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Autism Speaks Announces Multinational Initiative to Raise Awareness and to Provide Standardized Professional Training for Research, Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism

NEW YORK, NY May 9, 2008 – Autism Speaks, the world's largest autism advocacy organization announces today the formation of an international collaboration with North, South and Central America. This multinational initiative will help to raise awareness and develop research expertise focusing on public health and screening for early diagnosis and enhanced service delivery across the… Continue

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Toys"R"Us Raises more than $1.5 Million to Benefit Autism Speaks

WAYNE, N.J. (May 13, 2008) – Today, Toys“R”Us and the Toys“R”Us Children's Fund announced that their second annual nationwide in-store fundraising campaign to benefit Autism Speaks, the nation's largest autism advocacy organization, raised more than

$1.5 million. All Toys“R”Us stores from coast-to-coast and collected cash donations for Autism Speaks to help fund crucial autism research and advocacy.… Continue

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Heinz Sets Sustainability Goal of Reducing Gas Emissions by 20 Percent

The H. J. Heinz Company announced a milestone company goal: to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2015. This effort is part of Heinz's sustainability vision, to be a trusted leader in nutrition and wellness, dedicated to the sustainable health of people, the planet and the Company.

"From using potato peels to generate energy, to reducing the amount and size of our packaging, every day we're finding new… Continue

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Today's Mobility Revolution: Transforming the Way We Travel

Perhaps the greatest shift fueled by the petroleum age is the mobility revolution. Just over a century after the Wright Brothers' "Flying Machine" went airborne, we take for granted the ability to circumnavigate the globe by plane. Now, climate change and peak oil (among other developments) are requiring perhaps an even more profound transformation - the attempt to maintain such mobility while radically reducing (or even eliminating) carbon emissions and other adverse environmental… Continue

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

[Writ 09 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. The author was former convenor, provincial development council of Cagayan, in late 82 till early 83.]

Imagine yourselves as young development planners, managers and implementers, all dreaming of waking up a sleeping province, vastly rich in resources but poor. Representing diverse agencies of state, bonded together by the shared sense of vision and duty, you find yourself confronting a population… Continue

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ODI works on the contribution business can make to development

A major effort is needed to improve the contribution of business to development, according to new ODI research. The role of business in development is a key theme for ODI in 2008, and is the subject of three new ODI Opinions.

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Call for Entries / Call for Papers (Art/Photography/Film/Conference Papers) - HMF

Please forward the following to those whom you think would be interested in submitting professional Art, Photography, Films or Conference Papers the 2008 Humanitarian Media Foundation International Film/Media Festival & Conference (December 10-14, 2008, NYC, Tribeca Cinemas, Gallery & event spaces).

- Art/Photography Submissions begin Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

- Film Submissions (Early Entry) and submission for Conference Paper Abstracts begin June 15,… Continue

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Incubating Microfinance Institutions in Southern Rajasthan, by Dave Bullon Patton

I arrived in Rajasthan in September ready to learn about microfinance. I was dissatisfied with my previous life in the corporate world, and was yearning to do something meaningful and deeply fulfilling with my life over the next 8 months. Seven months later, my mind has begun to discover the intricately multifaceted nature of development work and my heart has found a life-long passion for alleviating poverty.…


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Global warming forcing wine growers to deploy different techniques

Global warming is forcing wine growers to deploy different techniques to remain competitive. Temperatures, humidity, microclimates are very important for maintaining the health and originality of grapes. Climate geographers estimate that by 2050, the world’s premier wine-friendly zones could shift as much as 180 miles toward the poles. As a result Europe and New Zealand will become more grape-friendly than Bordeaux or Australian valleys.

While the US is experimenting with genetically… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

[Writ 09 April 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila. The author was former Acting Deputy Provincial Manager, Ministry of Human Settlements, Batanes & Northern Cagayan, in 1982.]

A BrightWorld day to you all!

