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Holy Cow! New Spring 2010 Kids Clothing Line Available

ZOLD is proud to announce the release of Holy Cow's Spring 2010 Kids healthy clothing line in Canada. The Holy Cow Spring kids line features animal characters such as “Jerry the Giraffe” and “Amy the Elephant” both rich in color and pesticide free.

The Holy Cow Spring 2010 Kids collection will appear in stores starting April 2010. Each piece features its own unique 9-digit… Continue

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5 Great Social Media Tools -

I'm always looking for the newest tools and widgets that make my life easier. I only have one arm so I depend on multi-tasking and speed. I put together a list of tools I've found to help.

Yoono - Useful Multi-task Tool - Yoono is an Internet plug-in that creates a sidebar on your browser (but you can decide if you want it visible or not). You can pick from 10 social networks that you update or follow the most. After putting in your settings, Yoono shows all updates on the social… Continue

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Watertight loam at pre-shaped balloon form: no reinforcement


The Netherlands, Delft, November 16 2009



BB-Con shows their first application of watertight loam at their BubbleBuilding-concept during the Base of the Pyramid Conference at the TU Delft. The balloon form measures 2x2 meter. Reinforcement is completely absent due to the sustainable BubbleBuilding-method.

Prototype watertight loambuilding based on… Continue

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Please affirm the charter for compassion

On the 12th November The Charter for Compassion was offically launched. I encourage you to join me and thousands of people (hopefully millions) in affirming the charter and living its words. It’s just one page. Please read and affirm here.

Be remarkable


Founder Differencemakers Community

Partnering passionate people to change what’s normal for the good of people, our… Continue

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5 Steps to Begin Using Social Media For Business

Most businesses have embraced social media as part of their marketing toolbox. It's clear through market research, as well as multiple case studies, that social media creates a unique way for companies to communicate with customers. As more companies jumped on the bandwagon, more social media tools were created. These new tools can focus on a niche audience that may have been difficult to target with traditional marketing methods. However, some businesses dive into social media before… Continue

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Just showing up isn't enough

I came across the following at Persistence

"80 percent of success is just showing up" —Woody Allen

"I often think about that quotation. It may sound easy to shrug off, but not if you look a little deeper. It doesn't just mean show up for job interviews or to work for an 80% increase in success. Showing up also means ... starting.

"For instance, did you show up at the gym today? Just showing up means… Continue

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How safe are our children?

According to the United Nation’s Violence against children study, each year an estimated 40 million children are abused. In India, a study undertaken by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2007 revealed that 2 out of every three children reported being physically abused. Following abuse at home, schools were the largest environment where abuse was reported. 62 percent of the reported corporal punishment was in government and municipal schools. School violence takes a range of forms… Continue

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H1N1 In Your Area - Are Folk Medicines Being Used?

I had some discussion with one of my contractors today who lives in southern Russia. There is quite a bit of panic in his city over the H1N1. He says that there is no vaccine and that the government is saying it is not effective in case of an epidemic. Although the reported is 3000 cases in population of 300,000 with 34 deaths, he feels it is much higher. That the government as "stopped reporting" H1N1 incidences. I asked him what he was doing - if he used any folk medicines, but he says no. He… Continue

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Empower 900 Filipino Youth in Peace Building

Empower 900 Filipino Youth in Peace Building

November 9, 2009

Dear Friends of Service For Peace (SFP),

We are developing an exciting project that will Empower 900 Filipino Youth in Peace Building. Mindanao, the second largest city in the Philippines, has a 63% Christian majority and 32% Muslim population resulting in many violent conflicts due to misunderstanding. We are partnering with department of education in a pilot program where 900 students of Christian and… Continue

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A Great Example Of An Integrated Marketing Campaign -

Properly executing an integrated market campaign (IMC) is the most powerful business tool. When done correctly, an IMC utilizes several tools to produce a seamless marketing campaign. Although an IMC uses a variety of traditional and new tools, it must maintain the campaign's message and brand. One of the best examples is CNN.

It couldn't have been easy figuring out how to maintain interest in a 24-hour news channel. Even after creating a steady audience, how could people ever feel… Continue

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Corporate Volunteering: Top 7 Requests & the Bad, Better and Best Responses (1 of 7)

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

“We want a volunteer experience that can be done in no more than a day, and no less than a half-day.”

Companies want to engage their communities through employee volunteering programs. For most, this means calling a… Continue

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ZOLD To Offer Canadian Eco-Fashion Designer Labels

Eco-savvy buyers can now choose from footwear, tops, jackets, dresses and intimate apparel. Showcasing leading designers in the industry, ZOLD is a single-source solution for eco-fashion products in Canada.

ZOLD represents twelve of the eco industry’s finest apparel and fashion manufacturers. Some of these brands include prominent designers such as ecoSkin, Indigenous Designs, PI Organics, B-Green and Our Love Yoga apparel, as well as PO-ZU’s and Autonomie Project’s lines of… Continue

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Gone With The Wind -

One of my favorite shows is Mad Men on AMC. Not only am I living vicariously through Don Draper - the lead character - but they're brilliant ad-men. I also love comparing the technology from the 50's to everything we have now. We're so spoiled...I'm pretty sure most of us wouldn't get much done.

In a recent episode, the team needed to promote telegrams over phone calls, which were the main communication tool of the time. After several stiff "Old Fashioneds" and some clever zingers, a… Continue

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Are Smartphones Making Life Easier? -

Several years ago, I was working in the Marketing department of a prestigious law firm. Within a few minutes I realized why there is such contempt for the men and women in law. Simultaneously, every lawyer joke crossed my mind (i.e. "What do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? - A good start.") and I had to laugh.

One of my duties was updating and editing all the lawyers' profiles, which should have been an easy endeavor. Somehow this task, which follows a basic… Continue

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When Companies Go Wild -

Recent market research has proven that consumers respond to corporate social media. Studies show consumers are willing to pay more for a product if the proceeds will benefit a social advocacy issue.

Corporations, both large and small, are joining the corporate responsibility trend. However, some talk the talk but don't walk the walk. This could create more distrust between companies and consumers, as well as putting other companies under scrutiny.

During the recent… Continue

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The best houses and buildings all around Buenos Aires

If you are coming to Buenos Aires for a while we could arrange your accomodation in the best places here.
You can have a look at our Web page to see the photos, and also more details about differents buildings.

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Apple Launches Major Green Effort

After making the switch to Apple in 2007 I really could not be any more happier. The MacBook Pro is amazing and it beats the HP that I had by miles. I'm also extremely happy to be done with all the error messages that my precious Microsoft operating system bestowed upon me.

Anyways BESIDES all that I'm happy to see Apple finally making the move towards becoming more "green". Over the past couple years, Apple has been hammered by several environmental groups and in particular… Continue

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What is Inclusive Tourism?


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