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Erle Frayne Argonza

Good morning!

Back to our Georgia-Russia peregrinations, we may wonder whether oligarchic operators were behind the so-called ‘revolution’ that toppled former Georgian leader Shevarnadze. I am much aware of the machinations of Anglo-American-European oligarchs in toppling the Marcos regime in the 80s and its replacement by the oligarchic stooge Corazon Aquino.

Below is a report from the Executive Intelligence Review that identifies… Continue

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David Drayton's Nicaragua Journal, Summer 2008

David Drayton’s

Nicaragua Journal

5/24/2008 – 6/7/2008

Group/Family photo at the end of the trip. From left to right: Dimitrije (my roommate), Edwin (Zsida's older son), Zsida (host), Cesar (Zsida's younger son), Anna (local teacher), and me.

Special Thanks to the Harvard Project for Sustainable Development

Saturday (5/24/08):

Mom and Dad dropped me off at Harvard Square to meet the rest of… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

It may behoove many folks to conclude that the recent Georgia-Russia conflict was an isolated event that has got to do largely with the localized problem in South Ossetia. Before the folks would make their conclusions and curse Russia to the hilt, they better take note of the facts well, most specially those facts related to the Georgia leadership’s direct connections with the Anglo-European oligarchy that installed the same leadership to power.

There… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

Just exactly what is the overall purpose of the recent Georgia-Russia conflict within the broad context of the agenda of the global oligarchy? Does it have to do with the broad war that was hatched that will begin in the Middle East, with the oligarchic proxy vassal-states taking sides in the conflict? Was the conflict a mere acid test case by the same elites to assess the offensive capabilities of Russia at this juncture?

Below is a report from the… Continue

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Development of the "Rainbow Game", by Ashley Harden

As a nine week intern in India, time is short and work is hectic. Although, I have limited time here, I was still able (with the support of the FSD site team and my co-workers) to implement and obtain funding for a project. The Institute for Local Self-Governance and Responsible Citizenship, my host organization, conducts bi-weekly, trainings for members of panchayati raj (India’s village government and representative system). The Institute does not have any substantial data that can be used to… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

Good morning!

Going back to the recent Georgia-Russia conflict, which is actually a mere dress rehearsal of NATO for its future big war upon the installation of a totalitarian North Atlantic Empire in the near future, the thesis was raised that Georgia had turned itself into a (b) vassal-state of the Anglo-European oligarchy (or ‘global oligarchy’) and (b) was the same elite’s surrogate it its conflict with Russia.

It would pay to know just… Continue

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Greetings to you from Goodwill social work centre,Madurai,India.I have created a series of web albums of our various social projects undertaken by our organisation in and around Madurai,Tamilnadu,India.If you are interested, you may please log on the following link.

Thank you so much for viewing my web albums.

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel

Executive Director

Goodwill social work… Continue

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I guess I am a little ticked off tonight. Here I am watching the Olympics and I am bombarded with Exxon ads featuring high-minded employees touting Exxon’s $750,000 contribution to fight malaria with mosquito nets. Then I go to my computer and I get a feed on a Corporate Social Responsibility website called Responsible China (!) praising Exxon humanitarian work. Okay. I know Exxon actually does contribute to humanitarian causes in all kinds of oil-rich off-the-beaten-path countries. It is good… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

The ‘peace arena’ is getting to be fuzzier by the day as armed hostilities are escalating worldwide. The latest among these was that brief full-scale hostilities between Georgia and Russia, hostilities that were directly related to South Ossetia.

On the level of appearance, it was a conflict among neighbors Georgia and Russia. However, when one reflects on the added facet of Georgia’s application to the NATO as a member-state, the underpinning… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

Dreadful night to everyone!

What a dreadful way to greet fellows. I just mean to humor you pals a bit. We got too many hostilities going on in the planet today, and so I’m trying to capture the cryptic mien of the moment via a ‘dreadful’ greet.

Right here in Manila, the Philippine state finally decided to scrap the MOA with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or MILF. In the perception of palace bureaucrats, the MILF rebels have been using the… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

Good day!

