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"Doing well by doing good"

"Doing well by doing good" and "reaching out and giving back" are key strategies for growth of some of the world's largest organisations. Why not you? Find out more by reading an excellent article in Harvard Business Review by Sylvia Ann Hewlett here. The article is headed "Boost Performance By Tapping Employees' Altruism"

Be… Continue

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NREGA : Entitlement and Accountability

Reaction to NREGA, the flagship program of the UPA government that provides a legal guarantee for one hundred days of employment every year to adult members of any rural household do public work-related unskilled manual work at the statutory minimum wage, has been varied even among the social activists. While some have lauded it as one of the frontrunner program based on an entitlement approach, others have compared it to crumbs being thrown at the poor, finally conceding that perhaps crumbs… Continue

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Are your values on the wall lived in the hall?

Be remarkable


Founder Differencemakers Community

Writer and International Business Speaker on how doing good is great for… Continue

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What’s the balance between attending conferences and doing actual work?

Fall seems to be a particularly heavy conference season, at least for the community development, financial services set. OFN, CFED, SEEP, Net Impact, Slow Money, etc. I could probably spend all of my waking time at conferences. But, what’s the balance between doing one’s work and learning/sharing with others in the field? Certainly, you can’t just work in isolation. People need to learn from others, gain new perspectives of what is happening in the field, see old friends, prospect new clients,… Continue

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Where to begin when it comes to CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained such importance that undertake actions of this nature has become almost indispensable for contemporary enterprises in all economic sectors. Increasingly, the growing demands of consumers and society in general are urging companies to "do something" about social social responsibility, "something" which is expected to have a significant and immediate social or environmental impact, and to emerge from dialogue with each and every interest group… Continue

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Greening the Supply Chain

Please check out my blog in International Institute of Solidarity Economy Blog -

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Fundraising? A Good Cause Is No Longer Enough

Please Don't Ask Me to Give to Your Cause, Unless….

The following is an open letter from Kristen Parrinello. She is writing to her friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who may ask…

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FCC Chairman: Net Neutrality is on his Agenda!

In a move to strengthen the Obama technology agenda on Net Neutrality, Julius Genachowski chairman of the FCC will speak to the Brookings Institute this Monday to role out his plan for this hot topic for legislators. This comes after Comcast was chided by the FCC for restricting its bandwidth to “Internet Hogs”, or at least one in particular, where Comcast networks could not accommodate the increase in bandwidth thereby slowing performance for other customers.

There are two sides to… Continue

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"Green T" is hugging a tree today at noon in Santa Monica. "Green T" is hugging a tree today at noon in Santa Monica. At the "PUBLIC GROUP TREE HUG" 12:00 Noon (until 1:00PM) Santa Monica Palisades Park at the Childr...en's Tree of Life Ocean Ave. at Colorado Ave. (just north of the… Continue

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PHOTOS: ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilions Eco-Emmy Suite: eco tv host "Green T"

ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilions Eco-Emmy Suite at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills 61st Primetime Emmy Awards watch photoshow now:

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"Green T" at Crude, a new film by Joe Berlinger which covers oil contamination in the rainforests of Ecuador.

"Green T" at LA Green Drinks at EL Cid on Sunset Blvd at the historic Flamenco Dinner Theatre and then Harmony Gold Theatre on Sunset for the Premiere of "Crude" a new film by Joe Berlinger which covers oil contamination in the rainforests of Ecuador.… Continue

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3 Reasons Why You’re Finding It Hard to Find And Keep Volunteers - And What To Do About It

The following blog entry is a cross-post from my blog Realizing Your Worth.

Volunteer rates are down, but more people are talking about the importance of volunteering. There’s a… Continue

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NEW VIDEO: "Green T" at ECO STAR AWARDS for in Santa Monica




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Poverty Needs Marketing

You can make a difference and help turn poverty into prosperity.....come and visit our show, see the creativity and beauty the comes from master artisans in developing countries and learn about what we do

Brandaid Project`s Masks and Mirrors

September 13 - 26, 10 am - 6 pm

DVF Gallery

444 W. 14th Street

New York

Founded by three Canadians and an American, Brandaid Project ( is a solution to global poverty that combines… Continue

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“Share Your Heart” in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Entertainment Industry Foundation announced today the launch of a heart-wrenching video to raise awareness of Lee National Denim Day, one of the largest single-day fundraisers benefiting the Women’s Cancer Programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). The video, entitled “Share Your Heart”, encourages people to participate in Denim Day by sharing intimate stories… Continue

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Stand Up To Cancer - Manage Your Treatment

Award-winning actresses Edie Falco and Cynthia Nixon appear in a new Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) public service campaign ( to educate cancer patients and their loved ones about the increased risk of infection during cancer treatment and the importance of learning how to manage one’s risk.

Often patients are overwhelmed… Continue

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International Financial Centers and the Financial Crisis: could a development approach allow sustainability?

Trinidad & Tobago is currently gearing to become the Caribbean’s top International Financial Centre (TTIFC). According to the Oliver Wyman August 2007 report, which recommends Trinidad as ripe for this opportunity, three types of financial services are to be focused on:

1. Capital Markets – where Trinidad & Tobago is currently the CARICOM leader in debt capital markets.

2. Credit Card Collections Centre.

3. Middle/back-office – Trinidad & Tobago’s local banks… Continue

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A Little Piece, by Benjamin Harris

Harris 1 While participating and being actively involved in development work, a bilateral exchange usually occurs whereby the Westerner learns more from the community than aid or help is actually given. During these bilateral experiences, people use clichés such as, “enlightening, life altering and change.” This idealism, and “do-good spirit,” quickly transforms, when one actually sees the harsh reality facing the developing world. As an African American, I was completely ignorant about Africa… Continue

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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Debunking the myth and mystery.

There are certain business phrases and adjectives that conjure very specific meanings…strategic planning, supply chain management, auditing, risk assessment…the list goes on.

And then there is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). What is it, really?

Via attendance of the V Summit of the Americas regional Civil Society Forum held in October 2008, we learned from many grassroots organizations the trials and tribulations of dealing with the public and private sectors. At… Continue

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