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Video from the 'Global Home Tree' Earth Day VIP reception hosted by James Cameron at the JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE on April 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California

GreenTwithTamara.TV is the web’s premiere portal for “Conscious Entertainment”. Hosted by nationally recognized…

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Stars of Sustainability - Adam Werbach

Adam Werbach the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi S is one of my sustainability stars.

I would highly recommend a visit to his website and download his The Birth of Blue speech or watch the video introduced by non other than Paul Hawken.

Also on Adam’s website there are many great tools and a PSP (Personal Sustainability Practices) White Paper that has some great insights. As all politics is local so to is… Continue

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James Cameron at the Global Home Tree Earth Day Celebration at the Nokia Theater

See all info, photos and video at:…


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Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza

University of the Philippines…


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Ecotech Institute Launches as First and Only College Entirely Focused on Careers in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Design

Education Corporation of America, a leading owner and operator of private higher education institutions in the United States, recently announced the launch of Ecotech Institute, the first and only college focused entirely on preparing America’s workforce for careers in renewable energy and sustainable…


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Trickle Up Young Professionals Ball in New York City

Greetings from Masaka, Uganda!

I apologize for a being a bit promotional but this is a cause I truly believe in. I'd like to invite all those in the New York City area to Trickle Up Young Professional Council's first annual Ball on Thursday, May 6 from 8-11pm at The Gates NYC. Tickets are $40 online and $50 at the door and include open premium bar from 8-10pm, sponsored by Svedka Vodka. We also have a limited number of $1,000 VIP tickets which includes bottle service and a corner… Continue

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The Myth of Microfinance: What I've learned so far in the field

From my blog, Wall Street Refugee at

A little more than a month ago, I officially resigned from J.P. Morgan to pursue my personal interest in microfinance. I left New York City for an unknown place called Nyendo, Uganda where I will be living until the end of August. Nyendo is a small town amidst a rural area of rolling green hills and rich, red earth, about half a degree south of the equator.… Continue

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ZAFEN: Haitian micro-loan website launches

The opportunity to provide secure and reliable funding to micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses in Haiti has made its successful debut at

Since April 1, Zafèn has attracted thousands of dollars in loans and donations and has fully…


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Richard Reed: Innocent Drinks, lecture video

Lecture on "Entrepreneurialism and ethical business" by Richard Reed, founder of Innocent Drinks, a UK-based company producing smoothies, recepient of several CSR related awards, Innocent has topped list of top gradue employers in the UK.

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Seven special steps to successful collaboration

A few times in my life I have felt let down by what I perceived was betrayal by others of perceived agreements to do certain things.

The last time this happened I allowed myself to feel hurt for many months. The positive consequence was that I developed a process for reaching agreement with others. I trust you will find it valuable in making your collaborations successful.

There are three worlds. The one in here - that’s my world; the one out there - that’s your… Continue

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Significant shifts of the new world we are building

Much thanks to my colleague Roshanna Evans who posted the following on our differencemakers community site.

The list comes from another tribe Roshanna belongs to.

It is a list I plan to ponder a lot and take action accordingly.

Old: Man is born into sin, essentially corrupt at the core.

New: All people in their core essence are beautiful and worthy of…

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Does CST Have A Role In Political Issues?

Politics has sunk to a level where politicians preach to the choir rather than try to educate us. The mass media are only slightly better, if even that. The news media caters to constituencies and ratings with only passing regard for educating the viewing public. If we are to have an economic climate that is healthy for the growth of business, should business be stepping into the void to provide intelligent discussion upon which voters and consumers can make informed decisions? This is not a… Continue

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Cheap Green Certifications

At some point, the decision is made to "Go Green" in your business.

The next question is "How do we do it?" Ideas are floated around, and

eventually someone turns to the Internet and does a Google search for

Green business certification. Suddenly, the web surfer finds dozens of

websites offering Green certifications for anywhere from $300 to

$1500. The next step is to investigate each one to see which one

offers the best "bang for the buck."

Some websites…


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Managing Your Business Sustainability Message


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Canadian Company Makes Change First and then Makes it Last

The Acacia Group

is a new company with a bold idea. While they are part of a growing

industry focused on helping individuals, companies and communities do

well by doing good; their work focuses on the “sweet spot” of the

intersection between corporate social responsibility (CSR), leadership

development and community development. CSR refers to the way in which

businesses manage their processes to produce an… Continue

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Do you do things ever day that amaze you?

I very much enjoyed a seminar recently with a colleague Paul Dunn who is known internationally as ‘the wizard of wow’.

I also love getting emails from Paul who often signs off with be sure to keep on doing things that amaze you.

Here are 5 ways you can do things that amaze you:

1. Little things make the big difference:

One of my favourite sayings comes from Anita Roddick, the Founder of The Body Shop. She said If you don’t… Continue

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