In the northernmost corridor of the Philippines is located the idyllic province of Batanes, a province with its own maritime ship. Small and sparsely populated, the province used to be perennially cut off from the rest of the… Continue

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A New Carbon Management Analysis Tool to Optimize SupplyChain Efficiencies

IBM announced the Carbon Tradeoff Modeler, a first-of-a-kind tool that

enables organizations to analyze and manage the climate impact of

their supply chains. The tool allows organizations to understand the

outcome of critical tradeoffs to make smarter energy choices and

better economic decisions by optimizing on service levels, quality,

cost, and carbon dioxide… Continue

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Supply Chain Corporate Responsibility Initiative

Absa Group Limited, one of South Africa's largest financial services groups, took another positive step in its CSR agenda this week when its sourcing group launched the Supply Chain Corporate Responsibility (SCCR) initiative, a new framework for Absa and its suppliers to work together.

All suppliers are required to complete… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza

Good day, Fellows!

This primate city, my beloved Manila, was dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient before the 2nd World War. Reading through accounts of the city during the late President Quezon’s time, and viewing pictures of it during those halcyon days, one’s jaw would surely drop at this jewel of the orient.

I was never that lucky to have witnessed that great past. But I’m lucky enough to bear witness to Manila’s unfolding into a… Continue

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Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice

Scientists have found major new fractures during an assessment of the state of giant ice shelves in Canada's far north. The team found a network of cracks that stretched for more than 10 miles (16km) on Ward Hunt, the area's largest shelf. The fate of the vast ice blocks is seen as a key indicator of climate change. One of the expedition's scientists, Derek Mueller of Trent University, Ontario, told me: "I was astonished to see… Continue

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Bio-Fuels from GM Crops

The Bio-Fuels Debate seems to have given a new lease of life to genetically modified crops. Plants genetically engineered to make them suitable for making bio-fuels will help solve the problems of food shortage caused by using conventional crop for this purpose.

‘Non-food- green energy commodity’

This gives the GM sector an opportunity to reposition itself as ‘non-food- green energy… Continue

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Domestic electrical fields linked to cancer

New research has shown that fields from electrical wiring and devices in the home and office should be considered to be a form of pollution. Recent studies are finding that many cancers and other diseases may be directly related to exposure to these electrical fields.

Cell phones linked to cancer

Recent research has linked radiation from cell phones to cancer and to brain damage. And many studies have found disturbing symptoms in people near… Continue

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Press Release :“Anne Hastings Receives the Women Together Award at the United Nations”

Press Release

“Anne Hastings Receives the Women Together Award at the United Nations”

On Monday, May 19th 2008, the 4th Annual Women Together Award honored the unrelenting work of Anne Hastings to alleviate extreme poverty for the women of Haiti through Microfinance and her deep commitment to Millennium Development Goal 1: “Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.” Past recipients have included Kerry Kennedy and Hillary Clinton; Nobel Peace Prize winners Muhammad Yunus, and… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Good morning, fellows!

There’s so much news these days about growing hunger, pauperization, marginalization, and so on. These problems are happening amid global prosperity in general.

Here in the Philippines, we have the phenomenon of ‘jobless growth’ which compounds the social ailment of hunger that’s been hitting the 12-15% rate. Amid growth, unemployment grows. Sad!

Development engagements, amid the… Continue

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

[Writ 11 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

Brighten your smiles and faces, youth! For here comes the education field, bringing forth many Santa Claus gifts of innovation-driven social technologies.

I am not saying this contention because I was a professor for a long time in my life (taught at the most prestigious University of the Philippines and De La Salle University). My fields in the first place are sociology, political… Continue

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13 ways to be a better online activist

If the links don't work you can view it at my regular Blog which is here:

13 ways to more effective online activism!

1) Keep a fire in your belly! Online work can be very draining, stay inspired! Computer time requires a counterbalance of rigorous physical exercise. Also an artistic outlet seems to be the best kept secret of the most talented activists.

2) Setup profiles on… Continue

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