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Do community-based organizations have an image problem?

I give lots of thought to what makes community-based organizations the lowest common denominator in development aid. Readers of may already be familiar with previous arguments I’ve offered for the increased inclusion of and investment in community-based organizations (CBOs). As an ardent proponent of CBOs’ comparative advantages, I believe they have a better chance of being driven by “the…


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Is there a difference between responsibility and accountability?

My friend and colleague Kwai Yu, the founder and CEO of Leaders Cafe, asked an interesting question in the Leaders Cafe group on LinkedIn recently: "I am not responsible for 53,000 employees" - so says Rupert Murdoch. What would you have said in his position?

You can read the very interesting Yeses, No’s and Maybe’s… Continue

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PwC’S Richard J. Poccia Elected to Lead Junior Achievement of New York's Board of Directors

The Junior Achievement of New York (JA New York) Board of Directors announced today that it has elected Richard J. Poccia, a partner…


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Designathon4SI* Call for Participants--Apply by August 8

See below for more info on the Designathon4SI Net Impact and DSI are hosting to help provide company changemakers with design solutions to their CSR and sustainability challenges.  Email nyc[AT]netimpact[DOT]org if you have questions or are interested in being a sponsor for the event.  

Designathon4SI* Call for Participants--Apply…

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Delights of the Green Isle

Hello readers! I returned from Ireland in the beginning of July and have been bursting with stories to tell. Here are a few highlights of the wonderful people I was able to connect with in Ireland, all due to this amazing tool we call the internet.

Alessandra Pigni, Founder of Mindfulness for NGOs…


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Hiring a Corporate Volunteering Consultant? Here’s what to expect.

Your consultant should be intelligent, experienced, and competent. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the… Continue

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Canadian Business as a Global Citizen: Social and Environmental Performance on the World Stage

Join CBSR on Wednesday, October 26 for a must-attend day of peer networking and learning at the 9th Summit on CSR.

When the Bottom Line isn't enough, keynote address by Stephen Lewis, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ryerson University and Celebrated Humanitarian and Former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. Drawing upon his extensive political and international experience, Mr. Lewis will explore the role of leadership, with an…


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Do Firms that Put "Family First" Perform Better?

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is increasingly important to employees and many companies have responded by offering opportunities for child care, job sharing or the ability to work from home. Do companies undertake these initiatives simply because they want employees to be happier at work or can “family-friendly” environments pay off directly by making employees more productive?

A …


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Soc Ent Assoc Summer Newsletter Out!


Happy summer time! Check out Social Enterprise Associates' Summer newsletter to see what social entrepreneurs and communities have leveraged the power of the marketplace for betterment in May and June. Get inspired & get to work!


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A CSR Bill?

At the Day 1 plenary session of the CSR Expo, Sen. Manny Villar shared his plans for a CSR Bill.  Of course tax incentives are part of it, but it will also mandate foreign and domestic corporations to allocate a certain percentage (he's playing around with 3% of declared income, if I'm not mistaken) for CSR projects. That's the part that raises the red flag for me.


Already, companies spend more than 3% on their CSR projects, so compelling them to do so with legislation feels…


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I’m blogging live from the CSR Expo today. In fact, I’ll be blogging live from the conference until tomorrow.  The CSR Expo is a yearly pow-wow where big honchos from corporations, corporate foundations, public affairs, and non-profits in the Philippines talk about emerging trends in corporate social responsibility.

I’ve been attending these events for a while and I always feel that something is still missing in all of these proceedings. Maybe the lack of a bona fide sustainability…


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Sustainability is an outcome of intention, heart and mind set, and action

Sustainability is an outcome of intention, heart and mind set, and action

On the 5th of August 2008 I was privileged along with several other international speakers and their life partners to take a private tour of the United Nations headquarters in New York. I was not a fan of this organisation prior, believing that they were a toothless tiger.

As I sat in the Great Hall where world leaders gather and heard and read the stories in other places of the United Nations work,… Continue

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Community precedes culture change

The cultural change talk inside organisations is again alive and well. I have observed this happens in tough times and leaders are searching for ways to gain competitive advantage or strategic positioning.

Most of the talk never leads anywhere. When good times return it mostly disappears from the boardrooms and corridors of most organisations.

If you are or want to be on the leading edge, change must always be top of mind, regardless of situation or circumstance. Change is… Continue

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Ernst & Young announces three-year sponsorship with Endeavor

Ernst & Young is delighted to announce a landmark three-year sponsorship with Endeavor, a not-for-profit organization that works…


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Pushing the C-Suite towards social responsibility


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Giving In Numbers: Emerging Trends in Corporate Philanthropy - Free VolunteerMatch Webinar w/ Alison Rose, CECP, 7/13

Webinar Topic: Best Practices in Corporate Engagement from VolunteerMatch Solutions: Giving In Numbers: Emerging Trends in Corporate Philanthropy

Speakers: Alison Rose, Manager of Standards and Measurement, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP)

Date: Wednesday, 7/13, 2011

Time: 10AM-11AM PT /…


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Corporate Snapshot Identifies Roadblocks to Great Cause Marketing Campaigns

Corporate executives representing some of the country’s most recognized national brands say a poor fit between a cause and a…


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