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material downsizing-is there need for despair?

Guest SSPP Blogger Post "Sustainable Consumption and Austerity " By Maurie Cohen

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Sustainable Production and Consumption Starts to Get Real in the Marketplace

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) took a major step forward today when they announced the completion of 10 Category Sustainability Profiles as part of research on 50 product categories, with a commitment to develop 50 additional product categories by the end of 2011. The profiles provide accessible and actionable information for a wide range of companies on supply chain impacts. This knowledge allows institutions to take actions that reduce production…


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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Natural Step Canada Announces New Executive Director, Chad Park (effective January 1, 2012)

The Board of Directors of The Natural Step Canada is pleased and proud to announce that after a nation-wide search, it has…


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Choose - Decide - Do it this week

This weeks sparkenation.

I participated in an excellent webinar ‘Why should anyone believe your business is worth knowing’ on 24th November presented by my friend and colleague Kwai Yu, the Founder of Leaders Cafe and Linchpin Academy.

Kwai used a great insight from Sydney Harris to stimulate discussion. I love it and quickly captured the screenshot below.…


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Reinventing the Role of Paper in the Digital World

Right now, Domtar is evolving to become a fiber-based technology company, not just a pulp and paper company.  Now we’re asking, what’s next? How can we go beyond FSC certification?  We’re looking at our EarthChoice product line as an evolution, and as a principle we want to apply more broadly. …


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Letting the snark flow

Does snark among aid bloggers go too far? Do aid workers just need and deserve to let off steam? Or does the language we use matter, because it either closes down or opens up dialogue, especially with our partners?

I’m not sure, frankly. (See some others illustrate the points here and…


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Hallowed Halls or Ghost Towns?

This week I re-entered an aid “institution” after five years of working with small foundations and local groups.

After just two short days, I can’t help but be reminded of why I left.

I am once again surrounded by smart, driven, committed people. But unfortunately they are largely a group of people who are also exhausted, overwhelmed, and discouraged by fighting while propagating the very organizations in which they serve. From my still outsider’s perspective, it’s as if the…


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Friday’s Poetic Pause: “Ungrateful”

The annual expressions of gratitude from the U.S.’ Thanksgiving holiday now subsided, I share a poem I wrote yesterday about how hard it is at times to be genuinely grateful.

Over the past year, I have been fortunate enough to live rent-free, staying with friends and family. But that has also meant that I have been someone’s houseguest.

After I wrote this reflection, I wondered: Is there a parallel to be drawn with those at the…


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Are we allowing social media to ruin our real relationships?

I estimate the total number of different people that I am connected to online is more than 3000 people. I am a minnow of course. I can’t imagine life for those with more than a million twitter followers!

The key for me is that I have real relationships with about 150 people. Significantly Robin Dunbar’s number has been the constant for me pre and post social media.

The main value of having a significant social…


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Nalco Named One Of America’s Safest Companies

Nalco (NYSE: NLC), providing essential expertise for water, energy and air, has been named one of America’s Safest…


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Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy Adds Interactive Capabilities to Enhance Scholarly Articles


Teamwork with U.S. National Library of Medicine enables readers to engage with SSPP articles

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The Radically Engaged Business - An Interview with Paul Marchand, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, PepsiCo

Paul Marchand, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, PepsiCo sat down for an interview at the 6thannual Edelman Change Summit highlighting Best Practices in Internal Communications which took place October 6th in New York, NY.

The theme of this year’s Summit was The Radically Engaged Business: Creating a Culture Energized Through Citizenship.  The day included an excellent array of guest speakers who shared their own unique experiences and…


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Applying A Framework To Business Sustainability Risk

In Expanding Perspectives of Business Sustainability Risk and other previously released posts, our sustainability consulting has focused its attention on defining key risks, identifying reference points, and evaluating the potential impacts to long-term business sustainability. Expanding on this discussion, we turn our attention to ‘risk assessment’ by exploring popular risk frameworks and their applicability to business sustainability risk…


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"The automobile’s central role in transportation planning must end."

 see New SSPP Blog Post from Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy
"The True Cost of Automobiles."

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SSPP New Data Discovery Tool

SSPP is introducing Academic Programs in Sustainability, a new data discovery tool that allows users to explore a growing database of more than 100 worldwide educational institutions, offering more than 150 degree granting sustainability programs.  The database aims to increase the visibility of these programs to the sustainability…


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Event: CEO Dialogue on Leading Growth

How can companies not just survive, but thrive in the new business environment of lower growth, social unrest and…


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