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BMW Focuses on Suppliers

BMW recently released its Sustainable Value Report 2008, in which it asks suppliers to commit to sustainability, including a zero tolerance to child labor, as well as other commitments on environmentally friendly manufacturing. Herbert Diess, head of purchasing at BMW, said:… Continue

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Brainsbook on Networking: Editorial by Tom Merilahti

“It is the function of creative people to perceive relations between thoughts, or things, or forms of expressions that seem utterly different, and to be able to Connect the seemingly Unconnected”. –William Plomer


Watch a large flock of birds in flight in the city. It is a liquid mass of self-propelling feathers. The flock swoops, dives and turns on a mark, before settling en masse on another roof.

Who gives the… Continue

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SICU has agreed on .partnership with C2C ASIA

SICU SSG has agreed on partnership with C2C ASIA.

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Understanding the real estate debacle – Learning more

Many of us are now numb to the real estate news. However, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t remain important or valuable both to learn about, understand and follow.

There is so much ‘noise’ on this issue. I remain astounded when I read/hear things in viable public forums that say that these troubles are due to the U.S. banking Community Re-investment Act (CRA) and ACORN.

• How can someone even say/write that?

• How can anyone really believe that?

Shouldn’t such people be… Continue

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VOTE NOW! Voting for "Project Green Search" is now live! Vote for Green T!!


Dear Eco-Voters - Under my image you will see stars, reporting how many votes I have and my average score. Five stars is the best, but all votes count. So, send your friends to support Green T and vote. Public voting will close on October 16th. The vote will help the judges in their tough task of choosing 10 of us to come to the finals in Los Angeles. The 10 finalists will… Continue

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Bank Offers Free Health Care: Now That’s Corporate Social Responsibility!

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Corporate Social Responsibility is essential to build strong relationships with consumers. On the brink of collapse, Puerto Rico’s Doral Bank transformed itself with an aggressive CSR strategy. By offering… Continue

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William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

William Kamkwamba returns to TED for the second time to share his tale of invention that changed his… Continue

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Jacqueline Novogratz: A third way to think about aid

As the debate over the effectiveness of foreign aid continues, Jacqueline Novogratz "proposes a middle way she calls patient capital, with promising examples of entrepreneurial innovation driving social… Continue

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Typhoon Ondoy and the "Filipino Pride" ... washed away, perhaps?

"Rain rain go away come again another day." But this was not the case last Saturday - September 26th. I was caught by surprise with Typhoon Ondoy's heavy downpour as J P Rizal Avenue (the main road running parallel to Marikina River, coming from Marikina City Proper, towards Concepcion, Marikina) was suddenly knee-deep - thus stalling all vehicles on the road. I had to walk through the rain-water flood, inching slowly towards Concepcion Commercial Center, needing to buy 3 bowls of Tropical… Continue

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Black Eyed Peas “Youth Voices” PSA Empowers Youth Through Digital Arts

The Adobe Foundation and The Black Eyed Peas Peapod Foundation today unveiled a new public service announcement called “Plant Inspiration.” The PSA promotes the launch of Adobe Youth Voices, a non-profit that stresses the power of technology to engage middle- and high school–age youth. Adobe Youth Voices provides… Continue

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ViaTerra addresses Dutch travel market

Benin, Ecuador and Vietnam are just a few of the destinations that ViaTerra included in its guides. At all destinations, farmers´ organizations provide the lodging and tours. They turn a holiday into a unforgettable living together with the local farming population. see

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Triumph International

Dare to Journey Upward

Applying Management Systems for Business Continuity and Corporate Governance

Despite cost-cutting measures in this economic downturn, thousands of organizations still successfully use and implement management systems to save them time and money, to improve their internal processes and procedures , to prove their competency to their customers and to manage risk.

Corporate governance is the way in which corporations and… Continue

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How Did Corporate Social Responsibility Hold Up In 2009?

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

You’ve heard it said: the economic crisis means death to Corporate Social Responsibility. Goodbye “green” and all you friendly… Continue

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Iddy Biddy Steps for a Greener World

“Imagine a world where we have taught environmental sustainability as a fundamental concept to our children – just as we teach shapes, colors, letters and the importance of saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’” - Debbie Smith, creator of the Idbids characters

Calgary, AB, Canada (October 6, 2009) - ZOLD is proud to introduce Idbids to Canada, one of North America’s… Continue

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Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Guide published

With complex supply chains, extensive outsourcing, and frequent product revisions, the electronics industry has long believed that collecting supply chain emission information is prohibitively expensive. But as industry leaders are proving, creating a carbon footprint for any electronic device can be not just fast and cost-effective, but essential to a competing in tomorrow’s market.

Instead of near-sighted focus on regulation, product carbon… Continue

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The power of teaching and learning: LCA Software GaBi Education for free!

The new GaBi Education package is designed specifically for students and teachers and aims to introduce them to Life Cycle Assessment using the GaBi software. GaBi Education consists of fully functional GaBi 4 software and an extensive education database containing PE datasets and the free US LCI datasets. Users are able to access the GaBi Learning Centre where they can view tutorial materials, such as video tutorials and handbooks, that enable… Continue

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Alliance for Sustainable Colorado Roundtable Prompts Cross-Sector Engagement in Community Agriculture

Over 65 community leaders in northern Colorado came together this week to discuss sustainability opportunities at the latest in a series of regional roundtables by the non-profit Alliance for Sustainable Colorado (“the Alliance”). The meeting, hosted by New Belgium Brewing Company (an Alliance sponsor), gave representatives from businesses, nonprofits, local and state government… Continue

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NEW VIDEO!!! H U G A T R E E… Continue

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Where have all the people of character gone?

Heavy storm clouds stay hanging over business, religion, politics, sport and the media. Almost daily many so called icons are continuing to have their character questioned. These clouds always produce rain and wash away the stars like twigs in a river.

Like never before the world needs ordinary people of character to stand up and be counted because many of the people leading us don’t understand leadership, have sacrificed their characters in their quest for power, and in some cases… Continue

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SMPL: The 2009 Green Prize for Sustainable Literature Awards

Airing on Santa Monica Channel 16 for 2 weeks beginning Oct 19th.

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