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Webinar Video: Building a Cycle of Stakeholder Engagement

Register on this link ( listen to the webinar hosted by Addison and The Transition Group on the evolving practice of sustainability reporting in the era of social media. This webinar showcased best practices on leveraging the value of sustainability… Continue

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How are you different and better?

I have recently returned home from 3 weeks working in the United Kingdom where I spent a lot of time discussing differentiation with my clients and the necessity of being able to differentiate ourselves and our businesses as a key to success in the 21st century.

Then today I received a text from my local dry cleaner Karl Chehade to say my clothes are ready to be picked up and a message on how they are reducing their carbon emissions. Have you ever received such a message from your… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza…


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Too Much Nudity

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Is it possible that there are some companies that might just be better off avoiding social media all together? "The brands that do well in social media are the brands that look good naked." - Don Tapscott, Wikinomics…


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Your experiences of working in the CSR field

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What can governments do to promote corporate responsibility and private sector engagement in development?

The Bertelsmann foundation (Germany) and the United Nations Global Compact recently published a study on “The Role of Governments in Promoting CR and Private Sector Engagement in Development”.…


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Role of Industry in Building an Inclusive Society

Role of Industry in building an Inclusive Society

BY Suresh Kr Pramar

What is an inclusive society ? According to the Expert Group on Promoting Social Integration, “An inclusive society is one that over-rides differences of race, gender, class, generation, and geography, and ensures inclusion, equality of opportunity for all members of the society to determine an agreed set of social institutions that govern social interaction.” The World Summit for Social Development… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza…


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New Challenges Bring New Opportunities in a New Era of Business: Keeping your Stakeholders Happy

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) July 22, 2010 - Key stakeholders are impacted by the activities of any organization and include, among others, individual consumers, suppliers, employees, investors, regulators, the community and media. Stakeholders are internal and external, with primary or secondary importance for the organization, stemming from diverse backgrounds and accompanied by different needs, conflicting expectations, objectives and demands.

Understanding and…


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Deluding pictures

These two pictures have been taken in May 2010, few hundred kilometers one from the other. In the two cases, it is about industrial production of several thousands pieces.

In the first one, the workers are in a well lit and ventilated. They sit on chairs and work on a…

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Freeland's Washington Post Op-Ed Is Wrong: CSR Does Maximize Corporate Profitability

Alice Korngold's Blog

"The cult of corporate social responsibility" is one of the culprits in the BP oil spill, claims Chrsytia Freeland, global editor at large for Thomson Reuters, in her opinion piece in yesterday's Washington Post. How is that? Because, claims Freeland, "The problem with CSR is that it muddies the waters. Goldman's purpose isn't…


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Would the Chief Sustainability Officer please stand up?

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) July 20, 2010 - Earlier this month sustainability recruitment and executive search consultancy Acre and independent analyst firm Verdantix brought together top leaders and heads of sustainability to discuss the evolving role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) in business.

The seminar sparked debate amongst the professionals gathered as the presenters highlighted the… Continue

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Human Capital 2010: The Future of Management

On 30th September 2010 the Human Capital Forum will bring together some leading thinkers to present at a ground-breaking conference on the future of management.

At the end of a decade that has seen major organisational failures through accountancy scandals, excessive risk-taking by the banks and a high rate of failure in merger activity, this conference…


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New CSR & Sustainability workshop and training programme

Article 13, a specialist strategic consultancy operating in

the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, non-financial

risk and governance agendas, have launched new training courses an


Our professional trainers have developed and run a range of CSR and sustainability training courses to help individuals to develop the leadership skills they will need to embed and integrate…


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Executive Coaching for business leadership and Sustainability

Neela Bettridge, founding partner of the Article 13 Group, provides executive coaching for business leadership and sustainability. Neela and Article 13 as a whole is committed to embedding and

integrating CSR and governance approaches into business to create high…


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Is sustainability core to your business?

Accenture recently released a study called A New Era of Sustainability that involved nearly 800 CEOs from around the globe. You can read the findings of the study here…


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The Washington Post Equates CSR with Charity: #FAIL

Was Corporate Social Responsibility responsible for the BP spill? Absolutely! (so says the Washington Post)

CSR? Don't quit your day job!…


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No Money To Start Your Dream Green Business? Get a Free Jump Start from

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) SAN FRANCISCO,CA - July 16, 2010 - (GBO) - an interactive community and consultancy for small, green businesses - is offering free admission to its two-day, intensive workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers looking to join the burgeoning green economy on August 21-22 in San Francisco.

Led by Scott Cooney, GBO founder and author of… Continue

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