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ISQEM are looking for Social Responsibility and Sustainability Papers to share with their members and the public

ISQEM are looking for sustainability papers to publish on their website  If you would like to see your papers posted to the wider community of safety and environmental professionals, then this is your chance. We are also interested in social responsibility programs which can be run by small companies around the world.

Email you papers or articles to  for review.



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The Zermatt Summit: two days to share expertise and insights on creating more effective partnerships between business and civil society

In two months, the Zermatt Summit Foundation will welcome 200 participants from about 20 countries for its fourth edition. During two days, senior business executives, leaders from civil society and public personalities will engage in discussions on the theme: “Business and NGOs: Building partnerships of winners”.

The program of the meeting will focus on issues and challenges where greater collaboration and synergy between civil society organizations and business would…


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Ecotech Institute’s Power Utility Technician Program Addresses Growing Need for Talent in the Sector

More than 10,200 Power Utility Jobs were Available in the Last Year; Industry Insiders See Looming Talent Gap

The Power Utility industry is experiencing a massive demographic shift and employees who know both conventional grid and smart grid technology are in demand. With a growing number of retirees and new technologies cropping up, a new generation of power utility technicians is critical for the industry.…


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How well do you trust yourself?

The proverbial phrase “He who hesitates is lost” is often taken to mean that when we know what we need to do to solve a problem, we should act immediately, or our window of opportunity is likely to pass. 

More than 50% of my work is helping people to do what you know you should.

Why do we hesitate to do what we know we should?…


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New Data Underscores Need for Ecotech Institute’s Business Administration – Sustainability Program

As more industries develop a commitment to green practices, the number of business-related jobs that require sustainability knowledge are on the rise. According to Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, there were 59,803 U.S.-based jobs available in March that met the criteria of green jobs within a business environment. Ecotech Institute, a leader in renewable energy and…


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Some services you can thank your forest for...and

Lets start with a less obvious one today.  Lets look at the State of Texas.  All the rain falls on the East side

and all the arid country is on the West Side.  If Texas was to plant a mixed tree forest (The kind they used to have.) from the Eastside of Texas to The Westside alot of the moisture from that falling rain would move across Texas to the more arid regions then…


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PhD Opportunity in the field of Responsible Organizations - Radboud University Nijmegen


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Infoportal Gold

Beinahe alle privaten Haushalte haben ein paar Goldgegenstände, die schon lange nicht mehr benötigt werden. Sei es unmodern gewordener oder defekter Schmuck aus Gold, oder andere Dinge aus Gold wie beispielsweise Münzen aus Gold oder weitere Gegenstände aus Gold wie erwartungsgemäß auch das populäre Zahngold. Wegen des Internets bietet sich inzwischen die weitere Option zum traditionellen Goldankäufer vor Ort, all diese Goldgegenstänge ebenfalls über… Continue

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Ecotech Institute Offers its First Free Online Course: “Introduction to Sustainability”

Ten-Week Course Offers Education on a Wide Variety of Sustainable Topics 

Anyone around the world who has an interest in sustainability can now access some of the specialized education offered by Ecotech Institute – online and free. Ecotech Institute, the only college entirely focused on sustainability-related job training, is now accepting registrations for its “…


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Verdantix Says Chief Marketing Officers Need To Fix The Broken Link Between Sustainability And Corporate Branding

New York, April 10, 2013. The majority of firms that invest in sustainability communications strategies do not achieve tangible business benefits because they fail to integrate sustainability into the corporate brand, according to a new report from independent analyst firm Verdantix. Based on an analysis of how 80 firms link…


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SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES is a consulting firm (registered B Corp) providing business oriented „triple bottom line‟ results – generating financial, social, and environmental returns. We enable for- and non-profit entrepreneurs, both in the U.S. and around the world, to put ideas into action. Our core activities are in New Ventures, Environmental Sustainability, Microfinance, International Development & Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies.

We are seeking interns to help social…


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16 ways to help your employees to feel more valued, fulfilled, and loved

Below are four typical definitions of employee engagement.

“The extent to which people enjoy and believe in what they do and feel valued for doing it.”


“The extent to which employees are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organisation as measured by three primary behaviours - Say, Stay…


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Your Volunteer Program Won’t Survive on Twigs and Berries

Most companies recognize that investing in employee engagement and development are vital to remaining competitive in a constantly evolving business world. When companies spend time and money improving the skills of their employees, they send a message to workers that they want to invest in their future. And in return, companies expect to see…


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Recycling Computers and Electronics Sustainably on Earth Day

As evolving technologies keep us hooked to new and updated gadgets, and Americans now own (according to the Environmental Protection Agency) an estimated three billion electronic products, one inconvenient question lurks constantly in the shadows:

What are we supposed to do with all of our old gizmos?

While responsible businesses and consumers want to…


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Ecotech Institute Announces New Facility Management Program

New Offering Complements the School’s Solar Energy Training, Wind Turbine Training and Other Renewable Energy Programs

Ecotech Institute, the only college entirely focused on renewable energy training, has expanded its program offerings and is now taking applications for its Facility Management Technology degree program. It’s the newest of the eight different programs…


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Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Procurement. Best Practice.

By using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (product foot printing) you will be able to use a structured, cost effective and easy to communicate way of improving the sustainable performance with your suppliers. I have worked both strategically and operationally with LCA’s, including developing an LCA tool and approach for a client. I would like to share my best practice.

Put simply, what does the LCA typically do? It evaluates a products impact on the environment all the way…


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Game on: It’s time to stop looking at development issues as a matter of emergency

The short game: HIV and food security

Community development in Sub-Sahara Africa has been clouded by the emergency response mentality, which was exhibited in the knee jerk reaction of many countries in the initial response to the HIV pandemic. This has resulted in governments and community leaders concentrating all their efforts on combating the disease’s impact rather than designing strategic interventions that will close the tap of new infections.

Efforts to combat the…


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Are you listening and taking appropriate action when your employees tell you the truth?

Here is my most recent Changing What’s Normal Candid Conversation where I interviewed Gary Ryan from Organisations That Matter about candor and high performance.  Gary is an accredited mentor of my Enhancing Their Gifts System. 

Candor is a key to…

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