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Triple Quest Hydraid BioSand Water Filter Programme Central America



Dear Stakeholder,…


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Making the Move

written by Siphelele Sibisi

It is always good to do something and be recognized. For the past two and a half years Sithule and me have always been going to schools for Life Skills Training and tournaments where we would meet with the kids and teachers. But now I got the chance to look at our job as life skills…


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Integrating Your Business Goals with CSR Strategies

Integrating Your Business Goals with CSR Strategies

Explore new ways to build competitive advantage by integrating your company's business goals with powerful CSR strategies.  Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education is offering …


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Corporate Volunteerism for Incurable Cynics

This blog originally appeared in The Huffington Post.

There’s one in every crowd and at least one at every workplace; the cynic. She might be highly motivated and intensely career minded, but your garden variety cynic tends to be skeptical of…


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Stop trying to manage people

“I hate managing people” was my client’s opening comment, before we had greeted one another in our usual friendly manner. “Great. Time to stop trying.” was my reply. My client gave me an out of character blank look. “People cannot be managed.” I said. Another blank look.

I meet so many people negatively stressed by their perceived inability to solve so called people problems. After many years of observing and interacting with people I am led to the following…


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“Emotional and social well-being is not an afterthought”

This week I attended the XIX International AIDS Conference on behalf of REPSSI (The Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative.) Based in Johannesburg, REPSSI trains "front-line" service providers on children's emotional and social well-being and works with governments and NGOs to develop child-friendly policy frameworks in 13 countries in southern & eastern Africa. There are at least 1,994 project sites where REPSSI approaches are being applied and…


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‘On the Ball‘ Life Skills Project in Umlazi

written by Florian Meichsner

With our last world-cup style tournament being held for Egagasini Secondary School on 15 June, our work in Umlazi, one of South Africa’s biggest townships, has come to an end. Since 2009, our Life Skills…


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CSR Engagement with FSD - Making CSR Sustainable through Non-Profit Partners

Corporate Social Responsibility in the past has been focused on humanizing companies and erasing negative corporate actions by highlighting positive changes driven by in-cash donations, employee volunteering, and cause sponsorship. This type of CSR is limited by company time-lines and manpower, current popular sustainability topics in the media, and the fiscal year. Most corporate citizenship strategies enter into a cause with no or little prior knowledge of the foundations of the problem,…


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A Skills-Based Revolutionary: Taproot’s Aaron Hurst

A taproot is the core root of a plant that gathers nutrients from lateral roots and delivers them to the plant so it can flourish.  Which makes it the perfect name for an organization that sees itself as a taproot for the nonprofit sector, drawing nutrients from the business community and delivering them to nonprofits so they can thrive.  

Aaron Hurst launched…


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The Future of CSR Reporting

Brave One’s new digital publishing service engages stakeholders by creating immersive and engaging CSR publications 


Brave One, a digital marketing agency specializing in CSR communications, today announced their new digital publishing service, the agency’s latest offering to help maximize the reach and impact…


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Hilton: Sustainability Measurement is Part of the Brand

As previously seen on the CSRHub blog.

By Farron Levy

Hilton owns fewer than 50 of the 3,800 hotels that fly the Hilton flag, but the chain’s brand standards govern what the independent owners can do.  While every big hotel chain has a sustainability program, …


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New Concepts in Sustainable Spend Management

“In addition to attracting and retaining talented category managers to identify new savings areas, leading Procurement organizations also unpack complex spend categories into more manageable subcategories. Keep in mind that the highest return opportunities are not necessarily the projects with the highest amount of spend or those that are easiest to implement.”  –CEB Views

Following in these footsteps, a recent Spend Management post chronicles one organization’s efforts to make its…

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Voting Gets Personal

True inspiration…


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MGM Resorts International Releases Corporate Responsibility Report

Advancements in Corporate Social Responsibility for MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) are chronicled in its first consolidated Corporate Social Responsibility Report (

Themed “Inspiring Our World”, the report reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to inspiring responsible behavior in Diversity &…


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2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit Insights: Video Interview with Greg Price, VolunteerMatch

The 3BL Media video team was on location at the 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit to capture footage and insights from the annual event. This series of videos captures comments from thought leaders and practitioners about effective community involvement programs.

Greg Price, the Chief Services Officer here at VolunteerMatch, oversees almost all of the areas that impact our corporate clients: Product, Sales, Client Relations, Marketing and Communications… so understandably, he has an…


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We choose our thoughts and our emotions

I read a great insight in the Virgin Airlines Voyeur magazine on a flight yesterday from performance psychologist Dr. Phil Jauncey:

“There is a big misconception in sport and the corporate arena in which people think you need to get your mind right to perform, but that’s not true.

Mental toughness isn’t the ability to get your mind right before an event, it’s being able to execute when your mind is saying you can’t.”

In the article Jauncey is also quoted as saying…


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Are sustainability management projects suffering due to lack of finance?

ISQEM are keen to hear you personal point of view on if sustainability management is suffering due to the present financial crisis.  Will we see a backward trend, and see projects delayed or cancelled, and if so will they ever recover. As an asssociation connected with environmental management we would like to hear your views. ISQEMwelcome people to join our trusted association and help us make a change to…


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ISQEM, the trusted association connected with Safety, Quality and Environment Management

ISQEM are a trusted association who have a world wide membership and is Free to join. Who are ISQEM, well we are anon-profit making association registered in the United Kingdom. We are growing at a major rate and continue to pursue the continual improvement of safety, quality and environmental management practices and education. Our website can be found at where you can complete our…


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ISQEM would like to know what you would like to see from a professional association

ISQEM are always looking at ways of improving how we operate as a non-profit making association. We would like to know what you would like to see from a association. Is it free membership, discounted training coursesor CV and job postings. Also what real problems you see effecting professional associations in the future in regards to membership fees.


If you…


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