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Direct Action: The East African Drought

 Realized Worth would like to thank Faith Bachlow for the following guest post. For all the talk we do about the value of volunteering, we thought it was time to provide our readers with a direct route to take action. Here's a significant way to address the desperation that is rampant right now in East Africa due to the multi-year drought.



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Who will save Uganda's birds from rice farmers?

Dying for a grain of Rice


‘We should be able to kill about one thousand birds with this’.  Ronald says wiping beads of sweat off his face using the back of his left hand. I stare at him my face expressionless as he uses his other hand to mix carbofurlan powder into a basinful of rice grain.

This is the only way we can be able to harvest some rice, otherwise the birds will feed on all the ‘milk’ as soon as the rice flowers leaving us to harvest empty unfilled husks. He…


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GE Citizenship Report: Creating Sustainable Value for Shareowners

In its seventh annual Citizenship Report, GE discusses how it creates value for its shareowners by confronting some of the biggest global sustainability challenges, for example by developing products and services in clean energy, energy-efficient infrastructures and transportation, clean water, and affordable healthcare. This feature story is also posted on their Web site where GE invites comments. …


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Corporate Value Chain Approach to Measuring Material Impacts

Welcome to our new blog post on CSR from a Canadian business perspective! To see our previous posts, please visit our blog at…


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What is the “Killer Cause” for Workplace Giving Programs?

From the Benevity Just BeCause Blog

A lot of times companies ask us: what is the “killer cause” that will make my workplace giving program (or cause marketing campaign) sing? And we think we know the answer. It’s not some magical charity that cuts across every demographic; it’s much simpler than that. The killer cause is the charity or charities (small or large,…


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What Does ‘Greening’ a Business Have to do with Profitability?


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GE release seventh annual Citizenship Report

GE released its seventh annual Citizenship Report today, focused on “Sustainable Growth.” The report outlines the company’s wide-ranging efforts to address key global challenges, from struggling cities to water scarcity, from financial volatility to chronic disease, among several others. GE details its work within two primary global citizenship themes: “Energy and Climate Change” and “Sustainable Healthcare.”

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What we all really want

I had a coffee this week with a reader of my changing what’s normal book. It was the first time we had met. I was thrilled to hear his story of how he is changing what’s normal in his own life.

He then surprised me by giving me a gift, a book called Odyssey - Pepsi to Apple ... a journey of adventure, ideas, and the future. The book is John Sculley’s side of his friendship pre and during his role as CEO of Apple,

and then fall out with Steve Jobs.

The following… Continue

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The Key to Unlocking the Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

Skills-based volunteering vs. general volunteering: When it comes to long-term impacts, skills-based will win every time. So why am I still an advocate for general volunteering? Read on and join the conversation. You can comment at the bottom of the page or contact me at



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GE Thumbs Its Nose at Outsourcing, Builds World-Class Data Center


GE has revealed it’s new “green” data center, which is located on the same site where the world’s first commercial computer was installed in 1954. The data center was constructed by GE’s internal IT department at GE Appliances & Lighting in Louisville, Kentucky. While more and more companies are pursuing outsourcing their IT services, GE is taking an opposing view and concentrating it in-house.


GE thumbs its nose at outsourcing, builds world-class… Continue

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CSC Co-Sponsoring a Compliance and Sustainability Survey with Chemical Week Magazine

As part of the global chemical industry we would like to invite you to participate in …


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Are you reading this?

Then you should take this survey.

In other words, it’s for people who read aid blogs.

Why should you bother? For one reason, it's short. It's also anonymous. And most notably, your interests and habits are important to us, the bloggers.

See what the @SmartAid folks and other bloggers have to say about the survey via…


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Already “of” the community

We’ve all seen many participation typologies over the years. But with the one below, which I created when examining local partners’ final reports in 2009, I was trying to describe some simple categories of approaches to working with communities that local non-governmental organizations utilize. It was also meant to capture that fine line that can exist between a community-based organization (CBO) and a community,…


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GrowFish: True Food Security

Food Security. Purpose/Scope

This précis provides a short summary of the rationale for Growfish without detailed market or financial projections. The full Business Plan can be provided to qualified interested parties upon request.

The Problem:

Food Security/Poverty/ Hunger

A food crisis of significant proportions is developing and its impact will be felt the greatest in Africa. In West Africa people derive as much as…


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Genpact NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2012- Last Date extended to 12th September,2011

Spark your innovation with NASSCOM Foundation’s 4th edition of the NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours


NASSCOM Foundation, in association with Genpact opens entries for India’s most impactful social enterprise projects, using technology to solve India’s social and environmental issues.


The awards aim to showcase projects that demonstrate best practices in using Information and Communication Technology (ICT)…


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Another Must Listen

On the treadmill this morning (a time I usually reserve for non-development thinking), a story from Malawi popped up via This American Life on my ipod. They continue covering stories on aid issues in ways that are, for the most part, respectful and engaging, this one specifically related to HIV prevention programs.

This American Life 444: Gossip, Originally aired 8/26/11 Summary from the…

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