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Featured Content – December 2009 Archive (12)

My top 10 predictions for 2010

1) Politicians will be less seen as world leaders due to their monumental failure to lead in Copenhagen. World Leaders will be the social entrepreneurs and business people who actually do things that make a difference. I call these folk insightpreneurs™ and differencemakers™. Insightpreneurs™ are experts at turning information into insight into inspiration into ideas into innovation, fast. Differencemakers™ are folk who innovate for the good of people and our planet.

2) Social media… Continue

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Schwab Foundation looking for social entrepreneurs in Asia

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship is searching for outstanding social entrepreneurs in Asian countries where we do not currently have national competitions. Schwab Foundation is looking for social entrepreneurs who are innovators implementing practical and sustainable solutions on the ground to address problems in a wide variety of areas, including (but not limited to) health, education, poverty alleviation, the environment, financial inclusion and enterprise… Continue

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Post Copenhagen action regardless of the results of the conference

I don't need any scientific evidence for climate change and the human contribution to it.

I have seen it with my own eyes.

I think the wrong people by enlarged have been at the Copenhagen conference. I think we need to take away the perceived right of politicians and bureaucrats to be making the kind of negotiations that are being attempted at the Copenhagen conference on climate change this week. Why? - because self interest tends to rule among these folk rather than… Continue

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Pushing for climate justice at COP15

Today grassroots activists from all over the world marched on the COP15 summit with the aim of taking over the conference for one day and transforming it into a People’s Assembly. The Reclaim Power action was intended to give a voice to those who are not being heard, to be an opportunity to change the agenda, to discuss the real solutions, to send a clear message to the world calling for climate justice.

After mass arrests of protestors and street medics who gathered at the meeting… Continue

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Footage from the streets of Copenhagen

International grassroots network Climate Justice Action have been out on the streets of Copenhagen this week during the UN climate summit. This footage documents their story.

Climate campers discuss the upcoming Reclaim Power action on the way to Copenhagen.

On the 16th of December, Climate Justice Action will try to take over the COP15 conference for one day and transform it into a Peoples Assembly. The… Continue

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Corporate Volunteering: Top 7 Requests & the Bad, Better and Best Responses (2 of 7)

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

“We want an activity that can be done together as a team”

Companies want to engage their communities through employee volunteering programs. For most, this means calling a non-profit and scheduling an activity. But… Continue

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Green is good regardless of what they do or don't do in Copenhagen

What to know more about green business, green urban development, green lifestyle, art, and architecture, food and sustainability, wildlife, ecosysystems, and conservation, climate change, and/or sustainable energy? then check out the 100 lectures available here at online college.

Be remarkable


Founder Differencemakers… Continue

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Twitter & Employees: Here's How To Do It Right

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Michael Stelzner, of interviews John Bernier, the Social Media Manager at…


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The ever-growing business case for CSR/sustainability

In a report for IBM Global Business Services, George Pohle and Jeff Hittner make some excellent points from a survey of 250 global leaders that clearly advocate the business case for CSR/Sustainability including:

“A growing body of evidence asserts that corporations can do well by doing good. Well-known companies have already proven that they can differentiate their brands and reputations as well as their products and services if they take responsibility for the well-being of the… Continue

Added by Ian Berry on December 9, 2009 at 12:52am — 2 Comments

What's The Social Purpose of Your Business?

This is a cross post from Paul Klein's Blog

What’s the fundamental question at the core of capitalism? “The question of how you have the right sort of performance with integrity,” said Ben W. Heinman, former General Counsel for GE and Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

I think of performance with integrity in terms of the “social… Continue

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Effective Management in a Globalized Era

We are all victims of Globalization, either we accommodate or we will perish, this is in all ways of our lives starting with ourselves. Hypercompetition as a main driving force push companies and firms either to choose different ways either for them generate profits or to stay outside the game. We all can see Fortune 500 list, and we can make a comparison among their 100 companies listed in 1966, 53 disappeared in 1986, among those 53 companies 34 disappeared in the 90's, the 20… Continue

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HIV and AIDS : A business issue

HIV and AIDS is a major public health problem in India with an enormous impact on human resources and economy. Approximately 2.31 million people in India are living with HIV or AIDS that primarily affects young and middle-aged adults during their peak productive years (NACO, 2006).At the macro level, AIDS affects the environment in which businesses operates, including markets, investment, services, etc. At the micro level, it leads to greater absenteeism, high turnover and reduced productivity.… Continue

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