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Creatures of the Earth

from the Chapel Hill Newspaper, Opinions, May 29, 2015

Creatures of the Earth

Homo sapiens sapiens is a part of – not apart from – all life and the Earth, having evolved here as has every other form of living thing, human beings arrogantly and mistakenly see ourselves as altogether different, separate and superior. This view of humankind is illusory. Our fate and that of…


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Rehumanising leadership and management

I reflected for hours the first time I read corporate anthropologist Michael Henderson's definition of culture.

He says Culture is;

“What it means to be human here.”  (‘Here’ being wherever you are referring to when talking about a culture.) 

Michael's definition for me is far more…


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1.2 Million Clean Job Opportunities Available in First Quarter of 2015, According to Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index

Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index reported more than one million green energy job postings across the nation in the first quarter of 2015. The Clean Jobs Index classifies clean energy jobs based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics description, which says that clean jobs are jobs in businesses that produce…


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Which Companies Match Gifts Most?


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Memorial Day, 3pm. Don’t Forget.

You’re so focused on unplugging and…


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Which States Have the Most Engaged Employees?

If you’re feeling great about…


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Ecotech Institute Offers Job Insights, Advice and Resources in Latest eBook: “Starting A Career in Energy Efficiency”

Free, comprehensive guide gives future energy professionals all the tools necessary for a green career change


Ecotech Institute, the first and only college in the U.S. solely focused on renewable energy jobs and sustainability, today announced the release…


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Leadership Issues

This is a topic I could probably write about every week for the rest of the year and still have plenty of material left to share. Whether it’s management in your company or a coach of your athletic team, misconceptions and misguided attempts to lead are everywhere. Poor leadership can kill an individual’s drive and turns otherwise thriving productive people into malcontents.

There are many mistaken notions about what makes a good leader. One of the more common ones is that the higher…


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Is Love the Answer to the Disengagement Economy?

Gallup’s annual reports on employee…


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