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Executive Leadership: Winning Hearts and Minds

Executive Leadership: Winning Hearts and Minds

Leadership is dynamic: as the world changes, the speed of decision making increases and, the need to give quick answers leaves us little time to reflect and take stock.

To survive with integrity, Mahatma Gandhi said: '"we must be the change we wish to seek".

Archbishop Desmond Tutu echoes the philosophy,…


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Comic Book Project a definite winner!

“Oh God, I’m HIV positive and am so alone in this, but I trust my sister will be there for me...” said Lindo.

“What? HIV!? Get the hell away from me!” replied his sister.

These are just a few of many emotional depictions in the newly published colourful comic strip booklet by Whizzkids United, in a joint effort with Cardiff University’s School of English, Communication and Philosophy.

The comic strip initiative officiated by Cardiff University is aimed at enabling HIV…


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WKU leading psychological HIV&AIDS findings

A study conducted at WhizzKids United Health Academy could be a breakthrough in the continuous fight in the reduction of HIV&AIDS.

An investigative pilot study on HIV behavioural risk amongst circumcised male adolescents conducted at the premises of WKU, Pietermaritzburg, is underway, paving a way for further developments in the study of the virus.

The programme is spearheaded by the Health Academy’s research psychologist, Rusha Govender, whose primary goal and objective is…


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Happy Birthday to Buy1Give1 - Business Giving Re-defined

The great organisation Buy1Give1 is celebrating its 6th birthday this week.  In a very short time it has made more than 27 million micro-giving impacts.

Check out B1G1's great story.  At the bottom of the link check out the TEDx talk by B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn.  You will love it!

At Changing What's Normal and in the Talent Enhancers Tribe giving is at our core and we…


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Spotting community ownership: A reminder

These days I spend more of my time talking country ownership than community ownership, but they are one in the same, just at different units of analysis.

So reposting a part of "Spotting Community Ownership" to remind myself as much as anyone.


The processes of decision-making within…


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Thesis about CSR - Comparison between China and the EU. Help!

Dear everyone,

French student majoring in International Business and Corporate Strategy, I am currently working on a thesis about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and this is the reason why I am writing to you.

Today, CSR is labeled as a "universal concept". My research question is then whether this concept is truly "universal" and therefore if it "is exported" around the world easily (since it has a Western origin). The topic is very broad, so I decided to…


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Definition - What Is CSR?

Definition: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to operating a business in a manner that accounts for the social and environmental impact created by the business.Corporate Social Responsibility CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby businesses monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. The goal of Corporate Social Responsibility is to embrace responsibility for the company's…


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New Book ~ "Power through Collaboration: The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations."


I  would like to share with you an update on my work.  I have just published a new book entitled “Power through Collaboration: The Formula for Success in Challenging Situations.” 


Info and testimonials at: …


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Be Careful Who You Get Your Advice From

How many of you would pass up the chance to get advice from your favorite sports hero or business mogul? I’m guessing not many of you would. We all think exceptional performers in any given field have some sort of special knowledge that could be just what we need to help us release our specialness and reach our dreams. The problem is that because of the way our brains work, most high achiever’s advice is second rate.

People are convinced they know what got them where they are, but the…


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Spotlight: Taproot's Fantastic Fellows

At Taproot, we have the good fortune of working with many talented, smart, and creative individuals who join our Taproot Foundation Pro Bono Fellowship program. This program not only brings critical support to our work, but also helps grow the talent that will continue to service the nonprofit sector for years to come. For six to nine months, Taproot…


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Facility Management Program Addresses Need to Sustainably Update our Country’s New and Old Buildings

Across America in small towns and thriving cities, a similar issue is cropping up: aging buildings. While older buildings are often respected for their historical nature, there is often a need to update them for structural reasons, aesthetic purposes and even energy usage. In fact, right now The Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) is underway to collect data on the structure, operational characteristics and energy use of 12,000 buildings across the U.S. The data collected…


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How to Help Moore, Oklahoma Rebuild After the Tornado

In the wake of the historic Oklahoma tornado - one of the worst in the past 20 years - disaster relief crews continued their efforts this morning, assisting residents of the ravaged communities in the suburbs outside Oklahoma City, the heart of “tornado alley.” The vast and catastrophic tornado that touched down…


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First Rural Cervical Cancer Screening Launched at Ngculwini, Swaziland

On May 28, 2013, for the first time in the history of Swaziland, Cervical Cancer Screening Services were launched in the rural community of Ngculwini, just outside the town of Manzini. The launch saw 30+ women screened for cervical cancer. It is exciting times indeed for the women of Swaziland, given that it has the highest HIV prevalence (26%), coupled with very high poverty levels (63%). Below is a group photo of the team from Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, Swaziland Breast &…


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Summary Highlights from the 2013 Global Pro Bono Summit

It has been less than eight weeks since the 2013 Global Pro Bono Summit and it has been great to see so much momentum continuing around the discussions and action items.  Check out our summary of highlights and snapshots from this year’s Summit (and see if you can pick out some of the CSR leaders from the sketches!).…


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In order to disrupt the status quo we must disenthrall

Disrupt or be Disrupted is an excellent blog by my friend and colleague from France David Ednie

The words disrupt and disruption are being used everywhere of late and…


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