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Crowding to a Cause

Crowdfunding is generally defined as an internet-based collective effort between people who pool money to help fund an activity or an entrepreneurial endeavor. Also called crowdsourcing, crowdfunding is used to underwrite a variety of activities, including new products, artistic efforts, political campaigns or scientific research, just to name a few.  In return, if a product…


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How are international aid projects like U.S. presidential elections?

Yes We Can: The campaign/proposal writing

You have to get lots of people involved. In fact, the more people who share your vision, the better. You tell the voters/donors what they want to hear. Persuasion and hyperbole can be more important than substance. The popular vote/buy-in of the people served may be irrelevant in the end. You’re happy (though thoroughly exhausted) when the campaign is over/proposal is submitted, but the hard work is yet to…


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New report: How do businesses make and manage their social impact?

Uscreates has published a new report, ‘How and why are businesses having a positive social impact?’

Part of Uscreates' Business Social Impact Initiative (BSII), th e report is based on the findings from our conversations with over 20 people in a number of…


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2012 Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value winner announced and 2014 call for nominations launched

We have recently announced the winner of our 2012 Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value at our annual Global Creating Shared Value Forum in New Delhi, India. At the same time we have launched the call for nominations for the 2014 Prize. Nominations are open until 31st March 2013.



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Sodexo Globally Recognized By Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes For Eighth Consecutive Year

Sodexo, Inc., the world leader in Quality of Life Services, was again recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) as the global leader in its industry segment.

In its North American operations, Sodexo continues to drive progress toward its Better Tomorrow Plan commitments with the development of its people, support for local…


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NGOs Partnering with Business to Accelerate Shared Value

It used to be that a typical meeting between a business and nongovernmental organisation (NGO) resulted in one of two outcomes: confrontation or a donation. Think Greenpeace versus McDonalds or corporate philanthropic funding to the United Way and Habitat for Humanity.

But times are changing.
Riding the wave of public-private partnerships and the idea of shared value, NGOs are rethinking their relationship with the private sector to better meet their…

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You Made Me Look!

By Bahar Gidwani

Few things can be as ironic as the breakfast buffet at a sustainability conference.  You’ll seepaper coffee cups, plastic forks, and too much food.  If the organizers really cared about our welfare (and that of our planet), maybe they should cut down on the number of eggs, eliminate the heavily sugared pastries, and rethink that mound of fried bacon?  How about also using some cloth napkins and china plates?

So, I suppose I wasn’t that…


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NYC Infrastructure Owners Can’t Ignore Flood Risk After Tropical Storm Irene In 2011 And Superstorm Sandy In 2012

Following the impact of superstorm Sandy, more than 7 per cent of the US population were estimated to be without electrical power on Tuesday October 30th. In New York City alone 3 million people were left without power primarily in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. At one point it is reported that more than 1 million ConEdison customers lost power – and note that a customer may be an entire apartment block housing hundreds of people. The negative economic impact is estimated to be in the range…


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Sustainability budgets set to rise in 2013

Register now for the complimentary Verdantix webinar, Global Sustainability Leaders Survey: Budgets & Priorities 2013, on November 15th, to understand the findings from our annual survey of 250 global heads of sustainability. Presented by Verdantix CEO, David Metcalfe, we will also share survey data on governance for sustainability spending, the authority of heads of sustainability to make decisions on different initiatives and key purchase drivers.

This unique global…


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Get Your Employees Engaged in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

hurricane sandy jersey shore “Unthinkable.”   



The worst superstorm in 100 years has left the Northeast, Cuba and Haiti reeling from historic damage.  Deaths, floods, power outages and wreckage comprise the plight of communities across the East Coast.  

Now is no time to sit on the sidelines; millions of people need your help.  Companies can - and should - step up and demonstrate their leadership by engaging their employees in disaster relief…


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Are we on track for 2015?

On Tuesday Gavin Bate (Director of Adventure Alternative and founder of Moving Mountains Trust) attended an event to discuss what will happen when the date for completion of the Millennium Development Goals expires. This week the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, co-chaired by the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron is meeting to discuss the new global framework of development and in…


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You're Special

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

I work with business owners/leaders of medium sized business and leaders of divisions in multi-national companies to lift employee performance by enhancing their gifts.

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VOYAGE SOLIDAIRE SUMMARY: ( a virtuous circle … and world)

VOYAGE SOLIDAIRE SUMMARY: ( a virtuous circle … and world)

  • We showcase a new project combining tourism, fundraising and sustainable development. 
  • Project consists in financing charity actions (destination, home country, third country, with the total choice of the customer).
  • These donations (Environment, Sustainability, Social action, Human Rights, Education,…

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