to invent new products and new business models. (Toyota was creating the Prius while other car companies slept.)

3.… Continue

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Ray Anderson on climbing Mt Sustainability

One of the great champions of proving the business case for sustainability Ray Anderson of Interface gives some of the insights he and his people have gleaned in climbing what Ray calls Mt. Sustainability

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Climate Counts 2009 Scorecard Report

The Climate Counts Company Scorecard provides people with an objective, balanced way to gauge which of the worlds' most well-known consumer companies are seriously committed to reversing climate change -- and which ones are not. This annual effort scores the leading companies in major consumer sectors, on a scale of 0 to 100, on their practices to reduce global warming. The higher the score, the greater the company's commitment to reversing climate change.

Ninety companies in twelve… Continue

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Corporate Volunteering: Top 7 Requests and the Bad, Better and Best Responses (3 of 7)

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Companies want to engage their communities through employee volunteering programs. For most, this means calling a non-profit and scheduling an activity. But how should non-profits respond? Is there a “best” answer for everyone? (Part 3 of 7)…


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The world is a tweet!

· ‘100 million Facebook members for Democracy in Iran’ on Facebook has 234,847 members.

· A Google search on the keywords “Iran election protests,” returns more than five million (5,740,000 to be precise) results.

· Students in Moldova used Twitter as a tool to mobilize opposition against a communist victory in Moldovian elections

The role of the social networking got extensive media coverage after the disputed election results in Iran and the following… Continue

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My top 10 predictions for 2010

1) Politicians will be less seen as world leaders due to their monumental failure to lead in Copenhagen. World Leaders will be the social entrepreneurs and business people who actually do things that make a difference. I call these folk insightpreneurs™ and differencemakers™. Insightpreneurs™ are experts at turning information into insight into inspiration into ideas into innovation, fast. Differencemakers™ are folk who innovate for the good of people and our planet.

2) Social media… Continue

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Christmas 2009 in Manila

Indeed, Christmas is meant to be a season of caring and of giving. But is it?

Early morning Christmas Day, I needed to buy some things at Concepcion Wet-Market - thus, I needed to park my car in one side-street nearby. On my return, I had a Father-Son Duo standing beside my car and meeting me with frowning faces. They were angry that I parked my car blocking exit of their parked car inside their garage bearing the signage: "Keep Driveway Open". As a driver myself, I have always tried… Continue

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American Jewish World Service Launches Fair Trade Project with Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is proud to announce the formation of a new fairly traded coffee and chocolate partnership with American Jewish World Service (AJWS). The Partnership is Equal Exchange's first Jewish partnership and it’s twelfth overall. The AJWS "Better Beans" Fair Trade Project was formally launched at the United Jewish Communities General Assembly held in Washington, D.C. on November 8th-10th. In celebration of this new partnership, Equal Exchange also donated fairly traded coffee at the Union… Continue

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Copenhagen conference on climate change a monumental mess-up however there is hope

A statement of intent was all the politicians could come up with after 2 years of talk and a failure to collaborate and agree on a legally binding agreement over the past two weeks in Copenhagen.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development President Bjorn Stigson issued a stark warning to ministers on 17th December in Copenhagen: "You will not solve climate change without business at the table as an engaged, involved partner - Governments cannot deliver on the targets which… Continue

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Schwab Foundation looking for social entrepreneurs in Asia

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship is searching for outstanding social entrepreneurs in Asian countries where we do not currently have national competitions. Schwab Foundation is looking for social entrepreneurs who are innovators implementing practical and sustainable solutions on the ground to address problems in a wide variety of areas, including (but not limited to) health, education, poverty alleviation, the environment, financial inclusion and enterprise… Continue

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Asian philanthropy news digest 12/17/09

Vietnam Challenge Fund. The Vietnam Challenge Fund (VCF) launched last month with an initial budget of US$3 million for 2009-2011. According to the Saigon Times Daily, the fund is designed to challenge the private sector in Vietnam to propose innovative new business models that benefit the poor. The fund "will help absorb some of the business risks associated with innovative projects that aim to increase employment and income for the poor." In Vietnam, about 90% of the 86 million people live in… Continue

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