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Eating Recovery Center Expands Treatment Capacity

Eating Recovery Center (, a behavioral hospital providing comprehensive treatment and sustainable recovery for eating disorders, this week announced that it has opened 12 new inpatient and residential beds to help meet an overwhelming demand for full spectrum eating disorder care.

The expansion nearly doubles Eating Recovery Center’s inpatient and… Continue

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The ever-growing business case for CSR/sustainability

In a report for IBM Global Business Services, George Pohle and Jeff Hittner make some excellent points from a survey of 250 global leaders that clearly advocate the business case for CSR/Sustainability including:

“A growing body of evidence asserts that corporations can do well by doing good. Well-known companies have already proven that they can differentiate their brands and reputations as well as their products and services if they take responsibility for the well-being of the… Continue

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What's The Social Purpose of Your Business?

This is a cross post from Paul Klein's Blog

What’s the fundamental question at the core of capitalism? “The question of how you have the right sort of performance with integrity,” said Ben W. Heinman, former General Counsel for GE and Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

I think of performance with integrity in terms of the “social… Continue

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Effective Management in a Globalized Era

We are all victims of Globalization, either we accommodate or we will perish, this is in all ways of our lives starting with ourselves. Hypercompetition as a main driving force push companies and firms either to choose different ways either for them generate profits or to stay outside the game. We all can see Fortune 500 list, and we can make a comparison among their 100 companies listed in 1966, 53 disappeared in 1986, among those 53 companies 34 disappeared in the 90's, the 20… Continue

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Efficient Entrepreneurship - Practical Tips to Start Your New Business Venture

You have an idea, ok, now you want to make it work in order to deliver results in the mean time.

An efficient entrepreneurship basically consists on setting goals to accomplish results in the shorter and longer run. Setting goals is the main step to start a project. Goals to be achievable, measurable and rated up into different stages so you can monitor them more easily till the end of every stage. Your goals should be covered by a fun and entertaining aura all the way around… Continue

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Great insights about climate change

For some great insights into the issues facing Government and NGO representatives and others gathering in Copenhagen in the next few days please check out this excellent work by Green Post Economy.

Be remarkable


Founder Differencemakers Community

Partnering passionate people to change what’s normal for the good of… Continue

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It seems to me that most politicians don't yet realise we live in an age of collaboration

I watched an interview yesterday with Tony Abbott the newly elected leader of the major political party in Australia not in government. He said "our job is to oppose the government." He later in the interview tried to correct himself by saying "our job is to hold the government to account."

Mr. Abbott got elected after extraordinary scenes in his party where one minute they were supporting the governments climate change bill and then they weren't. These decisions and indecision… Continue

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HIV and AIDS : A business issue

HIV and AIDS is a major public health problem in India with an enormous impact on human resources and economy. Approximately 2.31 million people in India are living with HIV or AIDS that primarily affects young and middle-aged adults during their peak productive years (NACO, 2006).At the macro level, AIDS affects the environment in which businesses operates, including markets, investment, services, etc. At the micro level, it leads to greater absenteeism, high turnover and reduced productivity.… Continue

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CSR Reporting Best Practice

Cindy Mehallow of Triple Pundit has put together some excellent insights about CSR reporting including some great work being done by FedEx and Gap.

Please read Cindy’s blog with the links here.

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Partnering passionate people to change what’s normal for the good of… Continue

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Two SUSANTA BISWAS Documentaries got International Festival selection in 2009

Two documentary films directed by SUSANTA BISWAS have participated in two International Festivals in the same year organized by the Government of West Bengal.

The preview committee has recommended the documentary on sustainable effort of tribal women in social forestry titled "Tribal women, afforestation and sustainability" for the screening in the Short & Documentary films Section of 15th Kolkata Film Festival. The film was screened on 17.11.2009 at Bangla Akademi Main… Continue

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A Sunshiney Day

Recently published a simple letter to clients about solar energy investing.
For the interested, here it is:

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While I'm Gone -

For those who enjoy my blog, I have some unfortunate news. I will be undergoing some surgery next week, which will inhibit new posts for a bit. However, my friends, I shall return.

While I'm gone, remember:

1. Listen before engaging

2. Stay focused on your audience and topic

3. Be social - it's kind of fun

4. Content is integral - so is trust

5. Monitor your visibility

6. Add insight and provocative questions - in return you will build your… Continue

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Adrenaline funds community assistance in Swaziland

In the spirit of responsible tourism, white-water rafting operators, Swazi Trails have provided a sum of over ZAR 80,000.00 (approx. US$11,000.00) to a rural riverbank community in central Swaziland.

Mphaphati is a impoverished community of over 100 homesteads, whose existence is a fragile mix of subsistence agriculture and remittances from family members working in the distant agricultural estates and cities of Swaziland, a small country bordering South Africa and… Continue

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Maguindanao Massacre

The Maguindanao election related massacre was the most brutal incident that happened in our country, Philippines. The wife of Bro Ismael “Toto” Mangudadatu, Ginalyn “Gigi”, in-laws, sisters, relatives, friends, and media people, passersby were brutally abused and killed. Bro Toto Mangudadatu is a Governatorial candidate in Maguindanao contesting the seat of incumbent Governor Datu Andal Ampatuan this May 2010 election.

VW Fax Mangudadatu, VW Suharto “Teng” Mangudadatu, Bro Toto… Continue

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The Greatest Movement on Earth

Great insights about the greatest movement on earth by Paul Hawken, one of the great social and environmental justice leaders in the world today.

A must watch video.

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Founder Differencemakers Community

Partnering passionate people to change what’s normal for the good of people, our planet, and for… Continue

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'Tis the Season to Be Working for Good

Out of the ashes of financial crisis, undermined trust, and tattered reputation, a new approach to building and operating companies is emerging, with deep roots and bountiful fruits. With precedents in centenarian companies like Johnson & Johnson and Avon, who have had deep purpose, value creation for multiple stakeholders, and social responsibility baked into their DNA and manifested through their actions for more than 120 years each, and a new generation of companies, such as Whole Foods… Continue

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Connections to Reality

Whenever there is a separation between real everyday life and the "people in charge" be they legislators, bankers or corporate execs, the theories and practices that look good on paper will cause a cascade of unintended consequences. We absolutely need national and global structures - but they need to connect the dots to reality and have the primary influence be grassroots up - reality influencing theory, not the other way around. Our systems are too complex, they need to have the ability to… Continue

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Holy Cow! New Spring 2010 Kids Clothing Line Available

ZOLD is proud to announce the release of Holy Cow's Spring 2010 Kids healthy clothing line in Canada. The Holy Cow Spring kids line features animal characters such as “Jerry the Giraffe” and “Amy the Elephant” both rich in color and pesticide free.

The Holy Cow Spring 2010 Kids collection will appear in stores starting April 2010. Each piece features its own unique 9-digit… Continue

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5 Great Social Media Tools -

I'm always looking for the newest tools and widgets that make my life easier. I only have one arm so I depend on multi-tasking and speed. I put together a list of tools I've found to help.

Yoono - Useful Multi-task Tool - Yoono is an Internet plug-in that creates a sidebar on your browser (but you can decide if you want it visible or not). You can pick from 10 social networks that you update or follow the most. After putting in your settings, Yoono shows all updates on the social… Continue

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