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The world we share

I wrote most of the article below more than a decade ago and expanded on the concept in my Changing What's Normal book.

Nothing has changed in our political landscapes!

Please forward to politicians.

As far back as 2003 authors Kouzes and Posner said Collaboration has become the master skill of this age. Our ability to work together will determine mutual failure or mutual…


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From PEFA Assessments to Foundations of Public Finance Management

Our just ended Undertaking PEFA Assessments course was attended by PEFA consultants from Mozambique and Ghana. We also had a representative from the Belgian Technical Cooperation, a donor agency. The professional development workshop provided an in depth appreciation of the PEFA Performance Measurement Framework as well as a…


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SRI – the $150,000 question(naire)

I recently heard that the anecdote that an unnamed European company estimated that it spent $150,000 on SRI communications

At first I was horrified by this figure.  How can our industry have created such monstrous inefficiency?

Then I asked myself: What is the right amount to spend?

The answer that I came up with is c. $16,200 – one order of magnitude lower

Below is the logic that I followed to calculate this amount.  I would be interested to hear your…


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Recyclebank’s Sue Igoe Moderates Panel On How To Motivate Consumer Behavior Change

Sue Igoe of Recyclebank will moderate a panel debate titled “Best Practices – Motivating Consumer Behavior Change” at The 2012 Citizenship and Sustainability Conference, organized by The Conference Board in Washington, D.C.…


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Better CSR Advice For SMEs

Six years ago we didn’t think we’d see 100 CSR for SME experts in one room any time soon. It was worth the wait.

Coethica narrowly missed out on hosting the EU Commission’s European ‘Better CSR Advice for SMEs’ networking event, possibly in part because we wanted to tie it into the incredibly successful …


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AT&T: Empowering Consumers Through Sustainability

American consumers are in the midst of a communications revolution, and AT&T’s technology has the power to help our world operate more sustainably. In the 2011 AT&T Sustainability Report, launched today, the company…


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Would you like to be free of people problems in your business?

Are you a business owner or leader employing 10 to 200 people?

Would you like to be free of people problems in your business?

There are massive rewards from doing so, namely:

increased top and bottom lines

freedom to do more of what you want

improved well-being and the many associated consequences

Enhancing their gifts™ is a low investment/high return system that you implement in your own way.



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Don't Waste Your Corporate Citizenship Story

Corporate citizenship stories should strike readers as both authentic and compelling. Most of the time they don't. Here's why plus some tips on how to do it right.

Visa: A case study on what NOT to…


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Key Takeaways From The 2012 Cause Marketing Forum Conference – Article 3 Of 4

People Passion = Impact


I’m a people person. I like people. I like talking with people, connecting with people, learning about people. As I said, I am a people person. I suppose that’s why “people” is what resonated most with me during my time at the 10th Annual Cause Marketing Forum conference.

Cause marketing hinges on people too. People, who care about causes, get inspired, enlist the help of others, and indeed, go…


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"Disrupt & Delight" - Sustainable Brand Innovation with BBMG

By Kate Olsen

“Consumers don’t…


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Excess production of foods: brings positive or negative impact for farmers???

Recently in Bangladesh, some agricultural farmers showed their agitation against the government by through tons of paddy in the main road of capital city. The cause of their grief was that, they couldn’t make profit by selling paddy due to the high production costs and also excess production of paddy in this year. In last winter some vegetable farmers also through tons of tomato in the roads of several cities of Bangladesh due to same cause. When supplies of paddy exceed the demand…


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A new kind of aid donor: Four things they do differently

We all know there are aid donors and international funding partners out there that want to change “business as usual” in development (or at least people inside those institutions that do). We also all know that for various reasons, they’re not moving quick enough for those working on the ground.

New donors could come in and fill the gaps. But more importantly, we need a new kind of donor, whether they are recent to the scene or not.

The organizations that I see doing…


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Towards a Milestone

I have successfully completed the Pre-PhD comprehensive Viva Voce examination conducted by the VTU on May 12,2012,My dissertation is on "Environmental sustainability of large residential projects in Bangalore city:Implications of environmental regulations with special reference to the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification". With this,I am now into the last finishing lap and Insha'Allah,hope to finish by the year end.

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2012 Cause Marketing Forum Conference - An Interview With Dave Stangis, Vice President, Public Affairs And Corporate Responsibility, Campbell Soup Company

Dave Stangis, Vice President, Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Campbell Soup Company sat down for an interview at the 2012 Cause Marketing Forum Conference, which took place May 30th and 31st in Chicago, IL. 

The annual Cause Marketing Forum is the must-attend conference of the year focusing solely on this increasingly important marketing approach and subset of corporate social responsibility (CSR)…


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Where do you stand on the leaders ladder?

Even good leaders tell me that they are spending 25% of their time solving or attempting to solve so called people problems. Where do you stand on the leaders ladder below?

If you stand where good or most leaders do… Continue

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Forty-two Graduates to Receive Degrees Focused on Clean Technology and Sustainability from Ecotech Institute

Ecotech Institute, the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America’s workforce for careers in clean technology and sustainability, will hold its first graduation on Thursday, June 21, 2012. Forty-two students will receive their associate’s degrees, which prepares them for a career in the clean technology industry. The graduates will receive degrees in the following areas: Wind Energy Technology, Solar Energy Technology,…


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Building Bridges


Dear Friends,


Greetings! CSO Partners, in partnership with UNICEF, is pleased to invite you to ‘Building Bridges’ – an event to launch a multi stakeholder coalition that will work to further the cause of Child Rights in Tamil Nadu on 11th July, 2012 in Chennai.


Inter generational poverty is an issue that…


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Cause Marketing Halo Awards Given To Top Campaigns

Campaigns that fought childhood cancer, moved kids to stand up against bullying and sought to preserve polar bear habitats, all while simultaneously supporting business objectives, were among the winners showcased at the tenth annual Cause Marketing Halo Awards.

Eighteen category-specific awards were presented by the Cause Marketing Forum to 2011 campaigns.  UNICEF and Procter & Gamble were singled out for Cause Marketing Golden Halo Awards for their body of achievement in the…


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Union Pacific Publishes 2011 Sustainability And Citizenship Report

Union Pacific today published its 2011 Sustainability and Citizenship Report featuring the company's commitment to environmental stewardship, safety, employee wellness, community outreach and support, customer satisfaction, and the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics. Union Pacific also submitted its Carbon Disclosure Project filing today.

(Logo:  …


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Closing your leadership gap

At least once a week I observe what I call The Leadership Gap.

Business owners and entrepreneurs suffer big time from this gap and so do leaders in multinational corporations.  No one is immune.  The consequences for your business are dire - lower than possible morale and productivity, employee turnover and therefore unnecessary employment costs, lower than essential levels of service and therefore you lose customers/clients as well as failing to gain new ones.

The list…


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