A retired US general recently spoke about the overall conduct of war in Afghanistan. To the surprise and chagrin of defense experts and officials, the general most candidly declared that Afghanistan was a disaster.

The retired general spoke more like a development expert than a uniformed defense official. Accordingly, there is no military solution to Afghanistan’s problems. The ideas proposed by the same (ret) uniformed official… Continue

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Automatic Volunteer Management: <br/> How to Offer A Great Volunteer Experience (1 of 6)


Having the capability of starting and operating hands-free.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, which began in Great Britain in the 18th century, almost 80% of Agrarian (agricultural) societies were focused on self subsistence, which roughly means “just enough to get by.” There was no ‘middle class’ and very little new revenue - with the exception of the gold bullion coming across the Atlantic from ancient… Continue

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Faulu Kenya’s Welfare Association: Keeping Members on the Bridge to Success, by Ryan Gentzler

I learned about the concept of microfinance about a year and a half ago, and the idea instantly captured my attention. Reading about Muhammad Yunus’ experience starting and building the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh gave me visions of leaving for an exotic faraway land where I would trudge through sweltering jungles to meet with loan groups in secluded villages, handing out funds and beaming as each proud entrepreneur in turn stood and ceremoniously handed me the coins she had toiled for that…


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Solar bags go bling

An interesting looking bag I came across this morning...a solar powered bag for the fashionable lady or even for the man who is extremely comfortable with his sexuality. The new Solarjo Power Purse costs about $285, and looks like something you might find in a high end fashion store. The purse is covered in solar cells that can soak up enough sun in two hours to charge a cell phone battery. The PV cells are laminated for protection from scratches, and two batteries held in the lining of the… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

The World Trade Organization may be dead in the woods. We may need to prepare dirges as a form of respect for this deadwood institution. It isn’t working at all, this idea of global trade regime galvanized as WTO and the GATT before it.

Probably the idea of ‘globalization’ as proposed by contemporary thinkers, which concretely incarnated in the institution of the WTO, may have been badly incubated. It’s like forcing antiquarian ideas of free… Continue

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Best Practices in Water and Sanitation Services

August 18, 2008—Two out of five people worldwide lack access to a toilet. One out of six does not have access to safe drinking water. This lack contributes to two million child deaths a year, reduces school attendance, and is a fundamental deprivation of human dignity. Lack of sanitation pollutes water resources.

The costs of environmental and health degradation due to inadequate water and sanitation has been estimated at over 1% of GDP in Colombia, 0.6% in Tunisia, and 1.4% in… Continue

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How To Offer a Great Volunteer Experience!

If you have some experience with volunteer management, you’re likely to recognize the following steps which are how you, as an organization, offer the best possible volunteer experience:

PLAN. Work with your board and staff to identify volunteer roles and support systems.

RECRUIT. Promote your mission and clearly articulate the volunteer needs.

ORGANIZE and TRAIN. Provide comprehensive orientation and training as appropriate.

SUPERVISE and EVALUATE. Ensure tasks are… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

Is the global economy moving downward towards a devastating collapse?

If we employ a long-term Kondratieff cycle to model the world economy, we can see that the period beginning in 1935 approximately (when the big market economies US-UK-Germany moved towards another cycle of growth approximately after the Great Depression) should have ended around 1995 approximately, after which comes another great depression.

As early as 1989,… Continue

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Adivasis' landlessness and the Law

BANGLADESH-For a people who had been associated with the land since time immemorial, Adibashis find themselves slowly losing their land either due to the dictate of the law, land grabbing, and demands of the times to cope with financial difficulties. Landlessness is a major problem among the Adibashis where 80%-90% of Adibashis are landless and the remaining landed 10% are on the brink of losing their lands.

With the entrance of colonizers, they slowly lose their lands. No law had… Continue

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Las Mentes Bien Preparadas, by Kelly Mannion

“Promocionar y desarrollar integralmente al hombre, generando igualdad de accesos y oportunidades.” This is the central mission of Fundación Pro Humanae Vitae, a group of dedicated volunteers tied together by overpowering belief in the equal development of the human person in every sense of the word – economic, social, cultural, political, moral. Founded by Sra. Graciela Sánchez in 1995, the Fundación…


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