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Investors Step Up Pressure on Corporate Responsibility Reporting

A coalition of global investors from 13 countries, managing over

US$2.1 trillion of assets, today added its voice to the increasing

calls for better corporate reporting on environmental, social and

corporate governance (ESG) activities.

The international investor coalition is writing to 86 major companies urging them to honour the reporting requirements of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s biggest voluntary corporate

responsibility initiative. Each of…


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The 3 Stages In The Journey Of A Volunteer

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Did the financial collapse have an effect on volunteering rates? You bet. Volunteer rates mushroomed during the winter of 2009. So where are all those volunteers now? Good question.…


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Can You Prove Your Company's CSR Matters? Probably Not.

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

We measure…


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Receiving and Giving - how much is enough?

When I hear or see that a child has died somewhere in the world from hunger or a preventable/curable disease (as 27000 will today) I feel an emptiness I cannot describe. I have always felt this way. Sometimes when confronted with this appauling news I stare for a few minutes without a single thought crossing my mind. When I return to normal I am renewed once more to do my bit to make poverty history.

My wife and I support children in need through World Vision and we know that our… Continue

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What do you care about?

This cause marketing movement really intrigues me. Not because its an upcoming trend, not because its revolutionizing the industry nor is it because it stirs up really cool campaigns.

Its because I believe cause marketing has always existed in some form or another. And we as marketers, who at times have been accused and figuratively lynched by the masses for exploiting our power and influence to foment decadence in society, now have a cure for the common mob. Marketers now exploit… Continue

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Moral Business

I just read an opinion piece in USA Today, God Goes to the Office ( While it was an interesting read, it could not be more off base. The results of defining business as solely materialistic have created an inherently exploitative system only seeking to maximize short-term profit while minimizing corporate social responsibility and… Continue

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Do you know anyone who doesn't want to save money or energy?

The following video was recorded pre the monumental failures of Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Nevertheless it contains great case studies of four UK companies, Kingfisher, Adhams, Continental Clothing Co., and 4energy and how they are proving the business case for sustainability and that doing good through saving money and energy really is great for business.

Be remarkable


Founder… Continue

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Fresh Faces: The Power of Beauty

I'd like to share one of my favorite campaigns I came across today. As I'm sure it will spark the *aja!* moment for those who enjoy learning about excellent social media tactics. And for those 'social media veterans' it serves as an excellent case study for its proper use of the terms 'holistic, viral, social and strategic'. Case-in-Point: "Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has launched “Pretty Powerful", a campaign featuring real women. A photo gallery profiles eight…

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The Green Police

The great thing about the web is that commercials like the Trojan Olympics - despite not having syndication in the US or the cultural openness to air such content - spread like viruses on the web. That's true of anything on the web so I'll be more proactive in getting more funny international ads up on the site soon.

Let me quickly add, I stopped looking forward to the Olympics a…

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Rodney North Interview on Green America Business Network: Fair Trade = Equal Exchange

Fair Trade = Equal Exchange

From Faces of the Green Pages - Conversations with the Green Business Leaders:

As a founding member of the Green America Business Network, Equal Exchange has a long history of going the extra mile. They were Fair Trade before there…


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A way to help in Haiti's economic development

Introducing, which will soon will offer you the opportunity to lend or contribute to sustainable economic development projects in Haiti.

Please visit the temp site and REGISTER so you are among the first to know when we are live. In that way you will have first dibs on the projects that will be featured!!

ALSO: Important - we are looking for projects or enterprises that are seeking funding and meet nec. criteria:

- Potential… Continue

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Is CSR a movement?

One of the best summaries of what I think is happening in the business world today is here.

Written by Bill Baue Executive Director of Sea Chane Media the summary contains many great links and is well worth your study if you are interested in making CSR a way of life for you which I think you should be .

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Founder… Continue

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3BL Media Announces Launch of 3BL TV, Featuring Web Video Content from CSR's Most Influential Bloggers – Christine Arena, Chris Jarvis, and Fabian Pattberg

Over here at 3BL Media we are all very excited about stepping up the CSR coverage that we provide as we announce coming of 3BL TV. Starting in the next month 3BL TV will offer regular video segments produced by Christine Arena, Chris Jarvis, and Fabian Pattberg, who are recognized as the most respected and widely read bloggers covering topics related to CSR and sustainability.

Our CEO Greg Schneider says, “3BL Media’s initial foray… Continue

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Nancy Pearlman

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How Volunteering Changed My Life: An Interview With Chris Jarvis

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Everyone has a story. Call it a journey, an… Continue

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Where chaos begins, classical science stops. There has always been ignorance about disorder in the atmosphere, in the turbulent sea, in the fluctuations of wildlife populations, the oscillations of the heart and brain...

Classical (western) science is the science of logic, of linearity, of definitions... We believe that where 'classical science stops', the real fun begins. We want to explore the chaos of ideas that try to depict this adventurous… Continue

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Immediately usable strategies and tactics for personal and business sustainability

I read a great book over the recent holidays, Strategies for Sustainability - A Business Manifesto by Adam Werbach the Global CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi S.

I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting and have been back to it several times. It now has a permanent place on my desk. I liked the idea presented of helping people create personal sustainability projects as a key to their work.

For many years now I have been helping organisations to ensure that… Continue

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Wisdom: We Need More Leadership Like This

This blog was originally posted at the Thought Rocket blog, The Greatest Thing.

It’s easy to be outraged at the incompetence and greed apparent in business leadership. Titanic ethical failures like Enron, failures in judgment by General Motors and greed-induced insanity by our major financial institutions have caused millions to suffer. Leadership failure is so bad the Economist magazine reports that only 2% of… Continue

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New study reveals gap between real and perceived sustainability in top North American brands

A new study titled MapChange 2010 shows that major North American brands are still not hitting the consumer mark when it comes to sustainability.

The study incorporates both actual measurements on climate change action being undertaken by over 90 companies across North America, and perception measurements of these companies’ actions by consumers. Companies include category leaders such as Coca-Cola, Groupe Danone, Nike, Gap, P&G, L’Oreal, Microsoft and

The… Continue

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SICU is like a living organism. In the end of every nerve fiber, there are individuals, who are connected with the nerve center, the processor.

Both individuals and organizations have inspiration, ideas, knowledge, experiences, resources and passion. Thousands of people who are independent, but interconnect, can collaborate as a “living organism”, and with short bursts of energy produce potentially higher outputs of value as they… Continue

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